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Educating people that bring inspirational impact to society

We educate talents to be the best they can be, to become lifelong learners living up to their full potential. We nurture them to embrace their role as future leaders in their areas of fullfillment. By creating an innovative ecosystem for learners, academics and businesses, we empower them to connect, learn and develop breakthrough solutions for a better future. Through this, we serve the country and bring inspirational impact to society at large.

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(According to Decision No.108/QĐ/VL-HĐT 18th, August, 2020 of Chairman of the Van Lang University’s Council about Mission, Vision, Core values).


Core values

Morality - Will - Creativity


Educational philosophy

A holistic, lifelong, ethical and impactful learning experience


  • We firmly believe in the holistic development of people;
  • We help our students to discover and unlock their full potential;
  • We equip our students with academic skills, creative mindsets, entrepreneurship as well as leadership skills and life skills;
  • To best assist in this, technology is integrated into our field of education;
  • We make sure our students are well prepared for their careers and enable them to lead meaningful, productive, fulfilling and impactful lives in future.


  • We believe in lifelong learning – learning doesn’t start at or stop after university;
  • We offer our students lifelong learning opportunities – before and after university – amongst others through our K-12 program, our executive education program and our alumni program;
  • We nurture the capabilities of everyone to strive for personal excellence at any given time in their life.


  • We create an ethical learning experience and nurture high moral values among our students;
  • We ensure that oriental values – morality, will and creativity – are instilled in the curricula that we teach;
  • We encourage our students to live good lives and to be global citizens, making our world a better place.


  • We aspire our students to bring inspirational impact to society;
  • We provide a broad range of opportunities for our students to exercise their leadership, and to make a positive contribution to the local and international community;
  • Ultimately, through VLU, we bring the best of Vietnam to the world.

(According to Decision No.109/QĐ/VL-HĐT 18th, August, 2020 of Chairman of the Van Lang University’s Council about Educational Philosophy).



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Main campus: 69/68 Dang Thuy Tram Street, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

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Dormitory: 160/63AB Phan Huy Ich Street, Ward 12, Go Vap District, HCMC

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