• On 24/05/2020, the lectures of the Faculty of Basic Science have gone on a charity trip to assist the families in plights in Hoa Thanh town, Tay Ninh province. Van Lang University's website has shared the thoughts of Ms. Le Thu Hang (M.S.) – Associate Dean of the Faculty of Basic Sciences about this meaningful activity.

  • On 5/8/2020, at the Vietnam Fatherland Front Office, Van Lang University and Van Thinh Phat Group donated 500 MV20 ventilators, which worth VND120 billion, to Vietnam Fatherland Front and Ministry of Health. 

  • Saturday afternoon, July 4th, 2020, Trade Union of Van Lang University organizes "Van Lang Family Reunion" for all members to have fun activities at the lobby of LV building (Campus 3, 69/68 Dang Thuy Tram Street, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District). The event is well-organized and lively that attracts the participation of a large number of trade union members and truly connects VLU as a big family.

  • gap go anh thay loc ca loc coc b

    Parents call him: Dong Thanh Loc
    His students call him: the 9X “fresh without water” teacher of the Arts and Design Faculty
    Society calls him: Tuoi Tre Cuoi magazine’s cartoonist (2017 – present)

    Coming to Van Lang as a predestined relationship, the 1996 man decided to fulfill his childhood dream after many years as a cartoonist for Tuoi Tre Newspaper: "If I don't draw, I will definitely become a teacher. It is very fortunate that I now can fulfill both my passions at the same time: becoming an artist and a lecturer of Graphic Design at Van Lang University.”

    gap go anh thay loc ca loc coc c


    Turning from an artist to a university lecturer was a breakthrough for Dong Thanh Loc. The young teacher confided: “As I started work at Tuoi Tre Cuoi since I was in school, to me, drawing and painting have been so familiar, and they are no pressure. But being a model teacher is different. It can be said that in my teaching journey, I started from zero.”

    Just in only 6 months after joining Van Lang, the young teacher has to get used to too many new things, especially during the pandemic: from how to prepare lesson plans to design interesting lectures, how to teach online, or connecting teaching devices via online screens, etc. “Since the school launched online classes, I have recorded every class and downloaded to watch them again little by little, observe if my approach has reached to the students yet, or consider if there is any redundant to remove or any lacking needs to be added.”

    Training skills for the teaching of the “big kids" in the modern days is inherently difficult. But, training the steel spirit to become an elegant lecturer in front of the students, who he often calls by the long name “My beautiful, lovely, cutey flowers”, ​is even harder! Each student has a different personality: there’s a lively, dynamic one, and there’s a quiet one. In order for the online lessons to never be boring, the brain, eyes and even mouth muscles of the teacher must always work at 200% capacity!

    Dong Thanh Loc's class was filled with laughter as the young lecturer tried to stir up the class atmosphere with a humorous, witty intonation, and cared about each member to make sure not to miss any "beautiful, lovely, cutey flower" in the class. The duration of online classes is not enough to correct the works for all, Loc and the teachers of the Faculty of Arts and Design often "overtime" to correct each student's homework.

    Embracing the idea that the memories of teachers and students during their student days and happy learning experiences are very precious, Loc tried to connect classmates with each other: "When reviewing the recordings, I often pay attention to each student's attitude to class so thatI can adjust accordingly, drawing quiet students into the general story of the class more in the following lessons."

    gap go anh thay loc ca loc coc d


    Becoming a lecturer also brought him many other “firsts” experiences, such as becoming a Youtuber with the name “Loc ca Loc coc Loc ca nhong nhong nhong”, which is not a predetermined plan, but an overwhelming highlight beyond expectations! The Youtube channel was officially launched with the first video clip in mid-June, when the city began to implement the social distancing order, restricting a person who likes to "teleport" like him from leaving the house and starting long-term online lessons. With a name as special as its creator, the Youtube channel “Loc ca Loc coc Loc ca nhong nhong nhong” will be a box containing a lot of memories of teachers and students of the Art & Design Faculty for generations.

    Anyone who has ever attended Loc’s classes will not be unfamiliar with the “Gap nhau cuoi mon” (End of the curriculum gathering) - a special class to confide and share. Although self-identified as a "low-tech" person, Loc still decided to try his hand at being a YouTuber – making video clips to mark memories and sending meaningful gifts to students! Staying up all night, just a few minutes before going to the online class, the first finished product was officially born, containing memories full of laughter during the learning process.

    The idea of ​​​​establishing a youtube channel " Loc ca Loc coc Loc ca nhong nhong nhong" came as a surprise. But it is also the result of a journey. That journey is not long, however, is the connection between him and Van Lang's Arts students: "I want any class that I have gone through must be the most interesting. Maintaining the habit of packing memories as a present for students at the end of each semester will hopefully be a joy and a small surprise for any student who attends Loc’s class."

    The spirit of optimism, creativity, and delicate care has made Dong Thanh Loc decided to create a place to store the gifts for each class, each generation of students that he has ever worked with. One has to see the video clips of Loc ca Loc coc channel to know how much he cares about each student. From facial features redrawn in a witty style, to his "unique" comments for each person. Loc said: "If you accidentally enter Mr. Loc's class, hopefully, it will be an unforgettable highlight during your 4 years of studying at Van Lang."

    Wishing the Youtube channel "Loc ca Loc coc Loc ca nhong nhong nhong" will continue to grow and establish many meaningful and cute gifts for Van Lang students to keep many memories. Wishing the young teacher, Dong Thanh Loc, as well as the lecturers of Van Lang, will always be full of enthusiasm to guide the next generations of students.

    “Mr. Loc is very cute and caring for the students. He drew me exactly the same as when I was reviewing the lesson with him!  Thank you so much, teacher! I’m glad to have you accompanying me for the past few months.”  – Le Thu

    “Initially, I was just planning to pass the subject. But Mr. Loc is so enthusiastic that I cannot deny trying!  Because of his subject, I have to ask everyone to go to the coffee shop to sit down and do the homework together!"  – Dung Nguyen

    “I am a student in the class of Mr. Loc ca Loc coc Loc ca nhong nhong nhong! As theTypo 1 module ended, I would like to express my deep gratitude toMr. Loc - who inspired and guided me. Thank you for the many timesyou “add more salt and seasoning” to make the lesson more interesting. Thank you for helping me know how to arrange the letters harmoniously…” – Huynh My Tran

    “I did not expect that going to college would bring such beautiful memories. Thank you, teacher. I'm so moved!" - Pham Ngoc Khanh Doan.

    Reporter: Hoai Anh

  • vlu phan thanh nhien e

    Phan Thanh Nhien is no the stranger name to becoming one of the firstthree Vietnameses to conquer Everest in 2007.Hewas named "The youngest Vietnamese to conquer Everest".At the time of setting foot on Everest - "Roof of the world", he just turned 23 years old,was still a 3rd-year student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Physical Education and Sports.

    When sharing about the achievement of becoming one of the first three Vietnamese to conquer Everest along with Bui Van Ngoi and Nguyen Mau Linh, Phan Thanh Nhien said: “In 2007, the number of people successfully conquering Everest was more than 1,900 people, of which more than 1,000 people are locals, the remaining nearly 900 people from more than 40 countries around the world. Initially,I participated in the contest for making a living andI had to go through many rigorous selections to enter the next round. By the time the climb started, there were 12 people left andI was almost the weakest.”

    Therefore, for teacher Nhien, this achievement is a ceaseless effort. He experienced from Fansipan peak to KoTa Kinabalu with an altitude of 4,095m, and especially Kilimajaro peak with 5,800m - the highest in Africa. He "climbed while crying" many times due to the tibia pain and the harsh temperature disparity between day and night, but the team managed to complete the goal.

    Crossing each mountain in turn, the teacher continued to climb 6,195m - high Island Peak with with 5 members, choosing to venture to conquer this peak in the night for fear of not making it in time for the Everest journey. He shared: “With shoes weighing up to 6 kg,I climbed in a vague way becauseI could not distinguish time and space, only knew how to climb up or down, overcome thousands of small sharp ice cliffs to climb up.I passed the mountain waves, brokemy glasses becauseI fell countless times, fell headlong into the cliff, and then gradually became fearless. How many times have to bitemy teeth, use allmystrength to go, only whenI see the peak in front ofmy eyes, then the sadness and happiness overflow into tears."

    vlu phan thanh nhien g

    After Everest, teacher Nhien participated in the 42km Marathon competition in the North Pole - the world's toughest marathon. He told: “There weremanytimes when I ran across the refueling point,I really wanted to sit down and leave everything to drink water and rest, but looking behindtherewere other countries, Vietnamese appearance revolted and continued to fight. In the last five kilometers stage, everything seemed to be out of control.Myeyes could no longer move because of the cold,mycold hands constantly cramped because of lack of energy, the face distorted on one side,and thelegs stiff and numb, but I kept going rushed forward with the thought of "running fast and then resting" and so on until collapsing.Everything was spinning, looking ahead to see the finish line andeveryone’shouts. Once again I got up, ran towards the Vietnamese flag, pulled out the flag and sprinted with the last bit of strength.” In that competition, Phan Thanh Nhien finished with 3rd place in the men's category with the running time was 4 hours 29 minutes.

    After the journeys, teacher Nhien feels more confident about himself, looks at everything in a positive and optimistic direction, and sets higher goals for his life. Then people see Mr. Phan Thanh Nhien trying out in many different roles such as speed climbing athlete, starting a business, speaker, brand ambassador, acting in the  "Hai Phuong" movie.

    Also after the journey to conquer Everest, Phan Thanh Nhien is passionate in extreme sports and mountain climbing. In 2012, he won silver medal in speed wall climbing at the 26th SEA Games and was also the first Vietnamese to win the SEA Games medal in this subject. Most recently, in 2020, Mr. Nhien set a record in the field of trekking that is conquering the top 6 highest mountains in Vietnam in 3 days and 6 hours, including Fansipan, Ky Quan San, Ngu Chi Son, PuTaleng, Nhiu Co San, and Lao Than.

    vlu phan thanh nhien a

    Sharing about the future, he said that life is short, he does not want to stop but continues to develop dreams and plans such as sharing faith with young people, setting a new record for himself on Everest Mount, conquering the 14 highest mountains in the world, and developing mountain climbing in Vietnam.

    vlu phan thanh nhien

    Teacher Phan Thanh Nhien is currently a lecturer at the Sports Center of Van Lang University. After receiving an unexpected call from Dr. Tran Phuong Tung - Acting Director of VLU Sports Center, he accepted the invitation and he told: "With the enthusiastic support of Mr. Tung, then the welcoming and sharing of Ms. Hanh - Head of Human Resources Department, I feel love Van Lang more. In my heart, I’ve wanted to develop mountain climbing for a long time but haven’t had the opportunity and potential to do. Van Lang is a really appropriate place to start. The school also created conditions for me to arrange everything for my work. I’m very happy and honored to be a member of Van Lang."

    Currently, Mr. Phan Thanh Nhien and his team are planning to set another record on Mount Everest and make a movie about the journey. He shared his desire to represent Van Lang University to bring glory to the University in particular and to Vietnam in general. The journey is still long and it is hoped that Van Lang students will soon meet Mr. Nhien in mountain climbing courses, as well as Phan Thanh Nhien’s plans to be successful as expected.

    vlu phan thanh nhien d

    Reporter: Gia Bao - Ha Thu

  • In the morning of June 25, 2020, the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts, Van Lang University opened the exhibition "Innovation in Fashion and Art". The works on display in the exhibition are projects made by students of Fashion Design.

  • On 16/7/2020, the Faculty of Automotive Engineering at Van Lang University held a field trip for first-year students at Vinh Phat Motors Co., Ltd., Enterprise An Lac automotive engineering (SAMCO) in Ho Chi Minh City Automotive - Mechanical Industrial Park. In the trip, the student had a chance to visit Vietnamese heroic Mother Huynh Thi Lo (Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City).

  • On 29 July 2020, in the context of society entering the second phase of Covid-19 prevention, Van Lang University organized the 2nd seminar on Applied Biotechnology Science, with several scientific information related to the field of Biotechnology applied in Medicine, Pharmacy, Food, Environment, etc.

  • Nguyen Dang Phuong Linh

    3rd year student in Biotechnology

    Specialization in High-Tech Agriculture

    Phuong Linh is currently the only VLU student to practice in Israel in the internship program for the 2020-2021 academic year. Always having a unique thought about everything, Phuong Linh believes that she should choose a necessary ology for the time, and is attracted by "a dry but potential industry" - Biotechnology.

    ISRAEL – The first dream internship

    Right from the first year of university, Linh has always been interested in the Internship Program of Van Lang University in collaboration with Oleco Company held in Israel. She shared: “Because I am Catholic, Israel is a very special place and I would love to come here.” In the third year, Linh did not hesitate to register for the internship list after the faculty announced it.

    After searching with and contacting experienced people to inquire, being supported by lecturers of the Faculty of Technology, then successfully interviewed, on September 25, 2020, Linh came to Israel and started her internship at the AICAT Center at Farm 86 Ori Porat, Arava, Southern Israel.

    The first period of her internship was also when the Covid-19 epidemic began to break out in many countries. The international community was worried and alarmed. Although the internship took place during the epidemic season in Israel, Linh feels that she is very lucky. Within the first 3 months, she was vaccinated completely free of charge funded by the Government.

    The internship is also a "Learning by doing" program, so besides working, Linh spends one day a week for studying. Visualizing her work, Phuong Linh did not hesitate to compare herself to "a genuine farmer". Linh both learns and works through working on the farm every day, going from the first stages of planting seeds to caring for and harvesting for each crop. In addition to work at the farm, Linh participates in the packaging process at the factory, tracking finished product to final steps.

    thuc tap israel c

    Being studied and experienced directly in Israel, a high-tech agricultural powerful countr, helps Linh have a larger view in her field. One of the impression for Linh here is the Israeli drip irrigation system. Linh told: “This system is very famous and also quite expensive, extremely suitable for Israel when more than half of their country is desert. And I have to admit that it is really difficult to install an effective system.”

    Experience is the most precious thing

    Phuong Linh was the only VLU student to practice in Israel in 2020 and also the youngest member when living with students from many other countries. However, with a sociable and well-spoken personality, Linh is proud that she has integrated well so far.

    While studying in Vietnam, Phuong Linh established her own financial resources by doing part-time jobs in her first year of university. Her jobs required using English at that time that helped Linh not feel pressured to communicate during her internship and living in Israel. She believes that previous knowledge and learning process at Van Lang has been comprehensive and quite sufficient, so when embarking in actual work, they support her internship, reduce pressure a lot and help Linh make sure everything is under control.

    Despite of being confident in work, Phuong Linh has to admit that she is just a "little princess" of her parents. Living away from home for the first time, Linh shared: "When I was at home, I rarely cook and do laundry, but when I lived here alone, I had to do everything by myself. Such daily experiences are also a form of learning for me.”

    Internship period in Israel is from at least 10 months to nearly 1 year. With a long time spent, Linh thinks that makes her more independent and strong. With new and rich experiences, she said: "later, if I want to learn more deeply or make a topic, I can rely on these practical experiences". In addition to her working, in her free time, she also creates her own trips to learn more about Israeli culture and people.

    Up to now, Linh's internship program has almost ended, in this August or September, if nothing hinders, she will return to Van Lang and continue to complete her study program. Phuong Linh shared, “Biotechnology is a broad field, so studying all the time is still not enough. With Linh, future plans are subject to change. However, this internship made me realize that I still wants to learn more, not only in this discpline or only in Israel but also other specialized knowledge, other countries.". Hopefully Phuong Linh's internship trip will end well and you will always be successful in your own plans.

    * Every year, Van Lang University offers internships on High-Tech Agriculture and Biotechnology in Israel for students of Faculty of Technology under the agreement on cooperation in training and agricultural practice betweenVanLang University and Oleco Company (Israel Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) or in countries with advanced agriculture such as Japan, Australia, Taiwan, etc.

    thuc tap israel aPhuong Linh learns about people and culture in Israel.

    thuc tap israel f

    thuc tap israel d

    Reporter: Mai Thy

  • On 7 August 2020, Van Lang University and Shinhan Bank held a signing ceremony for a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. The event took place at Campus 3, Van Lang University.

  • On 22 July 2020, Van Lang University successfully held a signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement with more than 20 corporations, enterprises, authorities, and the Foundation of Law, Finance, Accounting in the Southern provinces. At once, the Faculty of Law held a talk show on "Career orientation for students" in the legal field.

  • On the morning of June 29, 2020, at the Hall on the 10th floor, Campus 1 of Van Lang University, the international workshop on the topic “An overview of academic research for publication on international journals” organized by the Faculty of Law, was opened in the exciting atmosphere, with the participation of all lecturers, staff and students from the Faculty of Law.

  • The sequel of a dangerous fever at the age of 2 swept away many hopes and dreams about Hieu's future. But not living in the inferiority of the past, Hieu chose to ignore and bring to everyone around her a feeling of joy. It is Hieu's "small miracle" that inspires friends about a positive life.

    vlu ngoc hieu vuot nghich canh den giang duong a

    Tang Ngoc Hieu

    • Student of Course 25 of Faculty of Foreign Languages
    • Hometown: Ca Mau Province

    "When I was 8 years old, seeing my friends having fun, lining up to salute the flag while I couldn't do anything, I just wanted to go home immediately because I felt self-pity so much,".Ngoc Hieu told about the sequel of the fever in her childhood.The 2-year-old girl at that time had to undergo surgery and physical therapy to restore her limbs.

    The 12-year life of going to school in his hometown of Ca Mau is not easy. Her feet do not run and dance, act like her peers, Hieu lives alone, always feels confident and doesn't have many friends.

    On the threshold of university, Hieu determined to pursue Faculty of Foreign Languages at Van Lang University. A new journey opens up, not as you fear, but is full of positive things.

    “Van Lang students consider her as an ordinary person”

    Before entering school, Hieu used to be worry that he would be isolated. “I think a lot. But my friends at university saw me as an ordinary person and were very supportive, I am very grateful and feel lucky about that,”Hieu said.

    At the beginning of the first year, everything was quite difficult. Fortunately, around Hieu still has the love of friends. The time when the school's elevator was not completed, every day a friend carried Hieu from the hall to class, sometimes even carried you up to 5 floors of stairs. Now as a matter of course, the friends often carry Hieu to the chair and always pull the chair to help when she enters the class.

    In the first year of university, her mother was the one to pick up and support Hieu's activities. Entering the second year, Hieu got used to the living environment and wanted to be more independent, so his mother went back to his hometown to take care of the house, Hieu lived in a private dormitory and moved to school by motorbike. It usually takes about an hour to commute from home to school.

    vlu ngoc hieu vuot nghich canh den giang duong aNgoc Hieu at the Opening Ceremony for the 25th class of Van Lang University.

    72256414 2611860535524372 9129777947786346496 n

    When going to school, the security guard will help carry Hieu from the motorbike to the wheelchair. Hieu touchedly shared about the hearts of her friends and the feelings of Van Lang's teachers and staff: "The security guards at the school are very enthusiastic, always help me when I move. The teachers always give me a lot of special attention. Once, Ms. Ngo Nhat Phuong Quynh, a lecturer of Reading 1 waited until she was present in the class to start the lesson. I really appreciate it and will always remember it.”

    Become independent to assert herself

    Hieu often spends her free time listening to music and learning more about IELTS to supplement her professional knowledge. The good habits help her both entertain and cultivate knowledge for herself in the future. For Hieu, music not only gives you a positive influence on her thoughts and lifestyle, but also motivates Hieu to overcome times when she wants to fall.

    Although it was difficult to move, Hieu actively participated in student activities at Van Lang School in general and the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​in particular. Hieu pays special attention to FOLA club events, Faculty's featured programs and many school activities.

    vlu ngoc hieu vuot nghich canh den giang duong bNgoc Hieu met her idol Truc Nhan in the Opening Ceremony of the 25th class students

    Hieu shared, one of the best memories in Van Lang is probably the day she attended the Opening Ceremony of Course 25th. Here she had the opportunity to interact with singer Truc Nhan and meet her idol at about very close distance.

    Another close friend is always by her side to share and encourage Hieu when facing difficulties, helping her no longer feel lonely and lost when living away from family or having lunch together, supportting to push Hieu to class and help her in studies. All are beautiful memories at Van Lang that Hieu can't forget. "Everybody cares about us, just keep trying with confidence, everything will be better", Hieu told herself.


    Ngoc Hieu is not the only "special" case at Van Lang University. Many generations of students with physical disabilities have learned and grown up from the Van Lang University. Van Lang has the dedicated computer systems, voice-to-text machines, the psychological counseling room, the wheelchair ramps, the restrooms for the disabled and so on to ensure learning opportunities for a wide range of students. Hopefully, with the investment of Van Lang University and the help of lecturers, every student in any situation can pursue a learning path and become a more perfect version of who they were yesterday.

    Reporter: Kim Tuyen
    Student of Public Relations


    lop hoc thiet ke phim f

    lop hoc thiet ke phim d

    We are the first 17 students of the professional movie-making course under the Media Production specialization of the Digital Arts Design program. We study with the ideology of “developing passion for becoming the pioneer.”

    Van Lang’s firstprofessional movie making course

    Digital Arts Design students of course 25 must decide on their specialization at the end of the second year. They may select either Media Production or Game-Animation Design specialization. If we choose Media Production, we will study the production of a movie, such as pre-production (script-writing, scenic, or storyboarding design), production, post-production (CGI, lighting, or sound effects.)

    The first core subjects of Media Production are the Viral Clip Project and Scenic Design lecturer by Mr. Tran Quoc Hung. Thanks to Mr. Hung’s experience, the students understood their career path despite the class taking place online.

    According to Mr. Hung: “All students are solid in graphic arts, which gains them many advantages in making the movies. Their works had better color than that of the previous classes as they just “merely told the stories. The colors played a significant role in the stories, while the diversified, professional, and artistic color segments could illustrate the author’s ideas.”He also said the storyboard-making course helped the students a lot in movie-making. In his time, he had to “remember” everything and only discussed once the camera rolled. Nowadays, the students are provided with content controlling skills by documentation, which helps enhance the efficiency when making movies.

    For Mr. Hung, the first generation of VLU’s Media Production specialization consisted of “fearless” students. They urged to make movies and tell the stories in their own voices.

    From classes to stages

    We sit regular lessons on setting camera angles, switching scenes, processing sound and light, and working with the software during our study. The hands-on classes triggered our passion for the future careers, such as screenwriter, director, cameraman, editor, or CGI specialist. Bao Ngoc said: “Thanks to the lessons, I could understand meanings of the messages, camera angles, colors, and on-scene props. Our lecturers are our valuable inspirations, listeners, and instructors.

    Besides theory sessions, we also attended many practical sessions with appropriate teaching methods. The final project of each course represents the understanding, comprehension, and capability of each student. In parallel with the theoretical classes to build solid knowledge and professional design mindsets, the practical sessions offered the opportunities to approach the state-of-the-art equipment and the University’s studio. Furthermore, previous Digital Arts Design generations (former Interactive Design) were facilitated to do actual shots at professional sites to learn how to operate a TVC crew.

    lop hoc thiet ke phim e


    lop hoc thiet ke phim c

    Thanks to the “Deep learning and Hardworking” philosophy, the Digital Arts Design students could confidently attend various competitions. Recently, Digital Arts Design students had displayed an outstanding performance at Van Lang’s Film Festival 2021. Eight of nineteen works making to the finals were contributed by VLU students in various roles such as director, screenwriter, or producer and multiple categories such as viral clips – “the VR,” animations – “White daisy,” or short films – “Spirit of the lantern.” On a larger scale, Digital Arts Design students even competed at more significant contests such as the “Number” movie at the Taiwan International Student Design Competition 2020 (TISDC) organized in Taiwan or the animation “My grandma” winning Vietnam Cinema Association’s Skite Award 2020.

    “Online” classes

    Our class consisted of future enthusiastic and passionate movie producers. 17 individuals of 17 personalities, yet we are one harmonious collective of three groups working on three viral clip projects.

    We have been taking two core courses virtually to follow the “school stops but classes don’t” philosophy. However, every online period consisted full of hands-on and exciting experiences. The improved results of our assignments were the motivations for both the lecturers and students to overcome a long period of online learning.

    “No difficulties, no discoveries.” Thanks to the online platforms, the lecturers could keep up with and manage our studying performance. As our major’s unique trait, our teamwork required the cloud collaborating function to edit in real-time. Therefore, we could connect, share our ideas, create sample videos as references, or suggest new solutions anywhere and anytime.

    Finally, new products are the measuring tools for our career prospects. When all the preparation for pre-production, such as debatable ideas and scripts, were ready, we would take advantage of the social distancing to put together as good as possible to work on the practical sessions once the pandemic was under control. We hope the pandemic will soon go by because we are eager to create our very own work as quickly as possible.

    Reporter: Trang Bui - Tuan Kiet
    Digital Arts Design students of course 25

  • A pure Vietnamese restaurant featuring Sa Dec cuisine has just launched in Hamburg, Germany, with an identity done by graphic designer Lai Nguyen Tin - Graphic Design Alumni of the 18th Course at Van Lang University.

  • Overcoming a series of candidates from nearly 30 teams across the country, Nguyen Duc Hoang (Graphic Design - Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts, Van Lang University) has excellently become the National Champion of Group A (groups of university, academy) of the World Graphic Design Championship 2020 (Adobe Certified Associate World Championship - ACAWC 2020). Hoang will represent Vietnam to attend the world finals in 2021.

  • On 26 August 2020, to give strength to the localities in the fight against COVID-19, Van Lang University coordinated with Van Thinh Group held the ceremony at Campus 3 to offer 540 MV20 ventilators to provinces: Quang Nam, Hue, Da Nang, Can Tho, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh, Da Lat, Ho Chi Minh City. Technical and professional training for local health workers also took place in the afternoon of the same day.

  • In August 2021, a team of “hidden heroes” appeared and accompanied the Van Lang community through non-stop phone calls, helping hundreds of families to be assured and more resilient to get through the tough time fighting the pandemic.

    Artboard 1 80


    Upon the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, on July 22, 2021, Van Lang University officially established the "Van Lang Community Medical Consulting Team" with 11 key members including staff, and lecturers from the health-care related majors, performing consulting duties on Covid-19 prevention, vaccination, and all health problems during this period of social distancing.

    Through the non-profit online consulting by phone and other social networking platforms such as Zalo, Facebook, etc., Van Lang Community Medical Consulting Team has classified 10 main groups based on the actual circumstances of people who were counseled. Such action is to provide appropriate knowledge, treatment, and prevention measures to the patients.


    We contacted the Medical Consulting Team at 8 pm but it was not until 9 pm that the team members took a break to do the interview. One month since its establishment, the Van Lang Community Medical Consulting Team was busy with hundreds of calls regardless of day or night. 349 cases ranging from mild to severe, from newborn infections to 70-year-old elderly people, all were listened to and meticulously cared for. 

    Together with Ph.D., Dr. Pham Van Son, MSc. Dr. Pham Thi Viet Phuong as core resources, on duty 24/7 for the consultation line and helping more than 180 large and small cases. According to Doctor Phuong, most of the cases are F0 who were being treated at home or in isolation, needing advice on how to deal with emergency situations. Most patients who called the Van Lang Medical Consulting Team were in a state of confusion and pressure. In an emergency, with the lack of equipment, the advisor needs to start by reassuring the patient, getting a grasp of the situation, and capturing information about items that are useful within the family territory to respond promptly and avoid creating panic and helplessness for patients.

    Doctor Viet Phuong recalled that a family member of a lecturer working at Van Lang University, unfortunately, contracted Covid-19. The couple and their two young children were transferred to an isolation ward. But because of the overwhelming numbers of patients, the isolation ward could not provide personal care and oxygen ventilators for each person. So, the family's health and mental status were decreasing day by day. Through relatives and families, they connected with the Van Lang Medical Consulting Team and were instructed on methods of exercising for proper breathing, and simple self-protection measures. From the first days of exhaustion that it was almost impossible for them to talk much, the whole family gradually recovered. On the third day, they eventually regained consciousness and were able to eat normally.

    In another case, the medical team successfully supported an extended family to overcome the epidemic. A family of 9 people living in Thu Duc district was all infected with Covid-19, including three young children: a 6-year-old child, a 3-year-old baby, and a newborn baby aged one month 20 days old. The first time the family called the team, they were extremely worried. However, after going through the process of consulting and self-treatment at home continuously for one week, 6 of 9 members got negative Covid test results, three positive tested members also no longer had symptoms. The updates of test results and the gradual improvement of the family members were not only the joy of the family but also the happiness of the doctors who have accompanied them.

    “We received many calls in which the caller’s family members are having difficulty breathing and unable to wait for oxygen to be delivered. In times of emergency, I often instruct them with quick first aid methods with simple items. For families who can go out or ask someone to buy medicine, the medical team will advise on common and cost-saving prescriptions. A family just called and cried because their house was in quarantine and they were lack of supplies. I immediately reassured their spirit. Then, I provided simple measures with just warm water and salt, gave them detailed instructions on hygiene and living environment, diet, work-out, and breathing exercises to restore their stable state.” – Doctor Viet Phuong said.

    Not only providing health advice, but the doctors were also ready to act as a channel connecting patients with volunteer units to receive timely support. As with a case of a patient in Ward 15 - Go Vap District who was having difficulty breathing, after counseling on first aid methods and prescribing medicine, the medical team helped the family members connect with a charity unit to support oxygen tanks, assisting them to overcome the dangerous stage.


    Covid-19 is very dangerous because it spreads quickly through the respiratory tract. However, if we follow the 5K rules correctly and get vaccinated, we can completely avoid infection. The treatment of the disease is divided into several stages with different therapeutic methods, but the common key point to the journey to fight the epidemic is an optimistic spirit. MSc., Dr. Pham Van Son, Team Leader of the Consulting Team shared: “Every time we pick up the phone, we always greet people who are bursting with anxiety and helplessness warmly. Therefore, we can share the pressure with them, creating trust and calming them down. I consider spiritual therapy shared a great magnitude as drug therapy. In any situation, staying positive and believing in doctors and scientific treatment methods will bring good results.”

    Busy with online consulting work all day, but Dr. Son and his teammates were always full of positive energy. Doctor Son shared his thought: “We are doctors. We were educated and trained in medical ethics. We thought, in the time that our compatriots are so miserable how can we sit still? Comparing to us, our colleagues on the front line are working many times harder. We only make small contributions, but they can somehow reduce the pain of the patient and the anxiety of the family. These contributions are also meaningful small things.”


    Hoai Anh 
    Painting: Pham Thi Phuong Minh

  • At the end of October 2021, the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design Van Lang welcomed the good news at the 2021 Graphic Design World Championship (ACAWC) season with 3 prizes of First, Third and Consolation from student Phan Thuy Nhi (Course 24), Nguyen Kim Luan (Course 23) and Le Ngoc Hai (Course 25). This is the second year in a row that student Van Lang is the champion of a prestigious tournament, becoming the representative of young Vietnamese entering the playground to compete with others all over the world. Success followed with medals, awards, recognition of talents of students and alumni of the Faculty in the fields of graphic design, interior design, fashion, animation production, etc. has gradually formed the prestigious Van Lang brand in the art design community.

    Technology Is the Designer's weapon

    One of the factors that helps Van Lang Fine Arts & Design students stand out in specialized competitions is their ability to master technology software in the process of studying and working.

    Dr. Nguyen Dac Thai - Vice Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts & Design commented: “Software technology is like a gun. If not fully equipped and most advanced, it will become a great loss for the soldier when going to battle. That is why, right from the first days of the Faculty's establishment, the Board of Directors has devoted a lot of enthusiasm and orientation to invest in technology in design in the best way for students." In general, training programs in the field of design in Vietnam often ignore the need for on-the-job technical training. To update new knowledge and modern applications, students often have to equip themselves or attend external training courses.

    In the early years of establishment, with the starting point being that most of the provincial students did not have many opportunities to access or master information technology, Van Lang's teachers and students had to make great efforts in the process of training and updating the information technology. Advanced graphics software to keep up with the trends of the times. It has been a long journey with many well-deserved rewards: professional awards, increasing positions in competitions and recognition of businesses for their creativity, better application of software engineering compared to the average level of students in the country.

    Culture “pass the profession on”

    vlu phan thuy nhi

    Sharing the secret of becoming the Champion of the World Graphic Design Championship, student Phan Thuy Nhi (Course 24) said: “I think that the biggest advantage of Van Lang's students is the specialized knowledge Built from practical subjects combined with many useful sharing from teachers and seniors. Before entering the National Final round, my friends and I were organized to meet the 2020 Champion - Mr. Nguyen Duc Hoang to fuel the fire and impart a lot of experience to support the preparation for the upcoming important competition.”

    Students take the exam, but the teacher also goes to school! Before starting her journey at ACAWC, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Nhi (lecturer of Faculty of Fine Arts & Design, alumnus of Course 21) and other mentors attended a 2-day training course to grasp general information about the contest, classifying the group stages, categories and basic knowledge about software, and how to take the online exam. To give students the most streamlined knowledge, teachers themselves must experience, update and refine information. “I also feel pressured because I don't have as much professional experience as the teachers. However, me and the other mentors all told themselves that they would do their best to support and encourage students.”

    In addition to the teaching force of many Van Lang alumni, every year, the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design actively connects talented alumni through workshops, talk shows, and inspirational exchanges during the Admission Ceremony or cross-generational projects.

    As an alumnus of class 22 who has repeatedly supported juniors in TVC production projects for many brands such as Nestle, Antibo Pro and popular stop motion MVs throughout social networks, Nguyen Le Hai Yen always wants to share her passion and "pass the profession" to the new generation: “I try to let you guys understand and have the best insight before deciding to pursue the stop motion genre because I see myself in you guys - struggling, spend a lot of effort and money on passion. Perhaps, it is the empathy between the predecessors and the next generation that motivates me to stick with the faculty and always look forward to sharing and helping you."

    vlu nguyen hai yen

    In addition to the teaching force of many Van Lang alumni, every year, the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design actively connects talented alumni through workshops, talkshows, and inspirational exchanges during the Admission Ceremony,...

    In the near future, the international journey of the Hoa Sac family will be written by many generations of students. Dr. Nguyen Dac Thai said: “The story of the award is not the problem, but more importantly, Van Lang is on the right track. Beyond the award, what I and the students look forward to the most is the opportunity to interact with international talents. I believe that the journey to the big sea will bring many valuable lessons about experience, knowledge, will to strive and inspiration for the university students in general.”

    Impressions of Van Lang Fine Arts & Design in the international arena:

    • Vo Thi Phuong Thao (Course 19): Bronze prize of International Design Award 2015 (IDA).
    • Tran Vu Nhan Thai (Course 19): Consolation prize of the International Design Award 2015 (IDA).
    • Nguyen Le Hai Yen (Course 22) and her graduation project stop motion NUMBERS participated in the final of the Taiwan International Student Design Competition 2020 (TISDC)
    • Nguyen Duc Hoang (Course 22): First prize in Group A (University, Academy) of the World Graphic Design Championship 2020 (ACAWC), will represent Vietnam, set to compete with other countries in November 2021 (the previous ACAWC 2020 international round has been rescheduled due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic)
    • Lai Le Kieu Duyen and Nguyen Tran Nhu Ha (Course 23) won 2 ASPaC Outstanding Work awards at the Asian Student Packaging Design Competition (ASPaC) in Tokyo, Japan.
    • Phan Thuy Nhi (Course 24): First prize of Group A (University and Academy) of the World Graphic Design Championship 2021 (ACAWC), representing Vietnam to compete with other countries in November 2021 .

    In addition, fine arts student Van Lang also participated in many international projects, paintings and animation exhibitions such as project exhibition in Korea (September 2017), and ICAD 2002 international exhibition, IADW 2021, etc.

    vlu my thuat van langLai Le Kieu Duyen and Nguyen Tran Nhu Ha (Course 23) at the ASPaC Awards, Tokyo, Japan.

    vlu my thuat van lang cThe exhibition of graduation projects of Graphic Design students Van Lang and students of Handong University at Gallery IANG, Seoul, Korea (September 2017)

    Reporter: Hoai Anh & Nguyen Vu Tuan Kiet
    Translated by: Oanh Doan

  • On August 22, 2020, the officials and lecturers of the Faculty of Basic Sciences and the Faculty of Civil Construction, Van Lang University together with local authorities held a ceremony of giving "Van Lang loving house" worth 90 million VND to Mrs Kieu Thi Ngoc Anh in the San Cu quarter, Long Thanh Bac ward, Hoa Thanh town, Tay Ninh province.

  • On 25 August 2020, Van Lang University, InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG), and Swiss Education Group (SEG) signed a cooperation agreement in Tourism training.

  • In the morning of August 20, 2020, Van Lang University and Dong Nai College of Decorative Arts held a signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement at campus 3 of Van Lang University.

  • After postponement twice due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 1st Futsal Tournament for high school students of 2020 will be officially on 26 September 2020. Attending the tournament are 16 teams from high schools in Ho Chi Minh city. 

  • In order to equip students with information and knowledge necessary to prepare for the new school year 2020-2021, from September 4 to 29, 2020, Van Lang University organizes a civic education program, beginning, middle and final course for students. This year, the Citizen - Student Week is organized under two forms online and offline.

  • On the morning of September 11, 2020, the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between the People's Committee of An Giang province and Van Lang University took place at Campus 3. It is known that An Giang province has cooperated in training and research with many universities. However, Van Lang is the first university that it has signed a comprehensive cooperation in many fields: tourism, culture - heritage, environment, health, technology,...

  • Although the COVID-19 epidemic has dramatically affected working, teaching, learning, and scientific research, the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities of Van Lang University successfully organized the 2nd Scientific Conference on 12 September 2020, with 20 valuable science reports. 

  • From 19 – 20 September, 2020, students’ table tennis tournament of Hochiminh City in 2020 officially kicked off at Hoa Lu Stadium, with 99 athletes from 21 schools, universities and colleges in the city. Through intense rounds, the Van Lang University women's table tennis team excelled in winning the final gold medal.

  • On 17 September 2020, Van Lang University signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Youth Science and Technology Development Center (TST). The MOU opens up cooperation projects in the scientific research field for students and the faculty.

  • From September 18 to 23, 2020, the Library of Van Lang University held "2nd Van Lang Book Week" at Campus 3 to new students of term 26 and the new school year 2020-2021. At this book fair, VLU students pay attention to economic topics, foreign language, skills and culture books.

  • On 26 September, the 1st VLU Cup Futsal open tournament for high school students has been opened at Rach Mieu sports arena. In this event, there were the presences of the representative of HCMC's Department of Education and Training, the School boards of 16 local high schools, VLU's school board, faculties' deans and department heads, as well as hundreds of students from local high schools.

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