• From 9-10/4/2019, Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts of Van Lang University hosts the International Scientific Conference “Social Design-Vietnam Design Trend 2025” with the participation of authority, organizations, experts, designers, and business from Australia, Korea, Netherland, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.

  • Including in the international scientific conference “Van Lang Goes Global”, subcommittees of Environment – Technology occur on 10/4/2019 with the topic “Sustainable design and climate change adaptation”.

  • (VLU, 17/01/2021) - The Faculty of Medicine of Van Lang University was established on May 15, 2020 with the teaching staff who are all leading medical doctors,... Although the Faculty of Medicine has just been established, it has organized many volunteering activities to promote creativity and inspire the medical profession for Van Lang students in this major.

    Distributing medicine and giving gifts to the blind in Ben Tre

    On September 20, 2020, the Faculty of Medicine participated in organizing free medical examinations as well as  giving medicine and gifts to the blind in Chau Thanh district (Ben Tre). The Faculty of Medicine’s volunteer group consists of 10 doctors and pharmacists, and 10 medical students who examined health and distributed free medicines to 111 local blind people. 

    vlu khoa y thien nguyenThe volunteer team of the medical team from the Faculty of Medicine to Ben Tre province

    vlu khoa y thien nguyen cDoctors of the Faculty of Medicine examined blind people

    In addition, the delegation also organized health examinations and gave treatment for common diseases as well as detected serious diseases with high risk for timely referral. The members of the delegation together propagated to the community the sense of hygiene, how to prevent some common diseases, the knowledge of self-care for themselves and their families, contributing to the implementation of the policies of the Party and the State on people's health care in difficult areas today.

    vlu khoa y thien nguyen dDoctors from the Faculty of Medicine and the Southern Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy and Chau Thanh Hospital

    The trip also helped the lecturers and students of the faculty have the opportunity to interact with local people, the members of the delegation at the Southern Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy and the staff of Chau Thanh Hospital, Ben Tre Province.

    Going to the Central region to take care of people's health

    To respond to the program "Towards the beloved central area in the center of the storm" launched by the Trade Union of Van Lang University, the Faculty of Medicine cooperated with the Southern Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy and the Career Center of Ho Chi Minh City to organize the program "Central Shelters".

    On November 14, 15, and 16, 2020, a delegation of doctors and pharmacists went to the central provinces to provide medical care for the local people, spreading the spirit of solidarity with the community.  

    vlu khoa y thien nguyen hDoctors from the Faculty of Medicine and the Southern Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy departed to the flood area

    vlu khoa y thien nguyen iA lot of local people stood in the rain waiting for the medical team

    vlu khoa y thien nguyen kDoctors of the Faculty of Medicine worked without resting for lunch, focusing on examining the local people’s health in the flood areas

    vlu khoa y thien nguyen lvlu khoa y thien nguyen mDistributing free medicine to the local people

    vlu khoa y thien nguyen nDespite of busy work, the smiles were always on the faces of these doctors and nurses


    MSc. Doctor. Phạm Thị Việt Phương
    Faculty of Medicine, Van Lang University

  • Morning 10/4/2019, Room 11.2, 3rd Campus of Van Lang University, International Conference “Applied Biotechnology” occurred, including in the series international scientific conference “Van Lang University Goes Global” (9-10/4/2019).

  • Today, Van Lang has a special Sunday, a special occasion of April. Van Lang alumni day for the first -time organize at 3rd campus, lie a bass note of the fascinating music sheet of VL-25 of the University.

  • In the international scientific conference “Van Lang University goes global”, today, subcommittees of Architecture – Planning commence the 2 official sessions (morning-afternoon).

  • (VLU, 19/10/2020) - On the evening of October 17, 2020, the Faculty of Public Relations and Communication organized the Welcome New Students - Course 26 Program called "BLOOMING" - a traditional program organized by second-year students to spread the flame of passion to the new students and welcome them to the PR family.

    BLOOMING program is held every October with the desire to organize a music night for new students to join the new house full of warmth and meaning. The program consists of the Board of Deans of the Faculty of Public Relations - Communication, Staff, Lecturers, Sponsors, Alumni, Students of the 23rd, 24th, 25th courses and all students of the 26th Course who were present at the concert.

    vlu chuong trinh cha tan sinh vien k26 khoa pr eNguyen Huynh Truc Nha - Secretary of the Faculty of Public Relations - Communication represented the program to present fresh flowers to Dr. Huynh Thi Nhu Ly - Dean of the Faculty.

    The new students of Course 26 met and listened to the dedicated guidance of the teachers and students of the previous courses. Hopefully, with those sharing, they quickly equipped themselves with useful equipment in student life.

    The beginning of the program is a very exciting and exciting mashup dance performance. This is considered to be the most impressive performance at Trinh Cong Son hall stage that day.

    vlu chuong trinh cha tan sinh vien k26 khoa pr d

    In turn, the performances "Being mature but still crying" (Lớn rồi còn khóc nhè) and "Who cares" (Hơi đâu mà lo), with a youthful and vibrant melody, brought a joyful atmosphere and cheered the audience up.

    vlu chuong trinh cha tan sinh vien k26 khoa pr aThe performance "Put aside anxiety" received the cheering and response of the audience at Trinh Cong Son hall that day thanks to the loving message that the title of the song brought

    vlu chuong trinh cha tan sinh vien k26 khoa pr b

    When the stage has not cooled down yet, the bomb "Flash City" has exploded with mesmerizing powerful dance moves. The performance ended with cheers and applause as a thank you from the New Students of the 26th Course.

    vlu chuong trinh cha tan sinh vien k26 khoa pr fThe actors participated in the performance "Being mature but still crying" with familiar "Ba Ba costumes" to give viewers their childhood memories of their hometown.

    After the moments that made the whole hall bustling, the play "Before Iris Day" was a silence that made the whole audience feel immersed in the feelings of contemplation. The play recreates the moment when a young person stands at the turns of life in the pursuit of his own passion.

    vlu chuong trinh cha tan sinh vien k26 khoa pr g"All efforts will pay off when we reach the finish line of the journey of passion" - The message was sent out, and the whole audience cannot suppress the tears of both empathy and familiarity.

    At the end of the program is the performance of Dinh "Sublimation" along with the ritual of spreading fire - a tradition of the New Student Welcome program to pass on the flame of passion to the New Students - 26th course. 

    With contemporary folk dance symbolizing the process of molting and transforming, after experiencing many ups and downs and pitfalls, the 25 Irises can finally bloom in the passionate sky. The performance ended with the image of a 26th Iris flower being offered from the stage by the drama actors as wishing the next generation of Course 26 students could also sublimate in their own passions.

    The moment when the whole hall of Trinh Cong Son joined the melody of the song "The extraordinary little thing" is also when we clearly see the familiar image of generations of PR students: enthusiasm and passion burn in accordance with the spirit of "Talk much Do much United".

    vlu chuong trinh cha tan sinh vien k26 khoa pr iAt the end of the program, lecturers and students of PR Department came together to the stage and sang the song "the extraordinary little thing". Through this song, they hoped all new students of the 26th course in the future will become very extraordinary warriors.

    With elaborate preparation from the content to the stage design, performances of students of courses (especially students of Course 25 ) have left a good impression on the hearts of new students of Course 26 - Faculty of Public Relations and Communication.

    PR Faculty - Van Lang University is a place to nurture and incubate the seeds of passion. Although they are small but contain many extraordinary things of each generation of PR students who have chosen and will choose to study here.

    Communication department - Blooming concert

  • This morning, 9/4/2019, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ky Phung – Vice Director of Science and Technology Ho Chi Minh City, attended International Scientific Conference “Van Lang University Goes Global” at 3rd Campus of Van Lang University and gives the leading speech in the opening ceremony.

  • This morning, the Opening ceremony of international scientific conference “Van Lang goes Global” commenced at the Conference Hall LV Building, 3rd Campus. Van Lang kindly welcomed approximately 500 scientists, artists, businesses in nation and international converge at the events. After the opening speech of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – President of Van Lang University, gave speech in the opening speech.

  • Morning, 9/4/2019, Van Lang University hosts opening ceremony of international scientific conference “Van Lang University Goes Global” with the participation of 82 scientists and 400 Vietnamese scientists. Especially, Van Lang University honored to have the attending of Vice-minister Education and Training – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Hai An. The below is the full speech of Vice-minister to University.

  • (VLU, 16/01/2020) - Small gifts containing a lot of love and sharing from the staff and lecturers of Van Lang education system were sent to less fortunate circumstances at Thien Phuoc orphanage and Thien An Shelter in the charity trip “Joining hands for the community” on January 15, 2020.

    "Lucky" children at Thien Phuoc orphanage

    (140 Do Dang Tuyen, Hamlet Lot 6, An Nhon Tay Commune, Cu Chi District, HCMC)

    At 6:30 am, our group departed from Campus 3 of Van Lang University, bringing gifts that were carefully prepared by everyone in the University.

    VLU CTCD 1Our group in Van Lang University's charity trip - "Joining hands for the community" in early 2020

    More than 1 hour moving out of the city center, we arrived at Thien Phuoc Orphanage - Cu Chi district, where children with congenital malformations, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and Down are raised,… Welcoming us were the faces of the children at the orphanage who were innocent, naive, but extremely emotional.

    VLU CTCD 2Just getting off the bus, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University was hugged by the children and led into the orphanage.

    After arranging the gifts that were prepared in advance, including clothes, milk,... and some jams for the children to enjoy on Tet holidays, we met and talked with Sister Chi who has always stayed at the home for many years to take care of the children. Expressing her happiness to meet us, she invited everyone to sit, then she talked about the children living in the orphanage with happiness sparkling on her face like a real mother telling about her children. Her joy is seeing the children happy and healthy day by day, no longer in pain and having enough money for 3 meals a day.

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – Rector of Van Lang University who is also the initiator of the program “Joining hands for the community” in the emulation group 23 (including 7 universities: Saigon Technology University, Van Lang University, Hoa Sen University, Nguyen Tat Thanh University, Hutech, Huflit, Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University) was touched when Sister Chi told about the children and their struggles. Not knowing what to say more, she just wished that the nuns would have a lot of health, always keep their enthusiasm and tolerance so that the children could have their mothers to take care of them.

    VLU CTCD 38The lecturers asked about the health of the children and nuns at Thien Phuoc orphanage.

    Among about 60 children at Thien Phuoc orphanage, more than half of them are unable to walk and live on their own, all daily activities from eating, bathing, and cleaning are supported by the nuns. Looking at these small, thin and weak children but carrying a lot of pain and illness, our hearts were heavy. The only thing that makes everyone feel warm is the devotion that the nuns give to them.

    VLU CTCD 11The second floor of Thien Phuoc's orphanage is a place to take care of children with polio who cannot do normal activities on their own.

    VLU CTCD 14The boy Vu felt sad when the members of the group did not care about him.

    In the yard of the orphanage, the Spring Volunteers of Van Lang University and the lecturers of the other universities played with the children who were in better health and could walk normally. The students used music to connect, share, and make them laugh.

    VLU CTCD 17The Spring Volunteers cheered up when the children showed their amazing singing ability

    Just before lunch time, the children were called in by the nuns. Some of them were able to feed themselves, but most of them had to be fed by the nuns. Seeing that, each person of us gave a hand to help the nuns, so the lunch time was completed faster than usual. 

    VLU CTCD 4Everyone in the volunteer group helped the nuns feed the children at Thien Phuoc Orphanage for lunch.

    VLU CTCD 19After lunch time, it was the time when our group had to leave, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu, on behalf of Van Lang University and Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University, and Saigon Technology University sent 30 million VND to the orphanage so that the Sisters could have more conditions to take care of the children.

    VLU CTCD 3At Thien Phuoc orphanage, the children were very happy when being visited because they could play and talk comfortably.

    VLU CTCD 5The Van Lang University students played with the children to temporarily forget the pain of illness

    VLU CTCD 20The pictures of the children at Thien Phuoc orphanage were taken by the Sisters as souvenirs

    Thien An Shelter - the refuge of lonely old people

    93/6, 8th Street, 5th Quarter, Tam Phu Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC

    After a quick lunch, we continued to look for another shelter in Thu Duc District - HCMC. They are also less fortunate people carrying many diseases, but Thien An Shelter is a place to take care of and nurture more than 100 elderly women with lonely lives.

    As soon as she entered the gate, Seur Bich - Vice President of the shelter greeted us and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu. Meeting again after a year, she gave special thanks to Van Lang University for remembering the shelter during the busy year-end days.

    VLU CTCD 22The meeting of the volunteer group belonging to the emulation group 23 and the elderly people of Thien An Shelter took place in a small but warm and joyful room.

    Thien An Shelter is often called the home of people from everywhere in Viet Nam where the elderly from the North to the South were taken care of. These people have no relatives, no home. Even some used to collect bottles, sell lottery tickets, beg, etc. At night, they slept on the sidewalk or in the park, until they could no longer earn a living, they went to the shelter to rely on the Sisters to take care of them.

    VLU CTCD 26The bright smiles of the old women at Thien An Shelter when meeting the volunteer group

    VLU CTCD 23The big surprise was when the old women performed a few cute dances that they had choreographed themselves. Everyone smiled happily as if forgetting the difficulties of everyday life.

    On behalf of the whole delegation, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University thanked the Sisters of Thien An Shelter for taking care of the elderly with all their heart, hoping that the elderly will always keep their optimism and health to enjoy life everyday.

    In order to help the elderly have more joy and excitement the upcoming Tet holidays, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University on behalf of the delegation sent to the shelter many gifts of clothes, milk, necessities and 10 million VND, each person was blessed with a lucky money envelope of 200,000 VND.

    VLU CTCD 29Van Lang University donated 10 million VND to Thien An shelter - Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City

    VLU CTCD 34Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University went to the room of elderly women who were unable to walk to celebrate their age.

    VLU CTCD 32Happy smiles of the old women at Thien An Shelter when receiving lucky money for the New Year of the Rat 2020

    VLU CTCD 33The students of Van Lang University accompanied the old woman to her room after the meeting with the volunteer group

    VLU CTCD 27Talking and asking about their health is a way to make the elderly forget about illness and diseases and enjoy life every day

    Late in the afternoon, it was time for us to go home. On the way back, we all had an indescribable feeling, both sad but also happy. We were sad because we felt sorry for many unfortunate lives, but we were happy because our society still had so many kind and benevolent people to help those in need.

    A trip at the beginning of the year by Van Lang University and other universities in the Emulation Group 23 helped us to feel the different meanings of Spring when we put ourselves next to everyone and empathized more with others in the community.

    VLU CTCD 36The Emulation Group 23 volunteered to take pictures with the nuns and the elderly before saying goodbye to Thien An Shelter.

    Hoàng Luân

  • The year of 2018 is an important milestone marking the 10th anniversary of Van Lang University Chess Club. Not only is tenth a round number but 2018 is also a positive and prosperous year with many remarkable activities of the new generation in the Chess Club

  • From course 23, 2017, Environmental Engineering Technology Faculty will have practical policies to support learning, research and employment for students.

  • June 5, 2017, at VLU’s headquarter, after 4 years of cross-border program between France and Vietnam, the 17th course students of Tourism Faculty received Bachelor's Degrees from Perpignan University (France).

  • On November 28, 2020, students in Product Design (Industrial Design) and Interactive Media Art Design of Van Lang University had the opportunity to participate in the Workshop "How to make toys" of Oleander Workshop – a unit specializing in model production, character sculpture, visual experience of many activities, and attractive activities and products.

    The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design has cooperated with Oleander Workshop – a unit specializing in modeling and character sculpture, and has organized the workshop "How to make toys" for students in Product Design and Interactive Media Art Design for students to understand the reality of this industry in Vietnam in the fields of games, movies, decorations, etc., as well as understanding the production process and being more confident in implementing ideas. At the same time, the contact and learning from businesses will help students access to advanced technologies such as 3D printers, 3D scanners, laser engraving machines. From there, you choose the right career and can create new, breakthrough products that inspire society and young people later.

    vlu how to make toys cccWorkshop "How to make toys" brings many useful and new knowledge to students in Product Design at Van Lang University

    Oleander Workshop officially operated in 2017 and has now had a foothold in the market, not only domestically but also internationally. 

    Coming to the workshop, Van Lang students had the opportunity to access many new knowledge and skills such as the process of producing a finished product, painting and coloring techniques, packaging, 3d printing technology, ZBRUSH software applied in production. In particular, in each field, you have been talking to guests who are experts in the industry as well as information related to the industry. 

    vlu how to make toys mVan Lang students are attracted by the unique product models at the Workshop "How to make toys"

    Sculptor Phuc Dang and interesting sharing about Sculpt

    As a well-known sculptor in the world, Phuc Dang has worked at many prestigious companies as well as been involved in the production of a number of Hollywood film projects. Coming to the workshop, sculptor shared many valuable experiences in the profession of Concept 2d 3d, Sculpting – making 3d files on the machine, Sculpt for games and movies as well as inspiring students in Industrial Design at Van Lang University; sharing about the pressure and experience of working with domestic and foreign partners, or tips for maintaining interests, work and life,...

    vlu how to make toys eSculptor Phúc Đặng và Mr. Nguyễn Lê Long Hải, founder Oleander Workshop

    As an industry expert, the sculptor Phuc Dang realizes for the prospects of the Product Design Industry in Vietnam. In particular, Vietnam's film industry is growing quite strongly and the demand for this human resource will definitely increase constantly. For each Sculp project for movies or games, which will require new research, there is a different approach. The constant change, proactive time, being free to do many things makes this industry interesting for him.

    Perfect color painting techniques with Painters

    Being called the "witch" in the field of compass, having won many awards at compass competitions in the world, possessing many unique models with high historical value, imprinting the country and people of Vietnam, the painter Le Xuan Giang shared many interesting things about his passion for Van Lang students as well as painting techniques, and color the work perfectly.

    vlu how to make toys kPainter Lê Xuân Giang sharing about your journey to your passion for compass design

    Especially for the compass field, Mr. Le Xuan Giang said: "Compass design requires knowledge of painting, sculpture, interior design, cinema architecture, which is a synthesis. However, to get a perfect work, the most difficult in compass design is engineering and ideas. The journey of pursuing a passion for making a compass is not easy, sometimes it becomes deadlocked. However, we're not discouraged because we're always looking for other directions. Doing any job requires passion and enthusiasm. There will be times of stalemate but determination, passion will not depend on us."

    Beside the painter Le Xuan Giang, the workshop also has the companion of the painter Tue (Ben Nguyen), the founder DauLauBocKhoi shared about "mecha" model painting techniques, robots, gundam and the painter Nguyen Quang Huy shared about figure painting techniques.

    In particular, as the former student of Graphic Design Course 17 of Van Lang University, Painter Tue (Ben Nguyen) has brought many interesting sharings for his children.

    vlu how to make toys rPainter Ben Nguyen shared, "I have worked with quite a few students of Van Lang University, whose techniques as well as their outputs are good. Hopefully, I will meet and work with more Van Lang students soon."

    As a doctor, coming to character creation to satisfy his passion, after many years of self-exploration, training and pursuing his left hand, the painter Nguyen Quang Huy also accumulated a lot of experience in the industry. At the workshop, he shared, "The character modeling is very new in Vietnam and hardly anyone knows when we first started. We gathered in closed associations and shared a little knowledge. Everyone learns, tinkers day by day. It takes time, effort and money to be what it is today. Today's generation, the children are quite easy with a variety of learning channels. I believe you will be more successful than our generation. Besides, this land is quite fertile. This will be a good prospect if you persevere with your passion."

    vlu how to make toys qDr. Do Anh Tuan, the Head of Posing - Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of Van Lang University, shared some questions related to the production technologies brought by OW

    vlu how to make toys uFor nearly 5 hours, the workshop maintained its appeal to students

    At the workshop, students also have the opportunity to observe and admire some unique, edgy and satisfying displays of 3D live-Sculpt on the computers of experts.

    vlu how to make toys vMs. Do Xuan Truc Dao, the Creative Director of OW presented gifts to the lucky students at the end of the program, including 1 Uncle Teu wood carving, 2 Monster heads (limited edition).

    Product design is a promising industry, with great potential, but to be truly successful and stick with the profession requires perseverance, and relentless passion. Therefore, practical activities, which access to businesses and successful figures in the profession will contribute to inspiring students, helping them to be confident with the profession they have chosen and develop in the right and most appropriate way.

    Writer: Thanh Tien
    Image: Oleander Workshop


  • Morning 22/4/2019, at 3rd campus of Van Lang University, famous musician Trinh Cong Son’s family meet leaders of the University and agree to name the auditorium following the musician’s name.

  • Morning 07/05/2019, Van Lang University participate the 13th CONFRAISIE of AUF in Pacific-Ocean region. The event occurred at University of Economics and Law of Ho Chi Minh City.

  • From October, 2018 to May 2019, 30 lecturers of Van Lang University and Da Nang University of Architecture participated in courses of  Finnish education program- which helps teachers improve their teaching method.  After the courses, all the lecturers say that they have positively changed their teaching activities and really appreciate this meaningful program.

  • On July 9, 2020, lecturers and staff of the Faculty of Law of Van Lang University organized a ceremony to donate gratitude houses and gifts to disadvantaged families in Luong Hoa commune, Giong Trom district, Ben Tre province on the 73rd anniversary of Invalids and Martyrs' Day (July 27, 1947 - July 27, 2020).

    To promote the tradition of "When you drink water, remember the source" of the nation and to contribute to taking care of those who devoted their youth and efforts to the independence, freedom and reunification of the country; on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of Invalids and Martyrs' Day (July 27, 1947 - July 27, 2020), the lecturers and staff of the Faculty of Law of Van Lang University made a financial contribution to build a gratitude house worth VND 50 million for Mr. Pham Van On, born in 1934, grade ¾ wounded soldier, residing in Hamlet 4, Luong Hoa commune , Giong Trom district, Ben Tre province.

    On the morning of July 9, 2020, the Faculty of Law of Van Lang University and the Department of Labor - Invalids - Social Affairs of Ben Tre province held a house donation ceremony for Mr. Pham Van On. Attending the donating ceremony of the gratitude house were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Anh Thuy, Dean of the Faculty of Law together with the representatives of lecturers and students of the faculty; representatives of the leaders of the Department of Labor - Invalids - Social Affairs, Office of the People's Committee of Ben Tre Province, Department of Labor - Invalids - Social Affairs of Giong Trom district; Party Committee, People's Committee as well as departments and branches of Luong Hoa commune and many people in the commune.

    vlu trao nha tinh nghia aRepresentative of Department of Labor - Invalids - Social Affairs presented gifts to Mr. Pham Van On's family

    vlu trao nha tinh nghiaMr. Pham Van On joined the revolutionary armed forces and experienced two resistance wars against the French and the Americans. In a fierce battle with the enemy, he was wounded and captured by the enemy, then imprisoned in Phu Quoc prison for more than 4 years. In spite of being brutally tortured, he remained single-minded and loyal to the nation. After May 1, 1975, when the country was unified, he returned from the American - puppet prison and continued to participate in as many local activities as possible.

    vlu trao nha tinh nghia cThe Dean, lecturers and students of the Faculty of Law of Van Lang University took souvenir photos with Mr. Pham Van On.

    In addition to the gratitude house, some lecturers from the Faculty of Law also gave Mr. Pham Van On gifts, including 01 standing fan, 01 rice cooker, 01 water heater and 20 other gifts to 20 poor households in Luong Hoa commune.

    vlu trao nha tinh nghia bAssoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Anh Thuy, Dean of the Faculty of Law of Van Lang University personally presented meaningful gifts to people.

    Speaking at the ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Anh Thuy, Dean of the Faculty of Law of Van Lang University, expressed the gratitude of all people in the faculty for those who have contributed to the country at the same time showed his joy when the house was completed with comfortable space where Mr. Pham Van On can spend his rest life.

    Leaders of the Department of Labor - Invalids - Social Affairs of Ben Tre province, local authorities and family representatives expressed their appreciation for the kindness of the lecturers and staff of the Faculty of Law of Van Lang University. 

    vlu trao nha tinh nghia dvlu trao nha tinh nghia eLeaders of the Department of Labor - Invalids - Social Affairs of Ben Tre province and local authorities sent a letter of thanks to the pedagogical team of the Faculty of Law, Van Lang University.

    The Faculty of Law of Van Lang University is a young collective but currently attends the most active volunteering activities at Van Lang University. They regularly organize community and social activities and mobilize the active participation of students and lecturers. Also from these activities, students majoring in Law and Economic Law have had practical and vivid experiences in life, fostering the necessary human qualities of future law enforcers.

    Writer: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Quang Thịnh
    Photos: Nguyen Tan Khai

  • (VLU, 10/3/2021)On the evening of January 16, 2021, three contest projects of the Interior Design students - Van Lang University were honored at the awarding ceremony of the Home Melody contest organized by DBHomes Interior Design Company.

    The first season of Homes Melody competition was organized by DBHomes Interior Design Company. With the criterion "POPUP ideas - DRAFT DREAMS - GET SUCCESS", the Organizing Committee of the Homes Melody 2020 competition wished to find promising young faces in the field of interior design as well as to create a creative playground to freely design inspiring spaces, giving home-loving "homeowners" emotions and vibrations for their "home" space.

    After 3 rounds of competition lasting for a month, along with the efforts of the contestants, the jury has found the best faces who met the criteria of the contest and deserved to become the convincing winners at the finale of Homes Melody 2020.

    vlu sinh vien nganh noi that bThe trio of judges appeared in the finale of the Homes Melody 2020 competition.

    The trio of judges appearing in the finale of Homes Melody 2020 were selected based on their fairness and experience in the field, including:

    • MSc. Architects. Vincent Nguyen - General Manager DB Homes Vietnam
    • Assoc. Dr. Ronnie Nguyen – Lecturer at Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture
    • Hạ Summi - Freelancer

    vlu sinh vien nganh noi that cvlu sinh vien nganh noi that dvlu sinh vien nganh noi that e03 projects of Van Lang University students entered the final round and received the final prize

    At the Homes Melody 2020 contest, among more than 30 submissions, there were 13 ones of Van Lang University students in which 3 projects were chosen for the final round. Even more amazing, all 3 projects won the final prize:


    vlu sinh vien nganh noi that fTwo contestants Le Thi Tram Anh and Bui Vu Hoang won the first prize of the Homes Melody 2020 contest

    vlu sinh vien nganh noi that gNguyen Minh Vinh Quang (consolation prize) is presenting his work in front of the jury

    MSc. Le Long Vinh - Head of Interior Design Department of Van Lang University shared on his personal page: “Recently, Van Lang University Interior Design students had 2 consecutive nights without sleep: (1) on the night January 16, 2021, when students of Course 23 won the first prize and students of Course 24 won the consolation prize of the Homes Melody 2020 competition specializing in interior design of apartments; (2) on the night of January 17, 2021 when Thao Tram (a Course 22 student) went to Hanoi to defend her project and excellently won the third prize in the graduation project competition of Vietnamese Interior Students (ISA). It is true that the two nights of awarding are unforgettable for the students as well as for the lecturers who couldn’t sleep at all to stay awake and share the joy with their students. These students are the pride of the next generations of Van Lang University students, building the brand of this university - where they have chosen to study and have fallen in love with…

    vlu sinh vien nganh noi that h Interior Design students of Van Lang University are taking pictures at the award ceremony of the Homes Melody 2020 contest

    The measure of the success of a project is the satisfaction of the homeowner. The designer needs to be someone who can reconcile the technical elements of color, feng shui, furniture, the requirements and the expectations of the owner. The Interior Design major at Van Lang University always focuses on the applicability of designs. Our students after graduation must be designers serving the needs of people's lives and create distinctive designs with their own signature.

    Writer: Nguyen Trung Nghia

  • This morning, 08/06/2019, Van Lang University officially promote Dr. Truong Nguyen Thanh become a new Vice President at Van Lang University – the aspirator for education motivation, a big friend of Van Lang.

  • Morning on 01/06/2019, Van Lang University honour high-performance students in 2019, simultaneously announce the list to visit Hung King Altar at Phu Tho district.

  • At G20 Summit and a visit to Japan, today, Van Lang University and GNT Corp. signs the cooperating agreement to boost the Vietnam – Japan bilateral investment.

  • From April 1, 2020, media outlets reported on a funding package of 2,000 ventilators for the Government of Vietnam, which is expected to be delivered around the end of May 2020. One of the two main sponsors for the project is Van Lang University.

    The pandemic connects hearts for the community

    vlu 2000 may tho bDr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Chairman of Van Lang University and inventor Tran Ngoc Phuc - Chairman of Metran Co. Ltd (Japan) are the two main people promoting the project of 2,000 ventilators for Vietnam.

    On March 31, 2020, the project was officially announced in the media, introducing the ventilator product line of inventor Tran Ngoc Phuc and two sponsors: Van Thinh Phat Company and  Van Lang University. Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Chairman of Van Lang University, also Chairman of the Business Association of District 1 - Ho Chi Minh City is the one connecting the 2 parties.

    Vietnamese-born scientist Tran Ngoc Phuc – Chairman of Metran Co. Ltd (Japan) is the first person in Japan to successfully invent a high-frequency artificial respiration machine (ventilator).

    vlu 2000 may tho aEmperor Akihito visits the Metran medical equipment manufacturing company owned by Mr. Tran Ngoc Phuc in Kawaguchi city, Saitama province, July 5, 2012. (Photo: kaizen.vn)

    Humming Plus/ Eliciae MV20 – 2,000 ventilators ordered exclusively for Vietnam

    Humming Plus/ Eliciae MV20 ventilator is a new product of Metran Co. Ltd, based on the performance of ventilators that are commonly used in medical work in Japan and many countries. The product was ordered exclusively for Vietnam in the project of 2,000 ventilators, meeting the requirements of treating the Covid-19 epidemic. 2,000 machines expected to be delivered will account for nearly 50% of the total number of ventilators in Vietnam.

    To produce 2,000 Humming Plus/ Eliciae MV20 ventilators, Mr. Tran Ngoc Phuc said that he has to push production and assembly lines in both Japan and Vietnam with all available personnel. The project is trying its best to produce products with  highest quality standards and promptly deliver them to Vietnamese Government by the end of May 2020.

    gs tran ngoc phuc vluScientist Tran Ngoc Phuc with a ventilator product of Metran Co. Ltd. (photo: internet)

    Van Lang and its educational philosophy has had positive impacts and inspired the community

    In 2020, Van Lang University continues to perfect its educational philosophy based on the University's core values ​​and towards positive values ​​for the community. Accordingly, one of the elements is to create positive, influential and inspiring impacts on the community. This philosophy will guide the actions of the school. That is also the reason why Van Lang University arranged and negotiated to buy 2,000 ventilators for the Government.

    The 2,000 ventilators for Vietnam is not only a sponsorship activity, but also an inspiring project for the community, thanks to this campaign, many companies and corporations are now starting to sponsor and bring benefit to the society, the community. Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri is the person who directly works with partners, negotiates with inventor Tran Ngoc Phuc about many cooperation programs, and the 2000 ventilator project is just one of them…

    vlu 2000 may tho dMr. Tran Ngoc Phuc visited Van Lang University and discussed with Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Chairman of VLU on the ventilator project.

    With its mission, Van Lang University has a strategic cooperation agreement in many fields with projects with Metran Group in Japan, USA, Vietnam and around the world, through Van Lang HealthCare Company to transfer the technology of manufacturing ventilators and other Metran product lines to Indochina and countries around the world.

    Currently, Van Thinh Phat Group and Van Lang University have signed a contract with Metran Co. Ltd. and pay 100% of the cost for producing 2000 ventilators. Van Lang University is also facing many difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, however, during the past 2 months, the school has flexibly switched to 100% online learning mode, which helps to maintain operation and actively contribute for the community, with the common goal of joining hands to fight against the epidemic, deserve to be a leading university in Vietnam.

    Mai Yen

  • On 01/06/2019, 21st generation of Industrial Design program who defend their graduation project at LV main hall, 3rd campus Van Lang University, many ideas is recognized as innovation and practical implication. Many businesses attend to recruit the defence candidates.

  • Van Lang Green Summer Campaign was launched on July 8th, 2019. Until August 5th, 2019, after a month of greening all Van Lang campus, more than 200 volunteers gathered at Campus 2 lobby (233A Phan Van Tri, Binh Thanh District) to recall memory about the campaign and good deeds of each team.

  •  “A rewarding internship” is a feedback of the students taking the first course of postgraduate education in Biotechnology at Van Lang University after the internship at the Tissue Culture Lab of Phong Lan Biotechnology Joint Stock Company (Long An province) from August 7 to 12, 2019.

  • (VLU, 25/4/2021) - On April 24, 2021, Van Lang University participated in the "21st Emulation Department Arts Festival", promoting the image of Van Lang University and the talents of Van Lang faculty, staff and students with a large number of students and friends in the Ho Chi Minh City area.

    The “21st Emulation Department Arts Festival'' was held by Saigon Technology University, titled "Vietnam - firm belief in victory". This event aims to praise the love of Vietnam's homeland, country and people, praise the Party and Uncle Ho, the glorious revolutionary tradition of the nation, and praise Vietnam's success in covid-19 prevention.

    Joining the atmosphere of the whole country to join hands to compete, establishing a record of welcoming many important events in the historic April, after more than 1 month of training with the participation of representatives of staff, lecturers and students from many faculties, Van Lang University has excellently won the "Best School Introduction Performance" award and the third prize of the “21st Emulation Department Arts Festival” this year.

    Vlu cong doan dien van nghe j


    Vlu cong doan dien van nghe dThe meaningful performance "School of Dreams" is highly appreciated at the contest

    Vlu cong doan dien van nghe g"Vietnam's Strength" brings a variety of colors to the stage of the “21st Emulation Department Arts Festival”

    It is known that the special thing about the performances is the participation of staff, lecturers working at Van Lang University and the song "School of Dreams" - the work of Mr. Vinh Thien - Lecturer of the Faculty of Applied Arts. This is a completely new composition of musician - lecturer Vinh Thien, contributing to conveying the message of the vibrant, youthful and enthusiastic spirit of the generation, the team of Van Lang University on the way to devote themselves to the mission of education and training.

    Vlu cong doan dien van nghe aThe performance is the enthusiasm of the delegation of lecturers and students Van Lang introduced about VLU

    Vlu cong doan dien van nghe bVan Lang's image was introduced in a lively and attractive way through the performance of Van Lang lecturers and students

    Vlu cong doan dien van nghe c

    The contest has the participation of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Ngoc Doanh - Dean of Applied Arts Faculty of Van Lang University, is one of the representatives from the schools on the Jury. In addition, the jury of the professional jury also has the participation of professional lecturers and artists such as:

    1. Meritorious Artist Director - Actor Ngo Pham Hanh Thuy - Member of the Board of Directors of The Film Association of Ho Chi Minh City.
    2. MA. Le Thi Ai Lien - Lecturer of Ho Chi Minh City University of Theater and Film.
    3. Singer-songwriter Nguyen Dinh Vu.

    Vlu cong doan dien van nghe kThe contest is an opportunity for schools to strengthen relationships, raise the spirit of the unite.


    Phung Le Van
    Faculty of Public Relations and Communications (PR)

  • On July 11, 2019, Van Lang University held a BIM Certificate Ceremony for students in 04 disciplines: Architecture, Thermal Engineering, Environmental Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering, with the hope that BIM certification would be helpful for their future career.

  • Starting from the 25th course – 2019, Van Lang University develops Advanced Program training for 2 sectors: Business Administration and Commercial Business, in the form of a linking forward training 2 + 2 (2 academic years at Van Lang University, 2 academic years at Victoria University, Australia and receive a Bachelor’s degree of Victoria University - Australia).

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