• On August 10, 2019, the delegation of VLU students to have study tours at Hung Temple began a 12-day journey to the fatherland. The team included 26 representative students and 02 teachers as team leaders : M. Arch. Mai Quoc Buu (the lecturer of the Faculty of Architecture) and Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Phuong (the specialist of Admission & Communication Office).

  • (VLU, 03/6/2021) Taking place from May 17th 2021 to May 31st 2021, after 2 weeks of launching, the contest "Challenge: Living safely in the middle of the pandemic" of the Faculty of Commerce has found the winners of the Top 10 final prizes.

    In order to give students a creative playground, helping them confidently show their artistic talents, "Challenge: Living safely in the midst of the pandemic" organized by the Faculty of Commerce of Van Lang University, spreading the spirit of "anti-epidemic like anti-laundry", helping students protect themselves and safely go through the epidemic season. In addition to the attractive prizes for the Top 10 finalists, all students participating in the Challenge are awarded points for training this semester.

    vlu challenge covid b

    To participate in the Challenge playground, students must follow a 3-step rules:

    1. Like & share the article announces the launch of the contest at fanpage Faculty of Commerce - VLU of the Faculty of Commerce, accompanied by the hashtag #FacultyOfCommerceVLU #Songantoangiuadaidich in public mode.
    2. Each student creates a "one-of-a-kind" mask then takes a photo with a mask and adds a slogan according to their own substance.
    3. Post a photo you've taken to your profile to "show off" to people, plus a hashtag #FacultyOfCommerceVLU #Songantoangiuadaidich

    For the first time, the Challenge "Living safely in the midst of the pandemic" has attracted the attention of a large number of students. When searching for #FacultyOfCommerceVLU #Songantoangiuadaidich hashtags on the social networking platform Facebook, there are countless submissions from students. Each contestant creates their own mask according to their own personality: there are contestants who draw on cute funny images, with you using stickers on photo editing software or more art with contestants attaching flowers or hand embroidery to decorate masks. 

    vlu challenge covidStudents of Van Lang University have turned the monotonous mask into an impressive "Repel Covid" mask.

    vlu challenge covid a

    After 2 weeks of competition, Challenge "Living safely in the midst of the pandemic" has found the owner for 10 final prizes including:

    Top 2 most popular on Social Media:

    1. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao
    2. Nguyen Kieu Viet Que

    Top 3 best slogans:

    1. Bui Pham Truong Vy
    2. Le Hong Nhu Italy
    3. Vo Thi Hong Anh

    Top 5 creative:

    1. Nam Nguyen District
    2. Nguyen Chi Nguyen
    3. Vu Ngoc Cat Thao
    4. Bui Dac Bao Han
    5. Nguyen Vo Nghi Dinh

    At the end of the contest, Challenge: Living safely in the midst of the Covid pandemic is not only a place to show the painting and creativity of students but also contributes to raising awareness for students in particular and the community in general in the prevention and repelling of Covid-19, and contributes to enriching the life of Van Lang students during the temporary study period.

    My Tien

  • In the morning of September 12, 2019, on the fourth floor of Flower-garden, LV building - Campus 3 of Van Lang University, fourth-year students of Fashion Design performed 30 Costume Design projects (Impressive Project). In accordance with the name of the project, Van Lang Fashion Design students made the project evaluation become a colorful Catwalk and made strong impression on viewers.

  • After the cooperation agreement signed on April 9, 2019 between Van Lang University and Minerva Company, Green Horizon Company, the Workshop "Preserving and promoting cultural and artistic values: experience of Italy and the world” was held at Campus 3 of Van Lang University with the participation of Palazzo Spinelli Academy (Italy) and Minerva Company, Green Horizon Company on June 18, 2019. The purpose of this workshop is to promote the cooperation in developing human resources in the field of cultural heritage conservation. 

  • On the morning of September 7, 2019, all products of Ceramic Project of students of the 23rd course (3rd year) of Industrial Design major of Van Lang University were displayed and scored at Campus 3. Many design ideas are innovative and have very high practical applicability.

  • (VLU, 19/02/2021) On the morning of February 19, 2021, Van Lang University's staff and lecturers came back to the campus to work in a joyful spirit to welcome the new year.

    Happy Tet, Happy New Year

    Contributing to the joyful atmosphere on the early days of the New Year of the Ox, Van Lang University decorated a small landscape to welcome Tet right at the LV lobby - main Campus. This is a place visited by many officials, lecturers, and public employees. They visit and together keep the moments of reunion at the beginning of the year.

    vlu ron rang mung tan nien aFavorite place of main Campus of Van Lang University on the first days of the new year.

    On the occasion of the beginning of the new year, many officers, lecturers and staff of the faculties and departments of Van Lang University enthusiastically went to celebrate Tet on the first morning back to school.

    vlu ron rang mung tan nien dThe staff of Administration & Human Resource Management Department gave best wishes to the Rector - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu on the firt day coming back to school after Tet holidays.

    At noon, on the eighth day of the Lunar New Year, main Campus of Van Lang University welcomed the most famous Vietnamese lion and dragon monk group in Viet Nam - Nhon Nghia Duong - to bring good luck and good fortune to all the staff.

    vlu ron rang mung tan nien eThe bustling atmosphere of the new year seemed to rush back when the dragons and lions visited to bring many blessings.

    In the bustling drums, the footsteps of the dragons and lions roamed the campus, pouring good luck into each classroom.

    Ready for the new year

    In addition to the joyful atmosphere to welcome the new year, all the staff at Van Lang University was also ready for teaching and training activities.

    vlu ron rang mung tan nien fThe departments have resumed operation and continuously supported and updated the necessary news to Van Lang University students.

    In order to ensure the health and safety of the community, in the first 2 weeks of the 2nd semester (February 22, 2021 - March 7, 2021), Van Lang University has implemented teaching and learning in the form of online (online) through the school E-learning system and MS Team software. Second final exams of the subjects in semester 201, first final exam of the K26 general English modules, and the English proficiency exam of K23 students will be held when the students return to study on campus. (expected from March 9, 2021).

    Starting from the morning of February 19, 2021, the functional departments returned to normal operations, ready to answer all questions as well as support students in the process of studying at Van Lang University.

    With the careful preparation weeks in advance, most of the faculties have had a method to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, bringing interesting online lessons for students. Recently, the Faculty of Public Relations - Communication has recorded their lectures with high technology and vivid.


    Writer: Hoai Anh
    Photos: Lee Minh Phương - Thinh Tran - Đinh Hao Quang

  • On September 14-15, 2019, the 7th "Mid-Autumn Festival for Children" program with the theme "Cuoi looking the moon" was organized by the Social Work Team of Van Lang University in La Da commune (Ham Thuan Bac district, Binh Thuan Province). With a large and enthusiastic volunteer force, the Social Work Team not only organized a majestic mid-autumn playground for children, but also raised funds to encourage children in need and difficulties to go farther for their future.

  • On the morning of August 15, the Faculty of Foreign Languages organized a workshop titled "Promoting E-learning in English Language Teaching and Learning" at Campus 3 of Van Lang University to help the faculty's lecturers have more practical views on advanced teaching trends to meet the needs of teaching and learning in the technological era. 

  • On October 3rd 2019, at campus 3, Van Lang University concluded an MOU with Northern Arizona University – USA in 3 fields including Environmental Engineering, Engineering, and Tourism.  Northern Arizona University is ranked 78th among public universities in the United States. 

  • (VLU, 28/1/2021)On January 25-26, the Faculty of Applied Arts of Van Lang University organized a music performance program, which was also the final exam for 36 students of course 26 who majored in Vocal Music.

    The final exam for Vocal Music students (course 26) was held on January 25-26, 2021, carefully invested and supported by the leadership of Van Lang University as well as the interest of the Dean of the Faculty. 

    vlu thanh nhac hoc ki mot aVocal Music students turned their final exam into special art shows

    In the exam at the end of the 1st semester of the Vocal Music major, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Truong Ngoc Thang - Head of Art Department - was the host while MSc. Tran Thi Hoa – Lecturer in charge of course 26 Vocal Music class and some lecturers of the faculty directly graded the performances.

    After a long time of preparation, the course 26 Vocal Music students brought many unique performances which were suitable for their voice and forte and impressed the audience a lot. Most of the performances received high praise from the lecturers.

    vlu thanh nhac hoc ki mot bStudent NGUYEN HOANG performed the song “Giá Như”

    vlu thanh nhac hoc ki mot c

    vlu thanh nhac hoc ki mot dThe cute voice of Nguyen Thuong Tinh through the song “I'm Yours”

    vlu thanh nhac hoc ki mot eStudent Le Thi Tra My chose “Senorita” to finish her final exam of Semester I

    At Van Lang University, students are able to show off their natural talents to the fullest, and at the same time they are equipped with more knowledge about music and musical instruments. “Van Lang University has greatly supported the Vocal Music students to have a professional stage.” - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Ngoc Doanh - Dean of Faculty of Applied Arts shared.

    In order to open up a great development direction for the students of the Vocal Music major, Van Lang University promotes the application of the major in an interdisciplinary direction, breaking the limits in training to explore the full potentials of students. “The training program is interdisciplinary, linked with other social sciences, and opens up many job opportunities for students.” - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Truong Ngoc Thang - Head of the Art Department of Van Lang University shared.

    vlu thanh nhac hoc ki mot fLe Khai gave an exciting performance “Đau Đầu”

    vlu thanh nhac hoc ki mot gPhuong Loan performed the song “Got to Believe In Mag”

    vlu thanh nhac hoc ki mot hWith a "cool" performance, Trung Nghia attracted the viewers with “Dance Monkey”

    vlu thanh nhac hoc ki mot iKieu Oanh showed the internal strength in her voice with the song “Anh Đừng Quên”

    MSc. Nguyen Thi Minh Trang - Vocal Music lecturer shared: “I suppose that you all have a lot of prospects to develop in the future. Van Lang University has invested a lot to support the comprehensive development of students studying here.

    In 2017, Van Lang University enrolled the first course of two majors in Vocal Music and Piano, under the Faculty of Public Relations - Media & Arts, and now under the Faculty of Applied Arts. Along with the establishment of the Institute of Culture - Art & Communication, cultural and art programs in collaboration with some units outside the University have been invested and taken place regularly.


    Writer: Nguyen Trung Nghia

  • On October 7th, 2019, within the framework of events celebrating 45 years of Vietnam-Italy diplomatic relations, Van Lang University and Uni-Italia Vietnam, in cooperation with the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training, the Italian Embassy in Hanoi and the Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City, organized the second Italy-Vietnam Higher Education Forum. This was a crucial event to promote cooperation in education between the two countries.

  • On the afternoon of September 15th 2019 , students of 8 majors in The Special Training Program participated in “The first-year lecture” event with the topic “The classy journey”, in Trinh Cong Son hall, LV Building- Campus 3 of Van Lang University.

  • On the morning of August 27, 2019, the conference on “French-Vietnamese business dialogue” was co-organized by the Association of Francophone Universities (AUF) and Van Lang university in the hall on the 6th floor of LV building, Campus 3 (69/68 Dang Thuy Tram street, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh city).

  • (VLU, 09/1/2021) -  At exactly 11 a.m. on January 6, 2021, at Campus 3 of Van Lang University, the 11A.M. Fashion Show of Fashion Design students with the theme "Practicing TR Cutting techniques by Shingo Sato and Magic Pattern techniques by Tomoko Nakamichi" has received great attention from VLU students.

    The 11 A.M. Fashion Show is a typical event of Fashion Design major which is especially expected by many VLU students. In the 11 A.M. Fashion Show this year, there were the participations of  MSc. Le Thi Thanh Nhan – Deputy Head of Fashion Design, MSc. Le Truong Bao – Deputy Head of Interactive Media Graphics, Lecturers Quach Dac Thang and Ha Thuc Nhat Minh, some visiting lecturers and other lecturers of the Faculty of Art and Design together with many VLU students.

    vlu 11am fashion show aThe opening outfit for 11A.M. Fashion Show in January 2021

    The 11A.M. program in January 2021 displayed more than 70 products made by more than 100 students from Course 23, Course 24 and Course 25 of Fashion Design at Van Lang University. They are the products after the learning process of students beginning from the 7 A.M. workshop held on December 29-30, 2020 with the topic “TR Cutting techniques by Shingo Sato and Magic Pattern techniques by Tomoko Nakamichi”. From the theories and methods learned in the workshop, within 5 short days, the Fashion Design students successfully created many creative products which displayed complex sewing techniques and freely expressed themselves with the "ego" of the designers.

    vlu 11am fashion show mThe 11 A.M Fashion Show attracted a lot of attention and interest from the Van Lang community

    The Pattern Magic techniques of Tomoko Nakamichi are inspired by nature, geometry, 3D shapes, etc. and are arranged level by level, providing creative inspiration and technical background for students as well as professional designers and technicians in the fashion industry.

    MSc. Nguyen Vu Cam Ly - Lecturer in Fashion Design said: “Each semester, the Fashion Design major will organize an 11 A.M. Fashion Show. The program promises to bring its own unique features. However, the most special program of the school year is the graduation project show of the senior students in the 3rd semester. Each program is carefully prepared and shows the enthusiastic investment of the students.”

    vlu 11am fashion show lLecturer of the Faculty of Art and Design are taking souvenir photos after the 11 AM Fashion Show.

    The 11 A.M. Fashion Show in the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year ended with many indelible moments. After many years of success after success, the 11 A.M. Fashion Show has become a quality brand of Fashion Design major of Van Lang University. The 11 A.M. Fashion Show is an opportunity for students to approach reality and illustrate their passion for the career of professional fashion.



    Writer: Nguyen Trung Nghia
    Photos: Khanh Thinh

  • In addition to large-scale events, research papers and prestigious educational products exhibited at the 2nd Vietnam – Italy Tertiary Education Forum in 2019, Van Lang University (VLU) organized 4 exhibition areas for Architecture, Industrial Arts, Environment & Biotechnology and 3D arts at LV block in campus 3 in honor of the first major educational event ever held in VLU.

  • During Italian Consul General’s visit to Viet Nam on 5th Jul 2019, Italian Government expressed interest and willingness to invest and exchange multifaceted fields of cultural heritage research with Viet Nam. With the support from the Italian Embassy, ​​in the framework of the 2nd Italian-Vietnamese Forum on Higher Education, on 7th Oct 2019, Van Lang University officially announced the first Institute of Cultural Heritage and Development Studies of Vietnamese universities.

  • On 28th Sep 2019, Association of Universities of the Francophonie (AUF) cooperated with Van Lang University to organize seminars about counseling career, positioning yourself, inspiring and professional ethics, training candidacy skill for students.

  • (VLU, 22/03/2021) - On March 20, 2021, a workshop with the theme "Professional film production" took place at main Campus of Van Lang University under the leadership of People's Artist and Director Dao Ba Son and Director Tran Minh Ngan.

    vlu workshop to chuc san xuat phim chuyen nghiep fWorkshop with the participation of the advisory board and contestants from the teams in the semi-finals.

    The event was held with the participation of 2 speakers:

    • People's Artist and Director Dao Ba Son: The artist has won 16 national awards as a director and owns many works to attend the International Film Festival. Besides, People's Artist and director Dao Ba Son is also a member of the Advisory Board of the first Van Lang Film Festival program in 2021;
    • Director Tran Minh Ngan: He is a young talented director and producer in the Vietnamese film and television industry. Currently, director Tran Minh Ngan is the consultant of the short film competition team of Van Lang Film Festival in 2021.

    Workshop on Professional film productionwas organized to help students better understand the basics of screenplay and the stages of filmmaking. People's Artist and director Dao Ba Son shared that a film needs to stick to the following principles: posing a problem, developing a problem, solving a problem along with how to build a script suitable for the character.

    vlu workshop to chuc san xuat phim chuyen nghiep aPeople's Artist and director Dao Ba Son shared: "We should not consider actors as a machine, we must treasure them and give them the most cherished things."

    Also in the workshop, director Tran Minh Ngan shared:"With many years of working experience, I think the script is the most important part to decide on the film".

    The workshop has successfully connected and shared information to support candidates in the process of making a film. It also helped young directors and filmmakers have a broader view of the production process of a professional film with 3 main stages: pre-production, production, and post-production.

    vlu workshop to chuc san xuat phim chuyen nghiep bDirector Tran Minh Ngan shared "Study carefully about the script, any excess must be boldly cut or it will affect time, money and progress."

    vlu workshop to chuc san xuat phim chuyen nghiep cContestants gave questions to the speakers in the workshop.

    During the workshop, M.A. Le Anh Trung - one of the five team consultants, in the field of short films, also shared his experiences on sound and music copyright issues with the contestants.

    vlu workshop to chuc san xuat phim chuyen nghiep dM.A. Le Anh Trung (lecturer of the Faculty of Dramatic Art and Cinematography, advisor of the short film competition team) shared his experiences in the film making process with the contestants.

    vlu workshop to chuc san xuat phim chuyen nghiep eM.A. Nguyen Thi Men - Head of Admission and Communication department shared: “The workshop is a good opportunity for you to meet and learn from seniors in the field of filmmaking. Here your questions will be answered in order to create a good product in the process of participating in Van Lang Film Festival.”


    Writer: Kim Tuyen
    Photo: Nhat Huy

  • (VLU, February 27, 2020) - Recently, students of Interior Design, Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts received good news from major competitions with 04 projects in the TOP 40 of Vietnamese Interior Students Forum and 03 projects entered the final of Hoa Mai Contest 2019.

    Hoa Mai Award

    With  more than 15 years of organizing the Vietnam wood furniture design competition, Hoa Mai Award organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts and Woodworking Association (HAWA) is a contest for students of Applied Design and Interior Design major.

    Hoa Mai not only announces award winners, but the organizers also want to bring excellent works to Asia's largest EXPO Furniture Exhibition in Singapore. This is the first time that students of interior major have won the first prize and also the first time that the organizers of Hoa Mai Award have brought Vietnamese furniture products abroad.

    Looking back on the journey of the Hoa Mai Award, the senior alumni of the Interior Design major of Van Lang University from course 10 have won the first prize (course 17), the second prize (course 10), consolation prize (course 11, 15), and there are also many courses in the Top of the final competition. 

    vlu hoamai 1Interior Design students of Van Lang University gained great achievements at Hoa Mai in 2018 with 7 finalists and 3 projects that won the prizes.

    The goal of participating in the Hoa Mai Award competition of VLU Interior Design students is determined in the training objective. The interior design projects of Van Lang have developed criteria and exercises towards this contest, which are practical and applicable.It’s an honor for course 23 to have 2 projects in the Top 23 finalists (student category).

    vlu thiet ke goiStudent Nguyen The Hung - Class K23NT5, instructed by lecturer Vu Tuong Quyen, designed a Cabinet product with the idea of ​​"Packing" - the Vietnamese way of wrapping cakes with leaves. Culinary customs through wrapping traditional cakes have created the national soul, so this is not only a piece of furniture but also a feeling about the rich spiritual life of the nation.

    thanh mai 1Product of student Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai - K23NT1, instructed by lecturer Nguyen Chanh Phuong. Inspired by a strong love for pets, she has designed the chair in the shape of curves and pyramids. The product is called Pet Chair, which is so cute.

    For the first time, Hoa Mai Award has a category for professional painters. Two lecturers of Interior Design at Van Lang University took part in the contest and were chosen in the Top 23 finalists, winning the special prize in the final: Mr. Le Long Vinh and Mr. Huynh Thanh Quyen.

    vlu thiet ke gheThe product that won the special prize in the professional design category of Hoa Mai 2020 is the work of MSc. Le Long Vinh and Mr. Huynh Thanh Quyen - Van Lang University - Bench chair placed in the lobby of the commercial area, restaurant, coffee inspired by the image of boats and canoes in the SouthWest floating market.

    vlu thiet keThe factory helped the products to be completed and submitted to the exhibition organizers at C Space Co-woking (District 7). From February 28, 2020 to March 5, 2020, Hoa Mai Award held a final competition for awards and exhibitions at VIFA GU Expo 2020 (SECC Exhibitor - District 7).

    Award for Interior Design student 

    The contest aims to honor excellent graduation projects, with a total prize value of more than 250 million VND and many valuable career opportunities. The award night was held on March 14, 2020 along with the event "Graduation project exhibition" of students from all 3 regions of North, Central and South across the country. Van Lang University is honored to have 4 student projects in the TOP 40.

    1. Mai Pham Bich Tran – Code: 144 – Project: Interior Design: Salanganes restaurant
    2. Phan Kim Bao Ngoc – Code: 143 – Project: Interior Design: Egyptian Blue restaurant
    3. Le Ngo Ngoc Tin – Code: 148 – Project: Interior Design: boutique guest house Bravi'os
    4. Nguyen Diem Ngoc – Code: 150 – Project: Interior Design: boutique guest house Bravi'os

    MSc. Le Long Vinh
    Head of Interior Design

  • Nearly 80 experts in the field of Science and Information Technology from various countries were welcomed to attend in the 8th International Conference on Computational Data and Social Networks (2019 CSoNet), taking place for 3 days, from 18th to 20th November, 2019 at Van Lang University (Campus 3, 69/68 Dang Thuy Tram, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, HCMC).

  • On September 19th 2019, a talkshow called “Some legal aspects of Economy – Finance through the recent crime cases in Vietnam” was successfully organized at Trinh Cong Son Hall - Van Lang University (Campus 3, 69/68 Dang Thuy Tram Street, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District).

  • On September 4th, 2019, the Tree Planting Ceremony of Medicinal Herb Garden took place at Campus 3, Van Lang University. The activity conducted by the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy with the support of the Student Union and Medicine undergraduates. In the future, these students will practice medicinal plant identification at university.

  • (VLU, 10/12/2020)The National Architecture Student Festival 2020 has ended its 12th full season with the theme ofArchitecture in the Digital Age, Parametric Design. FESXII officially took place from December 8 to 10, 2020 at Duy Tan University (Da Nang City) with the participation of 70 lecturers and 400 students from universities training in Architecture - Construction.

    Van Lang University's Architecture Student Union with 17 members won 8 awards from the festival, including: 1 Special Prize in Technology, 1 All-rounded Student Award, 2 First Prizes, 1 Second Prize, and 3 Third Prizes.

    vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 gThe delegation of Architecture students of Van Lang University left strong impressions of a very cool Van Lang Architecture.

    Awards of Architectural Students of Van Lang University (National Architecture Student Festival 2020)


    First Prize (group): Le Quoc Khanh (3rd year student)

    Third Prize (group): Pham Thi Diep (3rd year student)


    Second Prize (group): Lam Quang Viet Thinh (4th year student)

    Third Prize (group): Dang Van Dung (5th year student)

    - CONFERENCE: CITY OF BOTH RIVER - First Prize (group): Nguyen Le Minh (2nd year student)

    - PHOTOGRAPHY: DA NANG - CITIES AND PEOPLE - Third Prize (individual): Nguyen Duy Khiem (2nd year student)


    - SPECIAL PRINCIPLE (TECHNOLOGY WINNER) for the Parametric Architecture modeling competition (Topic: Waves) - one of the important works showing the unique colors of Van Lang school.

    vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 b

    The participants are divided into about 20 teams with members from different schools. MSc. Architects. Nguyen Bao Tuan - Lecturer of the Faculty of Architecture, group leader said: Each group has a team leader from students from different schools, of which there are 14 team leaders who are students of Van Lang. The proactive spirit and leadership of Van Lang Architecture students have made many impressions on students of the schools.

    Van Lang students only have about 2-3 weeks to practice for all four exams in the festival and this year's topic with Vietnam is still a new concept but perhaps thanks to the spirit of doing their best, they won despite objective disadvantages.

    vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 l

    vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 k

    vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 iVan Lang team leaders are presenting their ideas in front of the jury.

    They said, one of the factors leading to the success is the persistence that architecture students have been trained under the pressure of constant deadlines while studying at the school. They always have the strength of teamwork, the ability to persuade and pull together to implement the project.

    vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 qThe work that won the first prize (Painting) by Nguyen Le Minh, focused on emphasizing a work in watercolor.

    vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 oArtwork: "Surgery" - Third prize, Photography competition. Author: Nguyen Duy Khiem: “In this contest, I tried a different experimental shooting style than the architectural style and was supported by the group. To prepare for the exam, my friends and I traveled around Saigon regardless of time to experiment with capturing emotions and expressing through photos."

    The works of the Parametric Architecture Modeling competition with the idea of ​​emphasizing technology elements were highly appreciated, although they were against the regulations of the organizers on materials (fomex cover), but among the submissions of many teams in favor of shaping, a technology award was added to Van Lang as a commendable exception.

    vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 aThe work of Van Lang's student group won the technology award in the parametric design competition. The building is made from wooden slats that erect modular squares with polycarbonate pieces fixed by rotating shafts and operating under a light sensing mechanism.

    Van Lang architecture students also left an impression in the performances that recreate the scene against the storm at sea to remember the recent flood event in the central region.

    vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 n

    vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 sVan Lang students took photos with funny mascots while supporting the supplementary contest.


    Written by: Tran Minh Thu, Term 24, Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
    Source: Architecture Student Union - National Architecture Student Festival XII

  • On November 1st, 2019, at Trinh Cong Son Hall – Campus 3, Van Lang University successfully organized Talk-show “AI – BLOCKCHAIN and startup story” with the presence of speakers who are the most successful Vietnamese start-ups in the field of AI Technology (Artificial Intelligence) and Blockchain.

  • In two days from 6 to 7 October 2019, Van Lang University has cooperated with Uni – Italia VietNam to organize the VietNam – Italy Higher Education Forum, chaired by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training, Italian Embassy and Consulate General of Italy in Ho Chi Minh City. In the framework of the event, Van Lang welcomed nearly 400 high school students and teachers in Ho Chi Minh city to visit the campus and exhibited educational products, creating a vibrant festival in Van Lang on Sunday afternoon 10/06/2019.

  • A delegation from the  Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland visited Campus 3, Van Lang University on 13th August and discussed about educational cooperation projects with Finland that have been implemented in Van Lang in the recent time,  to promote research activities in Van Lang University, and expand joint cooperation projects between Van Lang University and enterprises.

  • (VLU, 16/12/2020) - Miss and Mister Van Lang 2020 Semi-final night - the talent contest on 15 December 2020 and the charity trip on 20 December 2020 had narrowed down 16 most excellent contestants for the Final round on 28 December 2020.

    On the evening of 15 December 2020, 37 Miss and Mister Van Lang 2020 contestants had performed 20 acts in many forms such as singing, break dance, magic show, play, etc. to define the most talented contestants. The contestants were grouped randomly and had to prepare for their performances to depict their talents and personalities.

    vlu missmister e

    N2T1 Conference Hall was crowded with enthusiastic audiences. To guarantee the fair evaluations, the four judges were the experienced experts including journalist Minh Duc, singer/actress Nhu Thuy, model/actor Thuc Linh Lincoln and MC The Phi.

    vlu missmister gDancing and Magic Show act “Tieng Set Ai Tinh - Love at First Sight” was among the most attractive performances. More specially, the contestants even invited judge Thuc Linh Lincoln to witness the act on stage.

    Not only displaying the charming, modern style and elegance, VLU students also embraced the race’s characteristics and promote the good old cultural value by performing the following acts:

    vlu missmister hContestant Nha Linh with her flexible and diligent performance had introduced the “Man Vang Phuong Nam - Southern region’s golden plate” act and achieved great applause from the judges.

    vlu missmister jContestant Nguyen Hoang Thien Trang and Cao Huyen Tran introduced a touching performance with the Ao Dai and Four-part halter top representing for the four Vietnamese women’s virtues “Ethnics - Speech, Visage and Works”

    vlu missmister mContestant Thai Thanh Sang and Nguyen Cao Gia Quynh performed the song and choreography “Hello Vietnam”

    vlu missmister dContestant Phuong Tien and Van Quang, Van Hoa and Hong Nhung after outstanding performance had advanced to the Miss and Mister Van Lang 2020’s final round.

    vlu missmister fThe adorable and synchronizing performance by contestant Van Hoa and Hong Nhung.

    vlu missmister iThe duet performance of Phuong Tien - Van Quan had the audience speechless by their powerful vocals.

    On 20 December 2020, top 37 contestants had attended the charity works round to celebrate the early Christmas Day with the children at Thien An orphanage (Tan Phu District, HCMC). This activity would identify 16 winners to the Final round. In this contest, the contestants must come up with a social-awareness advocating video to deliver the loving messages to the society. 

    vlu missmister cTop 37 Miss and Mister Van Lang contestants themselves prepared Christmas presents to the children of Thien An orphanage.

    vlu missmister a

    vlu missmister bThe persistence and optimism of the children at Thien An orphanage had left unforgettable feelings to the Top 37 Miss and Mister Van Lang 2020 contestants.

    On the evening of 23 December 2020, the list for best 16 contestants for the Final round would be announced and opened for voting.

    The followings were the portraits of best 16 Miss and Mister Van Lang 2020 contestants:

    gia quynh

    hoang long

    hong nhung

    huyen tran

    huy hoang

    nhat my

    nhu thuy

    pham dat

    phuong tien

    phuong vi

    thanh sang

    thien trang

    truyen thong

    van hoa

    van quan

    xuan tuyen

    As the event in 2020 was the second season of Miss and Mister Van Lang contest, the occurrence was more invested and better prepared by both the Organizing committee and the contestants. We do hope that 16 contestants would receive enormous support and voting from VLU students and lecturers, so they could be more motivated and shine on the Final night on 28 December 2020.

    Reporter: Tuệ Khánh
    Photo: Communication Committee of Miss and Mister Van Lang 2020
    Organizing Committee: VLU Communism Youth Union

  • In 2019, Van Lang University cooperates with GEGCO - Global Education Group to connect Vietnamese students with international universities, building a 1-year pre-university program for students who are currently or have completed high school studying abroad at Curtin University - Australia.

  • On Oct 2019, Nguyen Trung Hieu – a junior of Graphic Design Industry of Van Lang University (belonging to Lorem Ipsum team) won the championship for Graphic category of Halo Race 2019 – the largest creative competition for the design community.

  • Joining the happy atmosphere of the 2019 - 2020 new academic year, as an annual activitiy, students of the Faculties of Van Lang University organized a welcoming program for new students of the 25th Course with many exciting activities to encourage the spirit of learning for “freshmen” who have just entered the University.

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