• (VLU, 03/06/2021) - In celebration of the International Children Day on 01 June and with the aim to create a healthy, meaningful, exciting and inspiring playground for the children of VLU union members, the Executive Committee of VLU Trade Union had officially launched the Children Drawing Contest 2021.

    The Children Drawing Contest 2021 is officially launched from 28 May to 15 June 2021. The contest this year is themed on “For a safe environment in the Pandemic context”. Accordingly, all the children of VLU union members shall compose the works related to the strict obedian of pandemic prevention measures. Through the drawings, the children can deliver their feelings to the healthcare staff, volunteer and medical support team fighting against the pandemic.

    vlu thi ve


    1. Targeted participants
    • Group 1: from 4 to 7 year-old.
    • Group 2: from 7 to 15 year-old.
    1. Limit of participation
    • Each attending union group must submit at least two works.
    • Each individual must submit no more than two works with different content.
    1. Schedule
    • Contest duration: from 28 May to 15 June 2021
    • Submitting period: from 02 to 05 June 2021
    • Summarizing and Awarding Ceremony (expected date): 22 June 2021
    • Winning works will be exhibited at the L-V Lobby of VLU main campus
    1. Composing regulations
    • The work must be made by the participants, no assistance from other people in any stage is allowed.
    • The work must be made on A3-size (297mm x 420mm) Thai-cover or professional-drawing paper.
    • The work could be made by various painting materials such as colored pen, colored pencil, colored crayon, water color, colored paper… The works must include the following information: name of the work, author’s full name, date of birth, union group, union member parent’s name.
    • The participating work must not be exhibited or published previously on prints, newspapers, magazines or any other type of mass media platform.
    • The organizing committee shall sponsor 100,000 VND for each submitted work.
    • The work’s author and union member parent(s) must take full copyright responsibilities and take full legal responsibilities for any possible copyright disputes of the work.
    1. General rules of the contest
    • The Board of Judges and Organizing Committee have the rights to give the final judgements to the winning works.
    • The Organizing Committee will not return the submitted works and has the ownership rights to use all the works for post-event communication campaigns and other related contests.
    • All submitted works will not be returned to the authors. The Organizing Committee has the rights to use the author’s information, image and submitted work for any legal social media purposes without the permission and incurred fees from the author.
    1. Evaluating criteria
    • Content, display, illustration, material and color
    • Required paper size: A3-size paper
    • Layout: 5cm on the left margin to write the name and material of the works, the author’s full name, age, address, telephone number; 2cm on the header, footer and right margin
    •  Creativity and the outreach of the message
    •  Cleanliness
    1. Submitting address: Submitting works must be sent to The Executive Committee of VLU Union (Room 2.11, L-V Building, 69/68 Dang Thuy Tram Street, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, HCMC).
    1. Awards
    • 02 first prizes (one for each participating category): 1,500,000 VND/prize
    • 04 second prizes (two for each participating category): 1,000,000 VND/prize
    • 06 third prizes (three for each participating category): 700,000 VND/prize
    • 10 consolation prizes (five for each participating category): 500,000 VND/prize.

    Source: VLU Trade Union

  • On October 3rd, 2019, in Thailand, Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Lang University represented Vietnam as a judge of the ASEAN Business and Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) in order to choose the best businesses in the framework of the ASEAN Business Awards 2019. 

  • On the afternoon of November 11th 2019, Van Lang University signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Guangxi University of Science and Technology (China) at Campus 3.

  • On September 29th morning, Faculty of Commercial Business and Faculty of Business Administration organized the Camp day “Big Bang Departure” for freshmen (25th Course) of Honor Training Program through fun games and learning with speakers, with the purpose of wishing them to start a new exciting journey at Van Lang University.

  • In the evening of November 11th, 2020, the "Opening Ceremony – New Student Course 26" of Van Lang University will take place at Hoa Lu Stadium (District 1) with the spirit of enthusiasm and excitement of thousands of new students. In the heart of bustling Ho Chi Minh City, the Festival Night has increased the heat and dynamic here with youth and Van Lang.

    In order to welcome the new school year, welcome a new generation to VLU as well as create beautiful and impressive experiences for new students when entering the university, the Opening Festival has long become a traditional beauty of Van Lang community. This year, the Opening Festival is also of special significance towards the 25th anniversary of the school's establishment.vlu hoi khai giang c

    In the evening of November 11, 2020, thousands of new students had the opportunity to take part in Van Lang's magnificent and special festival at Hoa Lu Stadium, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The program consists of two main parts: The Formal Ceremony and the Festival Section with three main areas: food booths, folk games areas and art stages.

    vlu hoi khai giang da

    The image of a young and dynamic Van Lang can be easily seen in the folk games areas organized by the university's student clubs: Stall jumping, collective rope jumping, bag jumping, water polo,etc.

    Not yet entering the official party, the pre-party atmosphere has begun vivid by the exciting performances and exchanges of clubs, dance groups, favorite bands in Van Lang as well as prominent faces at van Lang's Got talent semi-finals in 2020.

    Perhaps the rare moments of deposition also left many feelings of pride for new students. It is the traditional flag ceremony to the music of Van Lang University song. The Formal Ceremony is brief enough for students to understand more about the culture and tradition of Van Lang. From here, you will be more in love than the roof of the University, which will stick with you for the next 4 years.

    vlu hoi khai giang r

    vlu hoi khai giang ra

    In particular, within the framework of the ceremony, the representatives of Shinhan Bank awarded the "Payment of tuition fees and donations as you like" to 8 lucky students.

    vlu hoi khai giang x

    After the formal moments of the Ceremony, the grand music party has really started with a series of special performances from clubs, bands, dance groups that are popular in Van Lang, such as: CDs Crew, Red Show, L.I.T, Poong Crew ,... and singing performances: Who cares, Urban Night (Do Hoang Tran),...

    Especially after the Ao Dai Performance: Top 14 Miss and Mister, the Organizing Committee has officially announced the launch of Miss and Mister 2020.

    In particular, new students also have the opportunity to go on stage to exchange and enjoy the best with the men and women in CDs Crew.

    vlu hoi khai giang sd

    The climax of the Concert Night is the appearance of the super stars that are popular with young people today.

    vlu hoi khai giang tbaCute and cheerful songs such as "Your grandparents", "One plus one", "It is today". They are associated with his name and attractively performed by Le Thien Hieu in front of thousands of students.

    Writer: Thanh Tien
    Photos: Duy Bảo,  Đăng Anh, Văn Tâm,  Khôi Nguyên,  Anh Tình,  Khánh Thịnh, Ngọc Phước

  • On October 29, 2020, at N2T1 Hall – main Campus Van Lang University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design held a talk show about "Personal experience and the process of making fashion photos" with the participation of speaker Dzung Yoko – Visual Artist, Creative Director of Elle Fashion Magazine.

    Dzung Yoko is a very familiar name to Van Lang Fashion Design students, who cooperated many times as a member of the graduation protection evaluation board of fashion design students. On October 29, 2020, he and his partner - Stylist Dien Huyen Linh came to share practical experiences as well as the process of making a fashion photo series – important work, a prerequisite for bringing art products closer to the public.

    Opening the talk show, Mr. Dzung Yoko shared: "In 1998, I graduated as the head of Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture in Architecture, but when I graduated, I decided to turn to Graphic Design and start reading everything on my own. From my interest in creativity and love of singer Tran Thu Ha, I was repeatedly persuaded to design the cover for her and began to affirm my career when I won the Best Cover award of the year. By 2003, on a trip abroad, I saw a lot of fashion magazines at a bookstore, and once again my true passion was found. Cherished and studied for 5 years, in 2008 I officially moved to fashion and worked for Elle Magazine. Therefore, you can completely change the work according to each stage you love, because the most important is in the "taste" and aptitude of each person. Fortunately, most of you have studied art, so they all have a common background in aesthetics".

    vlu talkshow dzung yoko bMr. Dzung Yoko and stylist Dien Huyen Linh (left side) in the talk show with Fashion Design students at Van Lang University


    Having the opportunity to interact and work with students in project marking sessions, Dzung Yoko believes that Van Lang University students as well as other schools are carrying out remote topics, escaping their experiences. Therefore, the first advice that speaker Dzung Yoko sends to Van Lang students is to be creative based on what you have been through to be able to adventure. Rooting in real emotions, everything we do will become easier.

    vlu talkshow dzung yoko cThe image in Dzung Yoko's upcoming book named “Nhị Nguyên”, with Soulmate theme about the light and dark parts of people, is inspired by the story of him and his stylist partner Dien Huyen Linh who both have twins.

    Dzung Yoko gives students advice from his own life: "As soon as I was still at school, I was also struggling with the shape of my own style. You can start from borrowing the existing styles which suit your personality. Each work you try begins to fix some basic things such as color, composition, or light... and persistently changes, creating to gradually find out what is his true style. Art-making people are often more sensitive than others. "For me, I find it very good to be downmood, I can take advantage of those emotions to put them to work and convey them with a positive message, learn to write down the reasons why we are sad and how to solve difficulties right then."


    In fashion, images can be associated and use repetition in the object to create. When Covid-19 Pandemic in Vietnam was under control, speaker Dzung Yoko made a photo series in Elle Magazine and received many compliments from Elle Magazine in Paris. He shared: "From the joy at that moment, I wanted to make a photo series "Think Pink - Beautiful Thoughts" that showed playfulness and brilliance, so I used 2 opposite color tones, pink and blue. The designs are selected from the connection to the surrounding objects such as flamingos, fish, flowers,... You pay attention to start creative work, need to study seriously and thoroughly learn the topic and draw sketches to share ideas with associates."

    vlu talkshow dzung yoko dDesign by Quach Dac Thang – Alumni of Course 18, Fashion Design at Van Lang University used in Dzung Yoko's Think Pink - Beautiful Thoughts series

    As a visual artist known as Elle and L'officiel magazines’ Creative Director, in July 2011, Dzung Yoko opened his first solo exhibition. Since 2016, he has launched fashion artbooks that are warmly received by professionals and readers.

    For Dzung Yoko, Asian culture is endless love and inspiration. Contrary to many people, he is always looking for the beauty of Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese muses... through stories, traditional values. From the little people to the true stories, Dzung Yoko reveals the hidden beauty that few people find. Not only students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, many students from the public relations, marketing... and other school students were also attracted to the topic of the Talkshow and came to socialize with speakers.

    Wondering how to be creative without being deviated in accordance with the motto "Out of box", Dzung Yoko said: Many people mistake "Out of box" for to over-do it, but in reality, we approach things from many different angles and do not follow the path. It is important that the work you make needs to be thoroughly researched and prepared, bringing good meanings and messages and he also emphasized: "What is the important message you give? If you have a true, solid, reliable and in-depth message, you are not afraid of any bricks and stones. Creativity or breakthroughs based on cultures and traditions need to have deep understanding and meticulous research to have a proper presentation. It is possible to convince mixed media elements."

    Modifying the opinion of Dzung Yoko, the stylist Dien Huyen Linh added: "The success of a work lies in the story that you want to tell the audience. In particular, you need to pay attention to who your audience is, or if they accept the creativity or breakthrough that you want to express or not. Because every creation becomes meaningless without sympathy.

    As a stylist starting from another major and passionate about fashion through an unexpected occasion - Dien Huyen Linh said: "It is difficult to have a standard to evaluate whether a stylist is professional or not. For Linh, a real stylist is a person that really acts. A stylist is a person who not only loves to wear beautifully, but they also have to cherish and bring beauty to many different subjects, feel the beauty from different shapes, not only for models with standard shapes."

    Dzung Yoko also gives advice to fashion design students who want to open their own fashion brand to work for at least 2 years in related positions such as Assistant for Designers, become a stylist or design trainees for brands, etc. v.. to get experience as well as observe how to operate a brand. Always keep up to date with world trends when there are opportunities to cooperate with foreign customers to ensure the work is always convenient.

    vlu talkshow dzung yoko h

    vlu talkshow dzung yoko gVisual artist Dzung Yoko took photos as souvenirs and signed Mindfulness books for Van Lang students at the end of the talk show.

    Not only sharing professional experience, the artist Dzung Yoko has also inspired and motivated Van Lang students of Fine Arts and Design with the story of his career journey, from an architect to many other artistic fields and has achieved impressive achievements.

    Tue Khanh
    Source of photo: Van Lang Fashion, Nhat Huy

  • From December 1st to 5th, 2019, Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan made a courtesy visit and worked with Australian Government at the invitation of the Australian Government. During this visit, Secretary Nguyen Thien Nhan focused on tourism development activities on December 2th, 2019. The Secretary attended the discussion on the Smart Cities project of University of New South Wales, visited the William Blue College of Hospitality Management and witnessed the signing ceremony of cooperation between William Angliss Institute - Australia and Van Lang University - Vietnam.

  • On November 15th, 2019, Workshop with topic “DIGITAL PAINTING FIELD – Free to be creative” organized by Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts in collaboration with XP-Pen Vietnam Electronic Drawing Company, was held at Painting Hall of Campus 3, Van Lang University (69/68 Dang Thuy Tram Street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City).

  • In the final round of the 9th Japan – Vietnam Cultural Exchange Festival (October 27th, 2019 at Dai Nam University, Hanoi), it was an honor for two students who are major in Japanology – Oriental Studies of Van Lang University to receive 3 impressive awards.

  • (VLU, 26/05/2021) - 16 most outstanding teams of the “Sailing 2020” Contest - the professional start-up contest for students, were ready to compete at the Poster Show contest, taking place from 27 May to 6 June. The special element of the Poster Show contest was the team with the highest interacting performance on the fanpage of VLU’s Faculty of Business Administration will “directly” advance to the Final round.

    Launched on 20 March 2021 andofficially kicked-off on 24 April 2021, the Start-up Ideas Contests themed on “Sailing 2020” organized by VLU’s Faculty of Business Administration had welcomed 16 participating teams advancing to the semi-finals.

    ra khoi hai muoiThe Launching Ceremony of Sailing 2020

    Before the semi-finals took place, the contestants were provided with start-up skills by the experienced businessmen and women. Learning from experience is one of the most crucial educational philosophies of the Faculty of Business Administration and Van Lang University. Participating as the mentors, the company’s representatives were the key elements for Sailing 2020 to execute the above philosophy.

    Participating with the teams were the mentors from the companies including:

    • Mr. Lam Minh Chanh - an expert, focused-research and experienced speaker in finance, investment and start-up and the co-founder of Management and Start-up Group - the leading community with more than 50,000 members who are businessmen, managers and entrepreneurs.
    • Mr. Le Thanh Nguyen - Director of Saigon Hi-Tech Park Incubation Center (SHTP-IC), directing the incubation center in the last 12 years and providing start-up assisting activities.
    • Mr. Trinh Minh Cuong - Alumni of VLU’s Faculty of Business Administration, Co-founder of Happy Young House, Assisting Brand Director of FOCI.
    • Mr. Pham Hung Phong - General Director of Cyfeer JSC, CEO of Buoi Studio and the author of School Cheater game - top 11 most excellent games at the World’s Game Development Championship 2013;
    • Dr. Nguyen Quynh Mai - Dean of VLU’s Faculty of Business Administration, Co-founder and CFO of Wines of America - USA, Co-found of Mai Thuy Technology Trading and Consulting Co., Ltd.

    During their journey, 16 participating teams advancing to the semi-finals had spent one month attending workshops and coaching sessions with the support from start-up experts and VLU faculties. Of which, there were three main training workshops with the Ms. Duong Thi Ngoc Lien - lecturer of HCMC University of Technology and Dr. Nguyen Quynh Mai - Dean of VLU’s Faculty of Business Administration.

    Thanks to these activities, the participating teams were equipped with crucial knowledge. Through what they have learned, all teams have carried out modifications and improvements for their business model to strengthen their persuasion to the investors.

    Until now, 16 excellent teams had finished working out their ideas and were ready to go all out in the decisive stage at the Poster Show.

    Due to the pandemic situation, Poster Show Contest would be carried out virtually. Accordingly, the video clips or posters of the projects would be published on the official fan page of VLU’s Faculty of Business Administration to approach the mass media and receive feedback. The team with the most interacting and voting performance in the Poster Show Contest will advance directly to the Final round.

    vlu chuong trinh ra khoi khoa quan tri kinh doanh dCrediting rules for Poster Show Round of Sailing 2020

    It is expected that the semi-finals would take place on 05 June 2021 virtually. Please follow to get the announcements for Poster Show Contest and the list of finalists on 06 June 2021.


    Reporter: Ngọc Ánh - Trọng Hiền

  • (VLU, 19/12/2020) - On 17 December 2020, VLU’s Industrial Design major had organized the talk show “From the chair to the house” welcoming the special guests from LAITA Design. This event provided Fine Arts and Design students with the opportunities to listen to the sharing, learn the organizing method and improve the mindset in design.

    The talk show welcomed three representatives from LAITA Design, who were experienced and award-winning architects and designers specialized in architecture - interior design, interior - product design and other related creative activities. Moreover, those special guests themselves were VLU alumni, which were Arc. Nguyen Dinh Hoa (Alumni of course 11), Designer Nguyen Thi Thai Hang (Alumni of course 11) and MA. Arc. Bui Minh Tuong (Alumni of course 18).

    vlu talkshow cai ghe ngoi nha fMA. Arc. Bui Minh Tuong, key controller of the event, had introduced a mini-game to share the basic and important terms in the field of design for VLU students.

    From the perspective of a designer and a businessman, by organizing the crossword game, the speaker had introduced to VLU students the important definitions such as ODM (Original - Design - Manufacturer), OEM (Original - Equipment - Manufacturer), B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Customer); and analyzed the terms and influencing factors to a designer’s career and possible setbacks.

    vlu talkshow cai ghe ngoi nha cDesigner Nguyen Thi Thai Hang shared her story when she had to travel to Phu Yen to work on the Nghe seesaw. The product was exhibited at the Kidzone of Uniqlo Dong Khoi store.

    vlu talkshow cai ghe ngoi nha h“Currently, we have not yet been able to internationally encrypt with these designs. So, how can we encrypt our own design?” - Dr. Do Anh Tuan - Head of VLU’s Industrial Design division evaluated.

    In the talk show, LAITA had introduced to VLU students Architectural Thinking. Besides, the term Interdisciplinary in Design was also a topic of discussion. These terms allowed architects, designers and engineers to approach and overcome the existing problems in many fields and promise limitless and improving creativity.

    vlu talkshow cai ghe ngoi nha eVLU students expressed their interest in the stories and analyzations of the alumni and the lecturers of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design.

    vlu talkshow cai ghe ngoi nha gArc. Nguyen Dinh Hoa recommended a hand book to help students connect the ideas from different stages of thinking.

    vlu talkshow cai ghe ngoi nha iThe talk show was not only an educational session for the students but also an opportunity to connect VLU generations.

    Talk show “From the chair to the house” provided the Industrial Design and Interior Design students with not only the professional knowledge, but also an opportunity for VLU generations to connect and share the flame of inspiration. The lessons from the older brothers and sisters, who lived their best for their career would help nurture the love and determination for Fine Arts and Design students for their future career.

    To be an interdisciplinary designing and creative firm established in 2018, in 2020, LAITA received two prizes in the Red Dot Award - Design Concept - One of the most accredited awards in product design.
    Having the advantages in limitless interdisciplinary creativity from human resources, art styles and geographic factors, LAITA consists of a collection of interdisciplinary architects, engineers and designers strongly collaborating with one another as a solid form employing the Architectural brainstorming process. LAITA always offers strategic, breakthrough and highly efficient design solutions for their customers.

    Hoài Anh

  • On October 10th, 2019, at Campus 3, Van Lang University signed the MOU with QA Higher Education organization (UK) – an organization of the QA group – consisting of 200 training companies specializing in Information Technology, Leadership Skills, Business Analysis and Project Management.

  • In the morning of November 2nd, 2019, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thi Kim Oanh – Dean of Van Lang University’s Environment and Biotechnology Faculty attended the First Women in Science and Technology Conference in the South organized by the Viet Nam Association for intellectual women.

  • Since 2015, Van Lang University resonated in South Korea when continuously exhibiting successfully Graduation projects of Graphic Design students. On October 18th, 2019, Handong University held Opening Ceremony of Graduation Exhibition of Faculty of Communication Design & Industry's students, which showed 14 graduation projects of students of Faculty of Industrial Arts - Van Lang University. The exhibition was held at Hongik University Daehak-ro Art Center – Seoul City, being open to visitors for 4 days. 

  • (VLU, 23/04/2021) - On 14 April 2021, Van Lang University had joyfully celebrated the news that Vu Phan Hoai Nhi - Industrial Design student of course 24 and Nguyen The Hung - Interior Design student of course 23 had honorably received the third prize and honorable prize respectively in the Hoa Mai Contest organized by Handicraft and Wood Industry Association of HCMC (HAWA).

    As the only contest dedicated to the professional wooden interior and exterior design, Hoa Mai Award has been developing and creating a talented design community, which left outstanding impressions in the field. After 18 seasons, VLU’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Design has been becoming a high-evaluated name for its achievements of well-known awards.

    After four months of brainstorming ideas and refining the products, two finalists were announced in the Awarding Ceremony, which helped VLU’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Design to achieve one third prize and one honorable prize in overall.

    vlu sv van lang dat giai hoa mai aVu Phan Hoai Nhi - Industrial Design student of course 24 - Work’s name: Home (third prize)

    vlu sv van lang dat giai hoa mai jNguyen The Hung - Interior Design student of course 23 - Work’s name: “Hanging moon” (honorable prize)

    Van Lang University would like to quote the post of Vu Phan Hoai Nhi after receiving the third prize in Hoa Mai Awards 2021:

    First touch and solid support

    Ever since my first days in Van Lang University, I developed an interest in the poster submitting to the Hoa Mai Contest exhibited at the common area of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. However, it was not until my third year when I studied the Interior Design course lectured by MA. Nguyen Chanh Phuong, that I decided to participate in the contest.

    vlu ffd san pham noi that cThe submitting work to the Hoa Mai Awards was also the Final project’s product of VLU student to be displayed at the FFD exhibition in October 2020.

    Interior Design and Industrial Design courses take place during the application period of the Hoa Mai Contest. Therefore, third-year students could take advantage of these courses to brainstorm ideas and sketch the product for both the courses and the contest.

    A more-than-amazing experience

    During the final round, besides the guidances from my mentors, I fortunately had the opportunity to work with Ms. Marielle Genet - Founder of LifeStyle Connected Interior Design Company. Owning vast knowledge and extensive experience in the field, she had enthusiastically provided me with much useful advice. I especially received the help from Tan Thanh company to create my model.

    vlu sv van lang dat giai hoa mai dSeven or eight people fitted in one-square-meter “HOUSE” to modify and refine the final product before packaging and transporting.

    vlu sv van lang dat giai hoa mai hThis was a hand-crafted rattan part. This was my first time working with this material so the final quality was not very satisfying.

    It was quite a hardship participating in the contest. I had to work on the product, travel to the wood mill in Binh Duong and attend my classes at the same time. Knowing that I was a VLU student training at the site, all the staff had enthusiastically helped and provided me with detailed instructions.

    vlu sv van lang dat giai hoa mai fPackaging and transporting process to the contest.

    vlu sv van lang dat giai hoa mai iThis is my “Home” accomplished!

    My thanks

    I would like to express my gratitude to HAWA for organizing a meaningful contest for young people passionate in interior design. I also appreciated Van Lang University, Industrial Design and Fine Arts and Design lecturers for always encouraging and facilitating the students to pursue our passion, achieve knowledge and develop ourselves through wonderful classes.

    vlu sv van lang dat giai hoa mai b

    I hope that my sharing can inspire the ones sharing the same passion to design like me. Worry not, Van Lang will always be the best support to provide encouragement and assistance to us!

    More information: 
    Ngành Thiết kế Nội thất Văn Lang và những mùa thưởng Mai.

    Vu Phan Hoai Nhi 
    VLU Industrial Design Student of course 24

  • In the period 1990 - 1995, with the vision of developing human resources for the field of Environment of Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the Southern region in general, Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet with the founders and administrators of Van Lang University at that time start to build a training program in Environmental Engineering Technology (starting enrollment in 1995).

    After 26 years of development, 26 courses of students have been trained to become a strong force in the Environmental industry in labor market and scientific research field. These masters, doctorates, researchers, directors of environmental companies and many generations are the result of Van Lang University in general and Faculty of Technology in particular.

    The first bricks

    vlu gia dinh moi truong aDr. Nguyen Trung Viet – Former Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Technology and Management, Van Lang University

    The past 26 years have been a challenging but also very proud journey for the lecturers and students of the Faculty of Technology, Environmental Engineering Technology sector. Starting from the REFINE project that Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet - former Dean of the Faculty cooperated with Wageningen University (Netherlands) to train professional staff and transfer training programs of international standards, Van Lang University began to lay the first foundation bricks to build talented generations who have left many imprints in the field of Technology and Environment research in domestic and international.

    Up to now, Van Lang University’s Environment sector is one of the leading units in the field of scientific research and technology transfer, with 77 international projects, more than 80 domestic projects, hundreds of articles and scientific researches at all levels.

    vlu gia dinh moi truong bProfessor Arthur Mol - Rector of Wageningen University (Netherlands) and Mr. Joost van Buuren - lecturer at Wageningen University are the people who have laid the foundation of close cooperation with the Faculty of Environment of Van Lang University since the beginning

    It can be said that the sense of responsibility, pioneering and sacrifice for education of Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet and the teachers in the early days of establishment have become unforgettable imprints, spreading fire and sowing in the hearts of generations of VLU Environmental engineers a vision, love for the profession, and a desire to contribute to the social development.

    Despite the changing of the times and social needs, the professional values and products from the leading generations still bear the proud imprint of the Environment Family.

    vlu gia dinh moi truong cGenerations of lecturers in Faculty of Environment in the past

    Breakthrough steps for sustainable development

    Theory associated with reality is the guideline for the teaching and learning process of lecturers and students in Environmental Engineering Technology. Currently, many generations of alumni have been steadily developing their careers, becoming bright factors in the field and being a solid support for juniors.

    vlu gia dinh moi truong dAlumnus Dang Huyen Chau (Course 13) received the Falling Walls Scientific Research Award – the prestigious award in Germany

    vlu gia dinh moi truong eMSc. Lam Tuan Qui, alumnus of the first course, returns to sponsor students as Director of Van Lang Industrial Waste Treatment and Environmental Consultant Co., Ltd.

    The field of Environment in these days and age is still potential and challenges. While society's need to solve environmental problems is extremely large, students in this field have become scarce. In recent years, Faculty of Technology of Van Lang University has been a pioneer to open a number of completely new training programs, such as Business Environmental Governance, Green Building; with the hope of gradually positioning some new directions for learners.

    Most recently, the Environment family gathered Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet and many generations of alumni to join hands to develop new policies for Enrollment in the Environment majors in 2021. Thanks to the companionship of the Environment Alumni Club, Van Lang University issued Announcement on Scholarship Policy and job commitment for new students entering the Environmental Group in 2021, with "unprecedented" policies:

    • Enrollment scholarship worth 25% - 100% of first year’s tuition fee for students K27 majoring in Environment at Van Lang University.
    • 100% job commitment with starting salary from 12-18 million VND/month for students majoring in Environment at partner companies.

    vlu gia dinh moi truong fStudent of Environment major at Van Lang University, although traveling all over Vietnam's provinces and cities and all over the world, when they returned to school, they still remembered the days of completing the deadline of Mr. Viet, the days of staying up all night to correct Ms. Dieu's course project… Memories create a close relationship like a family.

    Witnessing the development of Van Lang University today, generations of students are secretly happy because it is also part of the efforts of the Environment family. Understand the love of the place where environmental engineers were born, to see the old teachers and other generations continuing what the Environment family was devoted to that day, still pondering and making efforts today.

    Dr. Huynh Tan Loi
    Alumnus of the Course 25 of Environmental Engineering Technology


  •  From October 21st to 26th, 2019, Van Lang University organized the first Van Lang Book Week - 2019 with the theme "Books – a life-long companion", gathering 8 stalls of top-class book publishers in Ho Chi Minh City with a lot of great deals. Van Lang University hopes this would be a useful activity, helping students and lecturers access selected sources of books and meeting the needs of study, research and entertainment.

  • In the 03 days (from 18th to 20th November 2019), Van Lang University was honored to host the 8th CSoNet International Conference. The conference attracted nearly 80 scientists, who are the leading experts in the field of Science – Information Technology in the world.

  • In this morning, Sai Gon Giai Phong newspaper published an article written by Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Lang University in the Section of Ho Chi Minh City Forum - Listening about “Cooperating with the private sector in human resources development in Tourism.”

  • Learning model in combination with businesses

    "University is full of "dry" theory that has nothing to do with future work. Then I only received a paper called Diploma. It is the preconception about university that has become an invisible barrier for me when I set foot in the big lecture hall". However, that thought completely disappeared when Tuyen and her friends came to MA. Tran Duc Tai 's inspirational class, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, with the same classes of many other funny teachers.

    Being attached to "Learning through experience" motto, the Faculty of Business Administration creates favorable conditions for students to have many opportunities to interact and practice at businesses while still be in school. As a direct instructor in the Recruitment and Staffing section of the class, Mr. Tai is interested in the practical values which students receive after class. That is not only a quantity of theoretical knowledge from books but also a practical method, judgment and face-to-face experience, listening to the actual requirements of employers.

    In Van Lang University, with the exciting life pace, we can participate in many workshops, talkshows or training courses on a variety of topics. Mr. Tai connects with reputable businesses to organize workshops, creating opportunities for us to experience and understand the field of Human Resources through the perspective of businesses. Attending those special classes, I "discovered" many things that I’ve never known before. I was told by Ms. Nguyen Thuy Van, Human Resources Director of Hung Vuong Saigon Investment and Development Joint Stock Company, about the key elements of recruitment and staffing in a practical operation organization, understand the actual recruitment process and the common mistakes of candidates during the interview to avoid making them in the future.

    vlu workshop tuyen dung nhan su khoa quan tri kinh doanh bWorkshops are integrated in the curriculum which create favorable conditions for students to approach businesses.

    We also got acquainted with DISC, the personality analysis tool, to apply to the job of seeking suitable personnel for the vacancy. In the Recruiting and Staffing module, besides the interesting workshop, there are also "demo" sessions to help Q Family students clearly visualize the preparation for a professional interview with a full process. In this "demo", we play the role of candidates attending the interview and the company's recruitment committee, experiencing the tests that are close to reality taking place in the selections. We are taught how to dress appropriately, how to talk or make an impression in the first meeting. It can be said that, for me, the experiences and sharing from the subjects whom we contact with and work with in the future is a baggage that helps me be more confident when working in systems and businesses.

    "Extra enjoyment” with the Q family

    "Hey guys, taking the roll-call!" Every time entering the class, the teacher's voice sounded like that, starting an interesting class. For me and my friends, the classes of the Faculty in general and of Mr. Tai in particular are always interesting and full of laughter. Through exciting group exercises and humorous sayings, Mr. Tai brought positive energy to all students when they came to class. The free university environment and closed teachers allow us to express our opinions and ask questions every time, making the class always "noisy" in a positive way.

    vlu hoc quan tri nguon nhan luc cung sinh vien nha q aThe connection between teachers and students is one of the important factors that make the classroom always happy.

    My friends and I often say that the Faculty of Business Administration is a family. All members of the family love and are willing to share to each other. We come to class not only to learn and receive knowledge, but also to connect and take care for each other through extracurricular activities and collective activities. In December 2020, at the end of the Human Resource Management course, our whole class planned to hold a secret party, both to celebrate the end of the course and to give Mr. Tran Duc Tai a surprise happiness on his birthday.

    vlu hoc quam tri nguon nhan luc dGroup lessons are an opportunity to bring people together

    vlu hoc quan tri nguon nhan luc cung sinh vien nha q cBirthday party in Course 24's class in Recruitment and Staffing

    To me, the teachers of the Faculty of Business Administration are talented "artists" on the podium. If being without teachers who know how to spread positive energy and create a distinct style, the class will become boring. Three - year studying made me appreciate and love the people here even more. Thanks to Van Lang for not being a place that only gives me a "paper called a diploma" but has become a school, a beloved home with beautiful memories and luggage on the road ahead.

    Hanh Tuyen - Thanh Sang


  • On November 23rd, 2019, Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee organized an award ceremony for “The International Competition on Planning initiatives to develop of Highly Interactive Innovative Districts (HIID) of the city’s eastern area”. Ms. Doan Thi Kieu Oanh - Lecturer of Faculty of Foreign Languages, Van Lang University, had interesting sharing after the competition with Consolation Prize with the team.

  • In recent days, the atmosphere at Campus 1 and Campus 3 of Van Lang University have become more bustling than usual because of the long queues of students lining up to participate in the voluntary blood donation festival in 2019 - 2020 academic year. Not only did a large number of students join the festival but lecturers and staff of the University also participated enthusiastically.

  • On December 1st, 2019, students of Van Lang University excellently won two second prizes, four consolation prizes and were honored at the awards ceremony of "Ministry - level scientific research in 2019”, took place at the National University of Civil Engineering (Hanoi).

  • vu nguyen cao son cVu Nguyen Cao Son - Course 7’s student of the Information Technology Faculty Director, Enterprise Sector in Vietnam of Amazon Web Services (AWS) from Amazon Corporation


    Unlike his peers, right after entering university, Vu Nguyen Cao Son was determined and clearly defined his future direction. Being an active person that likes to explore, the sophomore with individuality asked for his teacher's permission to attend the 3rd and 4th year classes to seize the chance of accumulating knowledge. At the beginning of the second year, when the internet and information technology were still unfamiliar to many people, Vu Nguyen Cao Son has successfully obtained an international certificate from Microsoft.

    “I signed up for the club at the Youth Cultural House and laboriously went there every day just to use the “free internet”!”  – For him, being fully devoted to passion and being recognized for efforts he paid is happiness. The knowledge that the teachers conveyed is the foundation, but the development, in the end, is 80% dependent on each person.

    vu nguyen cao son a


    It was a long journey from a Van Lang student to a Director of Enterprise Sector for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Vietnam. After graduating and working at CMC for 2.5 years, Vu Nguyen Cao Son decided to take his first leap: applying to Microsoft Vietnam at the age of 25.

    When most large firms tended to choose experienced and highly specialized people, Son became a rare case of being recruited at a very young age. "When talking with colleagues or customers, people are quite surprised when they know that I’m still young and was from Van Lang University but not from abroad, or from HCMC University of Technology or HCMC University of Science like other colleagues." – Son shared. The first 6 months of working at Microsoft put him in crisis. The age gap, experience and personality have created big differences between him and his colleagues: “There are ideas that I think are great, but for experienced senior colleagues, it is more of a risk than an opportunity.” However, as an enthusiastic young person, Son believed that to be successful, the first thing was to "dare to do". It was his consistency that has helped him become one of the fastest promoted employees within 1 year of working time. With all his dedication and hard work, in 2018, he received the award of Best Solution Architect in Asia (including Australia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam) from Microsoft.

    Over 10 years working with Microsoft Corporation has brought him a lot of knowledge, experience and certain success in the field of engineering technology. But without stopping, he stepped out of his comfort zone, turning into a completely new direction: Business. “When we stay in one position and do one job for too long, it is easy to get into a rut and get bored. I decided to leave my job at Microsoft and embark on a new field as a way to "reset" myself."

    Bidding goodbye to Microsoft, he came to NTT Data, a Japanese information technology corporation, and got used to the new culture, new knowledge, and completely new people. He went to Japan to study for 2 years under the training program of NTT Data. “There are too many differences between a technical professional and a businessperson that I urged me to change. For technical professionals, in work, there is only "yes" or "no". But for businesspeople, things can be flexible and skillfully combined. The point of view of technical specialists often focuses on products and machines; while businesspeople must grasp the customer's perspective to create convincing plans that are suitable for both sides.". Wherever he is, in any position, in any field, his spirit of learning, creativity, and bravery have all brought him the right decisions and success. In 2020, Son became the Director, Enterprise Sector in Vietnam of Amazon Web Services (AWS) of Amazon Corporation. Right after that, he received the Best New Employee Award in Asia of AWS for his breakthrough achievements.

    vu nguyen cao son b


    Vu Nguyen Cao Son is a name that is no stranger to the Faculty of Information Technology of Van Lang University in inspiring and collaborative activities which provide opportunities for students to study and work. Receiving the help of teachers and seniors in schooldays has created a strong bond between Son and Van Lang for nearly 20 years. He also became a sponsor for many young talents on their journey to actualize their dreams (including Huyen Chip – a Stanford’s student who reached the top 5 influential people on LinkedIn in AI in 2020). Investing in young people is both an act of nurturing talent and a way for him to become one of the many links that contribute to extending the link between generations in Van Lang in particular, and the community of information technology enthusiasts in general.

    According to Son, students now have a very good learning environment with a series of opportunities to experience through cooperation between the University and domestic and foreign companies and colleges. However, most young people today focus too much on tools that they forget the importance of basic theories and effective thinking methods. Those are the real crucial elements that can help us to develop our skills and to master the technological storm that transforms day by day. Besides knowledge and experience, thinking and soft skills are also important factors to help students "earn points" with professional employers. The proactive spirit, the determination to dare to succeed, and the passion to learn of Vu Nguyen Cao Son and previous generations of VLU, are an inspiration that will spread throughout the next generations of the school.

    Hoai Anh

  • Van Lang University signed a Memorandum of  Understanding (MOU) and a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the City University of Seattle (CityU) on comprehensive education cooperation, especially TESOL program, in 2019. On  the  basis  of  unifying  the  curriculum between  CityU  and  Van  Lang  University, learners attending the TESOL program at Van Lang University will receive CityU’s certificate recognized worldwide.

  • Before the Year of Rat (2020), Tet atmosphere at Van Lang University is more bustling than ever. Facilities have been newly decorated to welcome Tet. Tet gifts have been sent to students, lecturers, and school staff. More specifically, after 10 days of giving the spring gifts, students are delighted because those are special items created exclusively at Van Lang.

  • On the morning of November 30th, 2019, the Faculty of Social & Humanities of Van Lang University held an event on "Celebrating 100 Years of Quoc Ngu - Vietnamese language" along with the participation of scientists, writers, journalists and more than 300 students at N2T1 Hall, Campus 3 (69/68 Dang Thuy Tram, Ward 13, Binh Thanh Dist., HCMC).

  • (VLU, 06/7/2021– In Semester II of the first study-year, the 26th Course’s students of Special Training Program named 26-DB study Philosophy. For them and probably for many students’ common psychology, philosophy is a "difficult, dry and terrible" subject. On the first day, the lecturer said that "Philosophy is an interesting science, helping us to understand the problem more deeply, more dialectically, thereby, working more effectively". However, in the following weeks of classes, with online learning, what the lecturer said did not seem to be enough to strengthen students’s faith. So the lecturer suggested that the whole class go to see a movie named "Dad, I’m sorry", which is being received by a large number of viewers.

    vlu hoc triet hoc qua phim a

     The film is about Mr. Sang's family life in a poor labor village in Ho Chi Minh City. He is a member of a family of four siblings, including "Giau, Sang, Phu, Quy". First sister Giau and fourth uncle Phu also live in the same alley. Ms. Giau is the owner of a rice shop, while Uncle Phu owns a restaurant selling broken rice with grilled meat. It is not clear where the youngest uncle Quy lives, from time to time he appears in a state of drunkenness and disturbance. Mr. Ba Sang has a son named Quan and a young daughter named Bu Tot. His daily job is that he delivers goods for his sister Giau, takes care of food for the whole family, and takes his daughter to school.

    When watching this movie, the teachers ask that in addition to entertainment purpose, can watching movies help with studying philosophy? And it is really surprising that students have identified and evaluated situations in the film through the lens of philosophy.

    Cognitive experiences from a philosophical perspective

    The first are the discoveries of fundamental law and the pair of philosophical categories shown throughout the film. Talking about the "opposite side", according to student Tran Quang Huy shared: "It is the opposite of the way of life and thinking between father and son. Ba Sang always lives for others, puts himself in their situation, calmly lets pass everything, even if people say bad things about him. On the contrary, Mr. Quan, a young person, lives in a new era with a lifestyle for himself, always has new thoughts, always opposes when he is bad-mouthed.Quan Hue Man also shared the same opinion: "The opposite face shown in the film is the difference between two generations in terms of thinking and lifestyle. The old-fashioned father Sang likes old things, while Quan lives in modern times. ".

    The progression film lets viewers feel the change in Quan. From a guy with a lifestyle that only thinks about himself, to a person who worries about his father, willing to do whatever for keeping his father alive, donating his kidney to his father although knowing that his heart disease is difficult to allow him to do that. Nguyen Cao Son Loc pointed out: "The process of quantitative change leading to a change in quality is clearly shown in the scene when Quan begs his relatives to donate a kidney to perform surgery for Ba Sang. That is a man image who is more mature, lives responsibly and knows how to live for others.”

    Ms. Le Thuy Minh Anh was impressed by the monk's words to Ba Sang: "Give the balance to all things. There are pains that must happen in order to good things happen”. This sentence is as a conclusion to the of negation of negation law.

    The basic laws of philosophy exist and subtly govern each film scene. In a little more detail, we also encounter non-fundamental laws in pairs of categories in philosophy that are diverse, rich and interesting. For example, there is the pair of categories "Cause - Effect". According to student Nguyen Cao Son Loc: "The cause of Ba Sang's death was due to his end-stagekidney failure and unsuccessful kidney transplant surgery   that is direct cause. The root cause is that he did not pay attention to his health, did not have regular medical check-ups, etc, leading to a painful ending." If you stand from the perspective of the pair of categories "Reality - Possibility", you will agree with what Quan is doing. He’s a youtuber, and receives online community’s support, that is a reality and will create the ability to succeed, get rich, live changing. But, the appearance of Quan’s ex-lover with the information that Bu Tot is his daughter with her. This is a scandal and a new condition, creating new possibilities, thereby creating a new reality is Quan’s failure.

    Feelings about psychology and family feelings

    Lam Tran Bao Ngoc said: "This is a deeply emotional family film. It is necessary to know how to say sorry, thank your parents while you can. We have a lot of time but our parents do not. Apologizing to parents is difficult but it is so cute to say it".  Le Minh Hanh shared: "The film has touched the hearts and taken the tears of the viewers, making everyone realize a reality about family affection, words of love gradually become very difficult to say. And by the time these word can be said it, it's all too late". Nguyen Cao Son Loc added: "Men rarely reveal their feelings, love each other only in their hearts. Only when the family falls into tragedy, because they are so worried that they don't know what to do, they utter simple but difficult words to express their sincerity." Le Thuy Minh Anh confided: "After watching this film, I realized that I need to pay more attention to my family like listenning , understanding and accepting the differences between generations."

    vlu hoc triet hoc qua phim c

    Are you guys interesting? Philosophy is not far away,  it is in life. Open your heart to philosophy and use it to illuminate your life, you will see new things. Class 26-DB experienced this with the movie “Dad, I’m sorry”, we can do the same thing, and can experience with the richness of other movies, of the art and all sorts of issues, stories in life. Interestingly, that is the general answer of class 26-DB when asked how they feel about this learning method.

    M.A Le Thu Hang – Vice Dean of the Faculty of Basic Science
    and the class K26-DB


  • On the evening of October 23, teachers and students of the Faculty of Technology had a lively meeting and exchange night to welcome new students of Course 26. Joining "First 2020", all the teachers performed the song "Like yesterday" ("Như ngày hôm qua") as a greeting to the new students. The students of previous courses also gave the first-year juniors special "homegrown" performances and team games with the full presence of all teachers and students.

    The program to welcome freshmen of Course 26 of the Faculty of Technology has the theme First 2020 - this is the first moment the teachers together with students of the Faculty of Technology participate in the first program in the series of annual activities organized by the Faculty.

    vlu the first khoa cong nghe chao tan sinh vien cThe program to welcome new students of Course 26 of the Faculty of Technology with the participation of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University

    The program has the participation of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thi Kim Oanh - Dean of Faculty of Technology, Dr. Nguyen Huu Hung - Vice Dean of Faculty of Technology, together with teachers, alumni, and students of courses 23, 24, 26, 26 of the Faculty.

    vlu the first khoa cong nghe chao tan sinh vien bAssoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thi Kim Oanh - Dean of Faculty of Technology, on behalf of all the teachers, greeted students of Course 26 of the Faculty of Technology

    On behalf of all the teachers, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thi Kim Oanh - Dean of Faculty of Technology, shared:“Today is a very important day for the Faculty of Technology because it is The First - the first of many things. The teachers on the stage can feel the enthusiasm of all of you, making us very excited too. I myself has memorized the lyrics of the song Like Yesterday for a whole month to send to you. It was really difficult, but it also helped me understand that in order to do something you love, you must try and overcome the initial obstacle. The First 2020 event was organized by the teachers and seniors of the previous courses to welcome their youngest of course 26. The purpose of today is not that we share academics; we also do not discuss what you study or do. This content will be with next week. Today, we come here to share with each other and to stick together. Hope you will have many memorable moments together and it will be an unforgettable mark in your student life."

    vlu the first khoa cong nghe chao tan sinh vienAll the teachers of the Faculty of Technology performed the song "Like yesterday" ( "Như ngày hôm qua") to begin First 2020

    vlu the first khoa cong nghe chao tan sinh vien hoang hoai svHồng Hải from class K24S performed the song Love 5

    vlu the first khoa cong nghe chao tan sinh vien rMy Duyen from class K25M performed a Chinese song called Vo Ki

    Also in the program, the Faculty of Technology collaborated with the Student Competence Development Center to organize special games to make the program more lively. The lucky draw program with the enthusiastic participation of all the teachers and students made the atmosphere hotter than ever.

    vlu the first khoa cong nghe chao tan sinh vien zThe new students were always excited to watch the performances of the seniors who have worked hard to practice and perform on the night of First 2020

    vlu the first khoa cong nghe chao tan sinh vien eThe teachers excitedly announced the owners of the lucky draws on the night of First 2020

    First 2020 closed with collective songs and messages from teachers and senior students to students of Course 26 right in the event area. Let's wish the new members of the Faculty of Technology a memorable learning experience during their four years at university.

    Post: Hồng Ngân
    Photo: Khánh Thịnh

  • On January 28th 2020, the Ministry of Education and Training issued Official Letter No. 43 / CD-BGDDT on preventing and controlling the acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of Coronavirus. Van Lang University urgently takes precautionary measures before students start the second semester on February 3rd, 2020.

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