• The morning of Oct 10th, 2018 has left an unforgettable mark in the development history of Van Lang University: The Opening Ceremony to welcome the students of course 24, the first students of the 10X young, confident and dynamic generation.

  • In the morning of October 7th, 2018, the School Board of Van Lang University awarded the Certificates and rewarded 08 groups of students and instructors who have recently achieved National Academic Awards. This year, there are 7 awards of Student Scientific Research (Ministry level), which increases 3 awards compared to 2017.

  • On August 15th, 2018, the Ministry of Education and Training issued Decision No. 2957/QĐ-BGDĐT allowing Van Lang University to recruit and train the Civil Engineering Engineering Major, undergraduate with regular system.

  • (VLU - September 19, 2020) On the evening of September 19, 2020, Van Lang Memory Music Night with the theme "Timeline" was held at Trinh Cong Son Hall in a close and cozy atmosphere. Although it was raining heavily, the hall was still full of generations of alumni from term 1 to term 22 and students of term 23, 24, 25. The music night even more meaningful when alumni couple came back the place where their loves began.

    Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Chairman of Van Lang University shared:"Today is a rainy day, but many alumni are still coming here, making all the teachers very happy and realize that you have great love of VLU and the juniors. We are happy to welcome all of you back with more believes in our training quality. In recent years, VLU has been too busy doing plenty of projects to connect all of you. It’s our major shortcoming because the alumni network play an important role in the growth of our school. Van Lang University has a community of more than 60,000 alumni and students by the school year 2020 - 2021. You had better connect and support each other for further career development. From the academic year 2020-2021, reconnecting all alumni is one of the key tasks of Van Lang University".

    vlu memory music night aMr. Nguyen Tuan Anh, alumni representative of the second term of Van Lang University, presented a bouquet of gratitude to the teachers on his return day.

    Music is a nonverbal language but has the limitless power to hold millions of hearts. Van Lang's memory brought the nostalgic music space of the school time to all attendees. It was a beautiful sky, unforgettable glorious years of students in general and VLU's generations of students in particular. It is the alumni of Van Lang University who organize, at the same time, bring the special well-prepared performances in two parts of the program: Memories and Brilliant May.

    vlu memory music night bThe two MCs of the concert are also alumni of Van Lang University: MC Phung The Phi (Former student of Architecture) and MC Thanh Thuy (Former student of Public Relations).

    The generations of Van Lang students had the opportunity to meet a lot of musical talents on stage. Many seniors have followed the professional music career of such as Sy Luan, musician, singer - alumni of the 7th term of Commercial Business; Son Mach, violinist - alumni of 11th term in English Linguistic.

    vlu memory music night cAlthough it rains heavily, the Trinh Cong Son Hall is still full of generations of former students and students of Van Lang University.

    vlu memory music night dThe song "Green Summer" performed by the faculty members, alumni of Van Lang University - also the volunteers of that year.

    vlu memory music night fTrio “Thanh Mai, Thuy Hang, Thai Hang” - Alumni of the 2nd and 4th term of Commerce, Finance - Banking with the song "My old days"

    vlu memory music night gViolinist - Son Mach (Former student of English Linguistic) performed solo the song "Titanium"

    vlu memory music night hThe music night also featured the MTV group - the youthful memory of 8X, 9X generation with two branding songs "Wave of Love", "Love the life"

    vlu memory music night lvlu memory music night lvlu memory music night lThe couple are Van Lang alumni in the music night.

    vlu memory music night mThe traditional song "Van Lang University" by teachers, alumni and students of Van Lang University is like a beautiful ending to the show.


    Written by: Hong Ngan
    Photo: Lee Minh Phuong
    Translated by: Oanh Doan

  • On 16th November 2018, Van Lang University welcomed representatives of Finnish Embassy from Vietnam and Singapore to visit the Finnish Educational Centre’s class.

  • March 2019, Finish Pathway program, organized by Finish Education Association and Van Lang University, open 4 educational module Software Engineering, Cleantech, Logistics and Game Design. The program give 10 full scholarship for Van Lang University’s students studying all four majors.

  • On 12 December 2018, Managing board of Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, Hanoi, promulgated the advocacy of investment No.222/QS-CNCHL that allocated Van Lang University the project “The Van Lang University training and research complex at Hi-Tech park Hoa Lac”.

  • (VLU, 31/03/2021)The Faculty of Technology, formerly the Faculty of Environment & Biotechnology, is one of the leading Faculties in scientific research and international cooperation of Van Lang University. Currently, the Faculty of Technology consists of 18 lecturers, of which female lecturers account for more than 60%, including 4 graduate students, 4 doctors, and 2 associate professors.

    Most of the Faculty's scientific research projects and international cooperation programs have the participation of female researchers, especially typical scientific research projects cooperating with many countries such as Netherland, Germany, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines in the fields of wastewater treatment, domestic solid waste management, recycling, waste reuse, climate change. The female lecturers of the Faculty of Technology also make a great contribution to the Faculty's achievements when guiding and accompanying students to participate in student scientific research competitions at all levels and win many high awards.

    Thinking about female engineer and female scientist, many notions still appear apprehensive. However, let’s listen to some sharing from female lecturers of Faculty of Technology to understand them better!

    vlu khoa cong nghe bThe female engineers and scientists of the Faculty of Technology, Van Lang University

    Is Science – Technology field suitable with women?

    @ Thao Nguyen, Doctor graduated in France, currently a lecturer in Faculty of Biotechnology.

    I graduated as an engineer in Biotechnology from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. In my course in 2003-2008, there were only about 7 boys, the rest more than 30 were women. Currently, my female engineers are also working very successfully in factories and companies. In my opinion, men can outperform women in jobs that need enduring health such as on construction sites. With the rest of the jobs, women have traits that enable them to be successful, such as hard work, meticulousness, and ingenuity. In most fields, individuals who want to be good, want to be successful must practice many aspects, not related to many gender bases.

    Advantages and disadvantages when girls study Science - Technology?

    @ Thao Nguyen

    I would like to answer based on my specific experience. My current job is teaching and research in the field of Biotechnology, specifically synthetic biology. Any man or woman in the teaching can do it, right? The work of experimental research, like solving a problem involves asking a problem, finding methods to solve the problem, and then doing experiments to verify and conclude. This is both intellectual work and "physical" nature because of having to go to the lab. So anything can be done by men and women? However, whoever is more patient, who is more curious, who is more meticulous, who is more diligent can survive in the profession and succeed in knocking on the door.

    @ Trang Tran, Postgraduate at Wagenningen School (Netherlands), Lecturer in Environment

    The advantage of girls when studying Science - Technology is that they tend to be more careful and meticulous, be able to plan in detail and perfection, and they are also easy to control their emotions in research and study. In addition, since you are female, you will dominate when designing or researching in areas where the target user is female.

    Can the girls become good engineers in Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering Technology?

    @ Thao Nguyen

    In Biotechnology, I claim that there are many. Many female engineers develop to managerial positions in related units. There are also many female engineers who become influential scientists in a narrow field of the industry. However, most of them are silent people, so usually people don't have their information in the media.

    @ Hien Ho, VLU’s Alumna of  Course 8th , Doctor of Philosophy - Kochi School of Technology (Japan), Head of Environment - Faculty of Technology.

    Women have certain advantages to pursue Science and Technology. In addition, anyone needs to study hard to have a solid knowledge base, hone hard skills, soft skills and foreign languages, and increase their experience to become a good engineer in Environmental Engineering Technology.

    With your own experience, now, how do you admit the position of the current the female engineer – the female scientist ?

    @ Thao Nguyen

    In fact, the number of female engineers and scientists is still very small compared to men. So it can be seen as a group of people that are both rare and precious, and need to be appreciated and supported. There have been many programmes that prioritize and support women with the desire to balance the gender ratio in the rare female professions.

    @ Tu Nguyen, Doctor of Philosophy, Lecturer in Environmental Engineering Technology.

    In my opinion, at present, there are many female engineers or scientists who not only make significant contributions to scientific research but also are good leaders. They increasingly prove their position in society as well as in the modern scientific world.

    In March, on the occasion of International Women's Day, dearly send greetings and respect to the Van Lang women in general and the talented female engineers of the Faculty of Technology in particular.

    Ph.D Huynh Tan Loi (interviewer)
    Faculty of Technology, Van Lang University

  • On 5th December 2018, Van Lang University’s applied Literature department has visited and worked with Embassy in university cooperation.

  • Morning 12thDecember 2018, 7 members in the Competitive Block 23 commenced first activities in the plan year 2018 -2019: visitedCenter for Elaboration Competency and Innovation in Clinical Simulation (CECICS) at University of Medicine Pham Ngoc Thach.

  • Van Lang University and Dankook University signed a cooperation agreement after two official working sessions between the managing boards at Van Lang University headquarter.
  • Ph.D, Lawyer, Luu Tien Dung

    vlu luat su b

    - Vietnamese lawyer on the top 15 of the best barristers in Asia, voted by Asian Legal Business Magazine 2020.

    - Benchmark Litigation Asia – Pacific recognized as Lawyer of the year in 2019.

    - Lawyer ranked first in dispute resolution in Vietnam for many years, voted by Chambers Asia Magazine

    - Partner of YKVN - leading law company in Vietnam

    - Member of Advisory Council of Faculty of Law at Van Lang University


    Law and the connection with human’s destiny

    As a typical student, after the university entrance exam, PhD. Lawyer Luu Tien Dung became one of 56 state-sponsored students to study abroad in Russia. Seizing the opportunity, he decided to study Law at Kuban National University, in Russia. He thinks that every profession is noble as long as it contributes to the society, however, training time of the medical profession and the law profession are longer and more carefully than other jobs because they closely connect with human's destiny. A good doctor can help people get rid of dangerous diseases. A good lawyer can change the lives of thousands of people.

    According to Ph.D. Lawyer. Luu Tien Dung, the law has never been an "easy" job. There are many concerns and challenges, but the last thing which keeps lawyers from sticking to their profession for years are the positive values and bring happiness to everyone: “We do not have a car, we buy a car or we do not have a house, we buy a house. It is fun for fulfilling an individual's wishes. But a good lawyer can use his wisdom, experience and knowledge to help hundreds of clients solve life's difficult problems, troubleshoot their troubles, and find happiness. So that lawyer has already achieved hundreds, thousands of happiness."

    A good barrister is not an always winning lawyer, but a talented strategist

    In 2019, the dispute between Grab and Vinasun consumed the ink of law agencies, speech agencies and society, becoming the case with the most of trials in Asian history when this is economic civil judgment that has up to 12 trials, each session takes place over several days. The impact of the event was so great that it was recognized by Benchmark Litigation Asia - Pacific as the Case of the year 2019. At the same time, convincing way to solve the problem of Ph.D, Lawyer Luu Tien Dung has shown his ability to grasp the legal political system in Vietnam, the role of law, the executive and the judiciary and how to propose a subtle solution between a freedom of business with legal regulations. This is the reason help him was honored as Lawyer of the Year.

    Being the only Vietnamese lawyer voted by Asian Legal Business Magazine (ALB) as one of the 15 best barristers in Asia (2020); he is also one of the first Vietnamese mediators recognized by the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in London, PhD. Lawyer. Luu Tien Dung said that performing two roles in parallel was not contradictory when the executor always puts honesty and dedication to the work first.

    In the law, honesty is very important. You must protect the interests of customers in the best way, but you cannot put the customers' interests above justice." Each case is an independent problem that needs its own answer. The responsibility of a good lawyer is not to do everything to achieve victory, to improve the personal win rate. Lawyer must to find a way out even when seeming to fall into a dead end and build the best strategy for customers on the basis of knowledge, experience and honesty to maintain the balance of justice.

    vlu luat su aaPh.D. Lawyer. Luu Tien Dung participates in education and training as a member of the Advisory Council of the Faculty of Law at Van Lang University.

    Asia's leading Lawyer and the predestined relationship with VLU

    Ph.D. Lawyer. Luu Tien Dung said that meeting and lasting connection with the Faculty of Law at Van Lang University is a predestined relationship. As a member of the Advisory Council, participate in contributing to build and review the training program of Economic Law, he pointed out the difference in the approach to legal education in VLU, which is the way of seeing and building programs from social needs, linking theoretical with practical. According to the lawyer, bringing practical cases into the curriculum is quite similar to the program he was studying in the US. This is a step to help students eliminate worry when entering the profession, reducing the time to retrain "newbies" for many companies.

    He thinks that Van Lang University's young generation is full of energy. Besides the support and mentoring of teachers, each Law student needs to equip with enthusiasm, prudence, meticulousness and good critical thinking in order not to be negligent in the profession.

    When you become a judge, all you need to do is make a right and wrong decision. But to be a good lawyer, consultant, or mediator, you need to consider many more aspects of the possibilities. Law learners must know how to criticize in their own opinions, recognize the dialectical, multidimensional facts to build the most effective strategy.

    Artificial intelligence is developing and gradually replacing many positions in society but Ph.D. Lawyer. Luu Tien Dung believes that as long as a lawyer knows how to think creatively, no machine can replace.


    Hoai Anh
    Photo: Lee Minh Phuong

  • After the 1st extra curriculum activities to People Hospital Gia Dinh (Ho Chi Minh City) at the beginning of the first semester, pharmaceutical students had another field trip to Army Medical Hospital Number 4 ( Binh Duong Province).

  • On November 26th, 2018,Van Lang University (VLU) held a job orientation seminar forTrung Vuong High school (TVH)’s students, called “Drinks preparation”. Mr. Tran Ngoc Lam, an alumnus of the ninth course of VLU, guided the class.

  • This morning, 03/10/2018, Van Lang University received Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Education and Training for its outstanding achievements in emulation movement “Innovation and creativity in teaching and learning” 2017-2018.

  • (VLU, 06/5/2021)Undergraduates have always felt confused when studying many challenging and abstract subjects such as general subjects or specialized theories. The lecture hall also sometimes makes us feel uncomfortable and bored in the lessons. Therefore, while we went exposed to Critical Thinking in the 2nd semester in the first year at Van Lang University, we seem to be aroused the interest in learning and promote the creative spirit of students in general and students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities in particular.

    After learning the subject "Critical Thinking", we have understood that the nature of "criticism" in "critical thinking" is not the debates. It is the ability to gather information, analyze, interpret, and identify or evaluate a problem in order to draw correct conclusions about it. Critical thinking contributes to strengthening beliefs and directing actions to build and protect that trust. Critical thinking requires us to use Independent Thinking and Reflective Thinking.

    vlu my critical thinking class aA group presentation on “Parallel Thinking” and Edward de Bono's "The Six Thinking Hats Method"

    Getting acquainted with critical thinking, even though it is only in the elementary steps, we have been provided with methods of approaching problems in study and life in effectively. Through the lessons of the subject "Critical thinking", we gradually form the skills: Understanding the logical connection between points of view; Identify, develop and evaluate arguments; Solve problems systematically, and so on. Importantly, we are trained in how to detect and correct inconsistencies which is common mistakes in reasoning or in learning and research.

    Before learning "Critical Thinking", we only vaguely understood and envisioned the subject's objective that would help us to be able to speak out overwhelmingly in debates. However, when we go into the lessons, we realize that we should not confuse critical thinking with liking to argue or criticize others. Although skills in critical thinking can be used to point out shortcomings, critical thinking also plays an important role in coordinating to have the right, positive and constructive ideas.

    vlu my critical thinking class b

    vlu my critical thinking class cLesson "Critical thinking" - practice drawing mind maps (Mindmap)

    Our "Critical Thinking" class usually takes place every Saturday afternoon from March 6th, 2021. For us, "Critical thinking" does not bring challenges, because lessons are often accompanied by group exercises and practice exercises to immediately apply students’ knowledge. It is remarkable that students are free to discuss and present their opinions on the given topic, and every contribution is acknowledged by the teacher. They are like bricks that to form a solid argument wall, contributing to making the problem clear and satisfactory.

    vlu my critical thinking class d

    vlu my critical thinking class eMindmap of completed groups

    For us, “Critical Thinking” is a useful and interesting subject. As a result, we practice confidence in communication, be more sensitive in our behavior, persuade the other party with logical and coherent arguments, improve our presentation skills, and think carefully before giving any decision-making and having a multi-dimensional perspective on all issues in life. This is truly an effective and highly applicable tool in academic disciplines, in many fields and social life.

    The subject "Critical thinking" by MSc. Vuong Hoai Lam teaches freshmen of the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities. In all majors at Van Lang University, Critical Thinking is also taught synchronously to freshmen and sophomore as a premise for students to approach and deal with information in subjects and applied to works in the future.


    Critical+ Group
    Kim Quyen - Anh Vy - Ngoc Tram - Khanh Huyen - Kim Ngoc
    Course 26, Oriental Studies)

  • (VLU, 09/5/2021)- “I choose to study at Van Lang and hope that I can do everything in the best way and turn Van Lang into another hometown of mine,” said ChitAnong Bouasavanh, a student of Course 26, Fashion Design.

    Currently, Van Lang University has 19 international students from Laos and Cambodia. For each international student, deciding to choose and send their dream at Van Lang University is both an opportunity and a challenge.

    Most Lao students know about Van Lang University through the introduction of the Lao Embassy and this division makes them feel very lucky. The students gathered in the Lao Students’ Dormitory and spent their time studying Vietnamese before studying the specialize subject at Van Lang University. Therefore, even though they study in a new environment, they always consider each other like family, keep close relationships as well as support each other in life.

    5On April 13rd, 2021, students from Laos and Cambodia celebrated Bunpimay at Van Lang University.

    ChitAnong Bouasavanh, a student of Fashion Design, is a friendly guy and is called by his friends with the nickname Pep. He told: "Van Lang is not the first place I think of, but I am passionate about Fashion Design and like creativity, so Van Lang has kept me".


    Before studying at VLU, Pep studied another major and also spent time working as a model. He used to propose community projects about designing for natural products in the rural areas of Laos with export opportunities. Pep hopes that Lao students at Van Lang University will be the first generation to learn and instruct junior students in Laos and Cambodia in the next courses.

    Soukhavong Souliphone, a student of Course 25 of the Faculty of Finance and Banking, is a charming MC in the Bunpimay Traditional New Year festival which held at Van Lang University in 2021. She said, “Deciding to study in Vietnam is my goal for a long time and my parents were all supportive. Partly I want to learn Vietnamese and have better job opportunities in the future. Although I have been studying Vietnamese since I was in Laos, when I studied with Vietnamese students at Van Lang University, my communication skills were improved a lot."

    3Soukhavong Souliphone is a MC to share Lao culture with Vietnamese students.

    The early days in Vietnam or the lecture halls of Van Lang University were unfamiliar to Lao students, but this place has similar features to their homeland: “Vietnamese and Lao people have a lot similarities, so we are also more comfortable”.Students shared that Van Lang University liked a miniature Vietnam with "crowded with many people, motorbikes, food stalls and delicious milk tea", and "only studying for one semester, the number of friends also increased rapidly.”

    One of the difficulties that Lao students face in the process of living and studying at VLU is communication and teamwork. Currently, they can communicate Vietnamese basically, but “it is not enough for specialized content in the subject".

    Therefore, they often encounter challenging situations. When presenting essays or projects, they always make mistakes in expressions, misunderstanding topics, or they sometimes cannot absorb knowledge in the class so they can only wait for the end of the lesson to ask the teacher or friends to explain again. However, they are not discouraged, they believe this thing as a motivation to push themselves to quickly adapt and integrate.

    ChitAnong Bouasavanh said, “When we proposed to open a Vietnamese language class for Lao students, Van Lang University was very interested and supported. In addition, the lecturers have many teaching methods that I really like. They don't put a lot of emphasis on attendance, but always they know how to make me go to theirclass.”

    Besides the enthusiastic support from VLU and the lecturers, the students from Laos and Cambodia also support each other. ChitAnong Bouasavanh is a member of the self-managed group. With good ability in language, he always actively studies the specialized information of other students to help his friends explain.

    2Students perform traditional Lao Sutmay and Vietnamese Ao Dai in the Bunpimay traditional New Year at Van Lang University

    In early April, because of the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, many Lao and Cambodian students could not return to their hometown to celebrate Tet with their families. For this reason, Van Lang University organized a cultural exchange program to celebrate Bunpimay traditional New Year for students from Laos and Cambodia. This is the first time Van Lang University organizes a big holiday for foreign students.

    lao “Living in Vietnam for nearly 3 years, this is the first time I have celebrated Tet with Vietnamese students”, Thoummavong Oulayvanh shared

    Talking about future plans, Thoummavong Oulayvanh, a student of Course 26 in Oriental Studies, shared: “I have many plans for the future, but firstly I want to study well. In the next 1-2 years, I hope to have the opportunity to study in Korea according to the training program of Van Lang University". There are some other people who want to complete the training program well to continue to study in hinger education. And ChitAnong Bouasavanh said, "I hope that my knowledge can bring value as well as have a positive impact on the community."

    Mai Thy
    Student of Faculty of Public Relations

  • In the morning on November 18th, 2018, at the room A 10.1, on the 3rd campus of VLU, the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration held a traditional meeting between the alumni and current students.

  • On the afternoon of August 28th, 2018 at 45 Nguyen Khac Nhu Headquarters, Co Giang Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Mr. Gian Tu Trung, an education activist did address the audience with the topic: "Philosophy of Education and University Administration" at Van Lang University (VLU).

  • November 24, 2018, Faculty of Finance – Accounting of Van Lang University in coordination with Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank - Sacombank launched the program " Potential trainee 2019 ". Results after the rounds, 17 students of Van Lang were named in the list of 281 candidates from 17 universities, colleges in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • (VLU, 09/5/2021)Doan Thi Kim Loc - student of Course 23 of Oriental Studies is one of 6 studentswhostudy abroadtheexchange program with Seoul Southern University (Korea) in 2019. She sent to theVan Lang student’s Magazine her sharing about life of Van Lang studentsin the ExchangeProgram in Korea.

    In August 2019, I am very fortunate because I participated in a 1-year student exchange program at Seoul Southern University (Korea). With the hope of my parents and the mission of Van Lang student, I always tell myself to try my best to complete my studies in Korea.

    Namseoul University was established in 1994. This is a private university in Korea and the curriculum is design in a creative direction through engineering and research; with many activities for students. The international students will be taught Korean in parallel with the program of specialized subjects in the classroom.

    At school, I not only study Korean as the main subject, but also participate in programs to experience Korean culture with students from many countries such as the exchange program between Korean students and foreign students, or the program to welcome new Vietnamese students and so on. For me, studying at Namseoul University is a very beautiful and meaningful time, because I can study and interact with modern science and civilized.

    vlu student in korea aActivities to welcome new Vietnamese students in Korea.

    Coming to a new country, different in language and culture, I have worries about life and the future. At that time, the biggest difficulty was probably the difference in language and weather.

    Two years of learning Korean at VLU is probably not enough because I have to study 100% in Korean here, so initially I was quite timid and nervous when communicating. However, thanks to the help of teachers, friends and the studying hard in the dormitory every day, I have gradually adapted to the environment and improved more and more.

    vlu student in korea bParticipate in cultural experiences for foreigners at Everland.

    vlu student in korea cOriental students study cultural experiences in the spring semester.

    vlu student in korea dMs. Kim Loc (in the right) has many Korean friends in the land of kimchi.

    With international friends, although they are different in language and culture, everyone always helping and having fun with each other. There are a lot of memories, but I remember the first time I took the subway. It's really magical for me. Subway often run fast and space is like a miniature world of Korea. I sat and looked at the surrounding scenery, sometimes observed the subway, feeling very interesting.

    vlu student in korea eKim Loc in traditional Hanbok participated in exchange program between Korean and foreign students, visiting Kyung Bok Gung.

    The weather in Korea is always cold. I have experienced all four seasons: spring - summer - autumn - winter and clearly feel the climate change of this country. It is very difficult to live in the sub-zero cold, but after all, most foreign students are completely defeated by the beauty of each season. Seeing cherry blossoms bloom in spring, roses and tulips in summer, or fall with red maple leaves filling the road, and snowfall in winter are all wonderful experiences!

    One year of studying in Korea not only helps me improve my foreign language skills. I find myself really mature, learning how to solve problems, how to take care and protect myself when I'm alone in a foreign country. One year living here, I have understood why Korea has the miracle of the Han River, why the country can develop so strongly. For these reason, I love the country and language that I have chosen and pursued.

    The life away from home and the journey to pursue the dream will have certain difficulties but it is also interesting and bring opportunities. Please be confident, persistent with your dreams and try to accept opportunities during your study time at Van Lang University.

    According to the cooperation agreement signed with Kwangju University and NamSeoul University, Van Lang University periodically selects and supports Oriental students to study for 1-2 years in Korea.

    Students studying abroad for 1 year are exempted from 100% of tuition fees and only prepare living expenses. Students studying abroad for 2 years are entitled to 50% tuition fee and free dormitory fees. All of you are supported by universities in Korea to prepare accommodation in the dormitories.

    In 2019, the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities of Van Lang University selected and brought 4 exchange students to study at Kwangju University and 2 students to study abroad at Namseoul University. They are the students who meet the requirements for academic result (consider the students with the highest score in the final course), active in activities and have the desire to participate in the exchange student program.

    Phung Le Van (note)

  • (VLU, 09/5/2021)In April, the Faculty of Tourism - Van Lang University organized an internship for students of course 25, majoring in Tourism & Travel Service Management. The journey lasted 12 days with the participation of more than 250 students and 9 lecturers.

    We have visited 11 provinces: Lam Dong, Dak Lak, Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Khanh Hoa, Binh Dinh, Quang Nam, Da Nang, Hue, Quang Binh, Quang Tri. We have also seen, heard and felt to recognize and mark on the map of these lands. Each destination is a color which perhaps later, we will still be nostalgic when thinking about student life!

    Infatuated the culture of the Highlands

    The clock struck 5 o'clock, 7 cars of the delegation went straight to the Highlands to take us to visit the tourist area of Don village in Dak Lak province, and learn about the daily lifestyle as well as how to build houses of the ethnic communities in the Highlands.

    vlu tourism internship a

    vlu tourism internship b

    On the second day, we visited Minh Thanh Pagoda - a temple with Japanese and Korean architectural styles in Gia Lai, like being lost in the "fairy place" of the "miniature palace in Pleiku".

    vlu tourism internship c

    One memorable thing was that we first experienced the "Exchange of Cong Chieng in the Highlands" with the Gia Rai ethnics. The burning fire in the middle of the great forest, the sound of cong chieng resounding, the aroma of “can” wine infatuated everyone.

    After Gia Lai city, the whole group was excited for the third day. We visited Linh Son Orphanage to support the aunts and uncles and play with the children. Students and teachers of Faculty of Tourism gave amount of money to orphanage, as an annual activity of the faculty.

    vlu tourism internship d

    "Central Heritage Road"

    Continue moving down to Da Nang city, our students can't wait: admire the Marble Mountains, visit Linh Ung Tu, walk around Son Tra peninsula to see the panoramic view of Danang's coastal city and stop at My Khe beach to join the team building.

    vlu tourism internship e

    The dreamy city - Hue is the destination that marks us the best photo. Students wear uniforms (white shirt - trousers for men and pink ao dai for women) to check-in in front of the Citadel gate. Nearly 300 students created beautiful and proud moments of Van Lang Tourism Faculty students in Hue city.

    vlu tourism internship f

    On the 6th day, we visited the Quang Tri ancient citadel and offered incense to the soldiers who died in this land.

    vlu tourism internship g

    In the afternoon, we visit Phong Nha Cave - a world natural heritage recognized by UNESCO. Standing in front of the majesty of nature, clear blue water, unique stalactites, we were surprised to see a magnificent scene in front of us.

    vlu tourism internship h

    Continuing the journey, we arrived Quang Nam province, with My Son Sanctuary, Hoi An Ancient Town, with ancient architecture and attractive specialties.

    vlu tourism internship i

    Farewell to Quang Nam, we moved a long way to Binh Dinh province. We visited Eo Gio - Nhon Ly; learned about the history of the Tay Son Dynasty, along with the traditional martial arts performances of Tay Son, Binh Dinh.

    vlu tourism internship j

    On the 10th day, we move to Nha Trang city to participate in the Gala dinner. The program was organized by the students of Course 25 with the support of the tour guides. We were able to look back on the journey which we had gone through during the past 10 days and enjoyed musical performances. Besides, 6 students with good academic achievements in the journey are awarded in the program.

    vlu tourism internship k

    The final destination was Da Lat - the city of thousands of flowers. We visited, admired the ancient of Palace 1; explored Da Lat city at night, enjoyed hot soy milk in the weather of 170C,...

    12 days 11 nights… not just an internship

    Closing the journey of 12 days and 11 nights, we have traveled together with countless memories. The teachers, guides and representatives of the travel company dedicatedly and sincerely helped us learn many things from the journey. We are trained in the skills that a professional tour guide needs to have. They include the profession of instruction, the profession of narration, the presentation of the car, how to check-in - check-out for guests, how to create sympathy with guests, teamwork skills, photography skills, and so on.

    Not only enjoying, each of us has a notebook, photos at each destination. They will be our handbook in the future.

    vlu tourism internship l

    vlu tourism internship m

    The activities of the journey became beautiful memories of friendship, teacher-student love. For me, the visited - places are places that I have only seen through pictures before. I was touched when I heard the narration at Quang Tri ancient citadel; enjoyed the ancient beauty of Hue Citadel, the tomb of Tu Duc King; impressed with peaceful scenery at Pleiku sea lake and Hoi An city; overwhelmed with the majestic beauty of Phong Nha Cave, Eo Gio - Ky Co, Da Dia rapids and so on. With these experiences, we love the lands more as well as love the career that we will embark on in the future.

    Hoai An
    Student of Course 25 of Faculty of Tourism

  • On 01/12/2018, at the second campus of Van Lang University, the students of the Faculty of Public Relations and Communications organized successfully the traditional program - NEON 2018 - LA RISA.

  • 24th –generation students - The first student of the 10X generation, youthful, personality and confident. On the opening day of welcoming K24, several valedictorians have shared their serious decision in choosing Van Lang University...

  • With the theme "Saigon Past & Present", Tourism Skills Club- Faculty of Tourism, Van Lang University has organized a series of outdoor activities for members in the downtown area of Ho Chi Minh city on Sunday, December 2nd , 2018.

  • (VLU, 03/05/2021)Following the series of activities of the Creative Camp and the Workshop "Vietnam International Printed Graphics 2021", on April 29, 2021, the Fine Arts Association of Ho Chi Minh City in collaboration with the University of Fine Arts of Ho Chi Minh City and Van Lang University organized a summary exhibition of the Creative Camp, with more than 100 products.

    The Creative Camp and Workshop "Vietnam International Printed Graphics 2021" was supported by a large number of art lovers in and outside of Vietnam, and received more than 100 unique and traditional new graphic works conveying the theme message "Environment" through many different lenses, expressing the creativity in the artist's visual thinking and expression method.

    vlu trien lam do hoa tranh in viet nam quoc te iadw aOpening ceremony of the exhibition in the Camp "Vietnam International Printed Graphics 2021"

    The exhibition officially "launched" 86 works by Vietnamese artists, 21 works by foreign artists from Laos, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Due to the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, authors in other countries cannot attend and send their works to Vietnam in time. These works are shown in turn on screens located at the exhibition for everyone to enjoy.

    vlu trien lam do hoa tranh in viet nam quoc te iadw bRepresentatives of the co-organizers cut the ribbon to open the exhibition.

    On behalf of Van Lang University, Dr. Nguyen Dac Tam – Vice Chairman of the Founding Council shared: “It can be said that this is a meaningful activity for students and art lovers within Vietnam and also overseas. Along with the development and integration of the country, we have the right and should reach out to the big and great environment out there. As one of the founders of Van Lang University, I am very pleased to see the results of creative labor created by the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design in particular and the new generation in general for society and the community.”

    Van Lang University actively contributed 55 printed graphics to the creative camp, made by the lecturers of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, contributing to the value of the art exhibition.

    vlu trien lam do hoa tranh in viet nam quoc te iadw cThe work "Covid imprint" made by Linocut printing technique represents another side of humanity's disease prevention journey.

    MSc. Ho Dang Bach Ly shared about his work "Covid Imprint": "This is an idea I have cherished for a long time, during the Covid pandemic. With the topic of the environment, I want to exploit a new aspect: During the pandemic, people focus on protecting their personal health but miss many other important factors. The work shows us the waste that people produce in the process called self-protection. But how about we protect the top, and the bottom is full of garbage? As such, we need to take a more holistic view.”

    vlu trien lam do hoa tranh in viet nam quoc te iadw dThe exhibition has attracted the attention of the art-loving community in Ho Chi Minh City

    The exhibition runs from April 29, 2021 to May 8, 2021 at the Fine Arts Association of Ho Chi Minh City at 218A Pasteur, Ward 6, District 3. Activities are also digitized into an online exhibition, creating a virtual space for guests around the world to visit and enjoy.

    Some of the paintings sent to the camp:

    See more works at the online exhibition: http://gavigallery.vanlanguni.edu.vn/trien-lam-online/

    See more information about IADW 2021 at: Van Lang University launched Creative Camp and Workshop "Vietnam - International Printed Graphics 2021"



    News: Hoài Anh
    Photos: Trí Châu

  • In the evening on November 29, 2018, the mystical book "The Chronicle" of the Faculty of Foreign Languages was reopened at Hall C001, Campus 2, Van Lang University. With the guidance of Story Teller, the Faculty of Foreign Languages together with over 400 residents on the 6th Floor City went back to 10 years ago with this year’s program "The Chronicle: Chapter 2008".

  • Faculty of Architecture Van Lang University is among the "top" faculties of students participating and winning many scientific research awards to date. In 2018, to continue to uphold that tradition, the students of Architecture excelled to bring 10 scientific research awards at prestigious contests nationwide (in total of 18 student awards in the 2017-2018 school year).

  • 03 students of Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology have attended the course on “ Systematics, Evolution and Biotechnology of Microalgae”, held by Biotechnology Department, Nguyen Tat Thanh Hi-Tech Institute at Nguyen Tat Thanh University.

  • (VLU, 28/4/2021)On April 25, 2021, at Hall N2T1 - main Campus of Van Lang University, YouthSpeak Forum 2021 took place with more than 500 young people in the South and the presence of a series of speakers, media ambassadors and well-known enterprises.

    vlu youthspeak mien nam dien dan cho nguoi tre song xanh cYouthSpeak Forum 2021 in the South receives much attention from young people

    The YouthSpeak Forum is AIESEC's annual global series of events for young people. This year, with the theme "Sustainable Footprint", aimed at making young people aware of SDG 12.8, helping young people propose solutions that harmonize personal needs and sustainable lifestyles in consumption and production.

    The event was attended by the following speakers: Mr. Nguyen Dinh Nam - Associate Manager at Kantar Worldpanel, Former Managing Director at AIESEC Vietnam; Ms. Diep Hong Vy - Elected Managing Director at AIESEC Vietnam, Former Branch Manager, AIESEC FSG branch; Ms. Nguyen Huu Quynh Huong - author of the book "Live green, then live fast"; Dr. Huynh Tan Loi - Lecturer of Faculty of Technology, Department of Environment, Van Lang University; Mr. Le Huu Sang - Operations Manager at Hiep Phu factory; Ms. Nguyen Dieu Hoang - Strategic Partnerships Development Executive at Lazada; Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh - CEO & Founder of mplify Vietnam; Ms. Vu Thi Anh Tho - Chief Operating Officer at Vietnam Human Resources Association - VNHR; MSc Mai Nguyen Dung - Utrecht University (Netherlands); Ms. Nguyen Da Quyen - Co-founder & CEO of Lai Dai Refill Station; Mr. Ho Viet Hai - Vice Chairman Of The Board at Pacific Asia Travel Association, along with media ambassadors who have great influence among young people.

    vlu youthspeak mien nam dien dan cho nguoi tre song xanh bThe event was attended by Media Ambassadors and influential tiktokers

    Attending the program, the young participants experienced a series of knowledge transmission spaces with the main contents including:

    • "Inspire" space with the speech Youth and the way to realize SDGs, share stories “Following the footsteps of people living green”;
    • The "Cohesive" space and open discussion sessions were held around issues of green and sustainable living;
    • The "Action" space allows young people to boldly speak up their new ideas and perspectives and listen to the experts’ insights.

    vlu youthspeak mien nam dien dan cho nguoi tre song xanh dAttendees are randomly divided into groups and participate in discussions, creating projects by topic.

    vlu youthspeak mien nam dien dan cho nguoi tre song xanh fTeams present their ideas, projects and proposals to the judge.

    During the presentation of ideas and critiques, Mr. Ho Viet Hai and Ms. Nguyen Da Quyen - Judge of the creative competition proposed solutions to reduce harmful effects on the environment, raised sharp questions or contributed ideas with practical meaning. Ms. Nguyen Da Quyen shared: “What you are missing is turning ideas into actions. Having an idea is easy, but turning an idea into action and concrete projects is not so simple. Today you meet wonderful friends, you can turn your idea around or make your idea better, more complete and then turn it into concrete action. If you only stop at an idea contest, presenting Youthspeak's ideas this year, you will still have the same idea next year when you sit down again, but society will have nothing new, so what I want is for you to know how to share seeds like this idea to people, to the community.”

    Within the framework of the event, young people were also registered to participate in the Workshop series with 4 different topics:

    • The Real Well-being
    • Thinking Out-of-the-box
    • Science of Habit Formation
    • Critical Thinking

    vlu youthspeak mien nam dien dan cho nguoi tre song xanh aAttendees visit business booths before the event.

    YouthSpeak Forum 2021 helps young people develop themselves, connect, motivate young people to take action, create meaningful social projects, and protect the Earth. Following the opening theme "Sustainable Footprint", "Sustainable Journey" will be a new journey with increasing difficulties and Top 3 selected teams will participate in the National round.

    vlu youthspeak mien nam dien dan cho nguoi tre song xanh eAttendees actively participate in contributing and presenting their ideas in open discussion sessions


    Nguyen Vu Mai Thy - Student K23 in Public Relations 
    Photo: Thinh Tran

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