Cooperation in Training program

With the aim of training high quality human resources for the labor market, Van Lang University tends to promote international cooperation in training programs. This is the new direction of Van Lang University in the integration period towards the standard of knowledge, standard skills in the international playground. Having access to good international training programs, Van Lang students will improve their capacity, develop their knowledge. Besides, Van Lang students, thanks to these programs, can integrate into international workplace, which opens up great opportunities for them.

The training programs with international cooperation have been implemented in many faculties of Van Lang University through many activities such as transferring training programs, training cooperation, academic exchanges, and exchange of lecturers and learners. Especially, there are 05 faculties - Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration, Faculty of Tourism, Faculty of Environment & Biotechnology, and Faculty of Finance – Accounting- having affirmed the prestige in international cooperation on the transfer of training programs for many years.

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Faculty of Information Technology
Software Engineering

Beginning in 2008, the Faculty of Information Technology offers undergraduates software engineering training under the program of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), a leading US university in information technology. Unique training programs and methods give CMU the power and prestige around the world in the field of computer science. Although CMU has been in Vietnam since 2008, Van Lang is the only university in the south to implement the training program delivered by Carnegie Mellon University through a program sponsored by Boeing.

The Software Engineering Program is based on the SE 2004 standard. Trainers who were trained at the CMU are in charge of the guidance. CMU has transferred 27 subjects to Van Lang University since 2008. 16 subjects have been taught at Van Lang University and have been certified by CMU. Certificates are transferred from the CMU headquarters in Pittsburgh, USA to Vietnam. Full names of students and certificate information are only published on the CMU website.


tieu de quan tri kinh doanhBusiness Administration

Information Systems Management (ISM) is a new, distinctive and outstanding discipline. This is a training program of Carnegie Mellon University (USA) deployed in Faculty of Business Administration, Van Lang University from 2012.

The ISM program from CMU educates administrators on knowledge of information technology and how to combine the power of technology and business. In addition to international qualifications and English proficiency, students choosing to study ISM receive CMU certification, similar to Software Engineering.

DH van lang hop tac chuong trinh dao tao 01On March 13th in the morning, 15 students of Software Engineering and 9 students of Information Systems Management were honored that they were directly awarded by Prof. Anthony Lattanze – Director of International Software Research Institute and Dr. John Kang - Director of Asia Regional Cooperation CMU certificate. With the reputation of CMU, these certificates are of great value as students enter the global labor market with opportunities to work in the world's leading companies.

tieu de quan tri khach sanFACULTY OF TOURISM

In 1997, Van Lang University became the first non-public university joined Francophonie University Association (AUF). Since then, through the cooperation programs with Toulouse le Mirail University, Ré Union University (France), and UUAN University (Canada), Faculty of Tourism has gradually developed training programs in accordance with international standards. The program "Travel Business Simulation" has become a hallmark of the school.

In 2009, the tourism training program of Van Lang was officially recognized as equivalent to the similar program of Perpignan when the two universities signed a memorandum of cooperation in dual training program.

In 2010, the program started enrollment of the first course about Hospitality Management and Travel and Tourism Management, in two languages French - Vietnamese. After the completion of 7 semesters at Van Lang University and the final semester at the University of Perpignan (France), students received a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Van Lang and a master's degree 1 from Perpigan University with international value. This is a good condition for students to enroll Master 2 in France because they shorten one year to get Master’s degree.

The year 2014 marked an important step in the French-Vietnamese double- degree program in tourism at Van Lang University when the first 11 students of the program graduated (on October 1st 2014). Since then, the number of students enrolling in the program is increasing every year.


tieu de moi truongFaculty of Environment & Biotechnology

The Environmental Engineering Technology program is transferred from Wageningen University (Netherlands). Through the REFINE (Environmental Technology Research and Training) network in Vietnam, the faculty has developed a standardized training program with 10 major subject areas. Besides, 100% of lecturers of the faculty have master's degree or above in the right fields and they all graduated from prestigious foreign universities.

The development of the Environmental Engineering Technology at Van Lang University is associated with the building of international cooperation with institutes, universities and specialized organizations such as:

(1) Wageningen University and Research Center (WUR) – Netherlands;

(2) Asian Institute of Technology - (AIT) - Thailand;

 (3) Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) – Netherlands;

(4) Chulalongkong University– Thailand;

(5) King Mongkut's University of Technology, Thonburi, Thailand;

(6) Bauhaus Weimar University – Germany;

(7) Tri-State University, Washington – USA;

(8) Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – RMIT;

(9) California Berkeley University, USA;

(10) New South Wales University, Australia;

(11) Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency;

tieu de tai chinhFaculty of Finance and Accounting
 Kế toán: 

The official cooperation between Van Lang University and the London Council for Trade and Industry Accreditation (LCCI) was marked by an MOU signed on September 6, 2008. The strategic direction of the university is to create the characteristics of the effective training programs and to increase the competitive advantage in the career development for students after graduation. With the support of the school, the International Accounting Program LCCI was introduced to the tenth batch of Finance and Accounting students (enrollment in 2004). These classes were considered to be high quality ones in the training of the faculty.

LCCI's Certificate in Accounting and Finance is at Level 3. If the student passes all three compulsory subjects within three months, he or she will be awarded the LCCI Diploma. If students pass one or two subjects, they will only be awarded LCCI certificates for each subject. Candidates must take the test by writing the answers in English. The test is posted to the head office in the United Kingdom for marking and the results are posted after 45 days. Every year, the LCCI student examinations are held at the Brainbox Center and are strictly adhered to this process.

DH van lang hop tac chuong trinh dao tao 02On March 22, 2014, 34 students in Accounting, Van Lang University received the LCCI Certificate and International Accounting Certificate after passing the LCCI global exam.

Continuing with LCCI, the Accounting Department has developed a joint training program with the Association of Certified Public Accountants (ACCA) since 2016. With the cooperation agreement between Van Lang University and ACCA, starting from the 21st course (admission in 2015), students are trained in 3 ACCA subjects - Accountancy in Business, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting - in the main curriculum in the 5th, 6th and 7th semester. All study materials are in English and students do not have to pay any additional fees.

After completing these 3 subjects in the program, students can test their ability through the final multiple choice test. If the scores are acceptable, students can register for taking the similar three-subject test in an international competition organized by ACCA. The test is administered on a computer, with a fee of £ 72 per subject for a Diploma in Accounting. On this basis, students can pursue higher ACCA certifications, which are of global value.

In addition to the faculties mentioned above, the other faculties such as the Faculty of Industrial Arts, Public Relations - Communication & Art, Engineering, Foreign Languages have cooperated with universities, research institutes and other international enterprises in some training fields in the forms of short-term training, international exhibitions; academic exchange program; experience exchange of students and teachers

Through the strategic cooperation projects, Van Lang University has trained a team of 10 doctors and 5 masters with international qualifications to meet the requirements in improving the quality of the teaching staff in the training areas. The University has also taken the initiative to bring 30 delegations of staff and lecturers to visit different universities in the world to learn experiences in the improvement of training programs and the innovation of teaching methods so that the training quality of each faculty can be enhanced.

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