• In the morning of October 7th, 2018, the School Board of Van Lang University awarded the Certificates and rewarded 08 groups of students and instructors who have recently achieved National Academic Awards. This year, there are 7 awards of Student Scientific Research (Ministry level), which increases 3 awards compared to 2017.

  • On August 15th, 2018, the Ministry of Education and Training issued Decision No. 2957/QĐ-BGDĐT allowing Van Lang University to recruit and train the Civil Engineering Engineering Major, undergraduate with regular system.

  • During Italian Consul General’s visit to Viet Nam on 5th Jul 2019, Italian Government expressed interest and willingness to invest and exchange multifaceted fields of cultural heritage research with Viet Nam. With the support from the Italian Embassy, ​​in the framework of the 2nd Italian-Vietnamese Forum on Higher Education, on 7th Oct 2019, Van Lang University officially announced the first Institute of Cultural Heritage and Development Studies of Vietnamese universities.

  • (VLU, 31/03/2021)The Faculty of Technology, formerly the Faculty of Environment & Biotechnology, is one of the leading Faculties in scientific research and international cooperation of Van Lang University. Currently, the Faculty of Technology consists of 18 lecturers, of which female lecturers account for more than 60%, including 4 graduate students, 4 doctors, and 2 associate professors.

    Most of the Faculty's scientific research projects and international cooperation programs have the participation of female researchers, especially typical scientific research projects cooperating with many countries such as Netherland, Germany, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines in the fields of wastewater treatment, domestic solid waste management, recycling, waste reuse, climate change. The female lecturers of the Faculty of Technology also make a great contribution to the Faculty's achievements when guiding and accompanying students to participate in student scientific research competitions at all levels and win many high awards.

    Thinking about female engineer and female scientist, many notions still appear apprehensive. However, let’s listen to some sharing from female lecturers of Faculty of Technology to understand them better!

    vlu khoa cong nghe bThe female engineers and scientists of the Faculty of Technology, Van Lang University

    Is Science – Technology field suitable with women?

    @ Thao Nguyen, Doctor graduated in France, currently a lecturer in Faculty of Biotechnology.

    I graduated as an engineer in Biotechnology from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. In my course in 2003-2008, there were only about 7 boys, the rest more than 30 were women. Currently, my female engineers are also working very successfully in factories and companies. In my opinion, men can outperform women in jobs that need enduring health such as on construction sites. With the rest of the jobs, women have traits that enable them to be successful, such as hard work, meticulousness, and ingenuity. In most fields, individuals who want to be good, want to be successful must practice many aspects, not related to many gender bases.

    Advantages and disadvantages when girls study Science - Technology?

    @ Thao Nguyen

    I would like to answer based on my specific experience. My current job is teaching and research in the field of Biotechnology, specifically synthetic biology. Any man or woman in the teaching can do it, right? The work of experimental research, like solving a problem involves asking a problem, finding methods to solve the problem, and then doing experiments to verify and conclude. This is both intellectual work and "physical" nature because of having to go to the lab. So anything can be done by men and women? However, whoever is more patient, who is more curious, who is more meticulous, who is more diligent can survive in the profession and succeed in knocking on the door.

    @ Trang Tran, Postgraduate at Wagenningen School (Netherlands), Lecturer in Environment

    The advantage of girls when studying Science - Technology is that they tend to be more careful and meticulous, be able to plan in detail and perfection, and they are also easy to control their emotions in research and study. In addition, since you are female, you will dominate when designing or researching in areas where the target user is female.

    Can the girls become good engineers in Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering Technology?

    @ Thao Nguyen

    In Biotechnology, I claim that there are many. Many female engineers develop to managerial positions in related units. There are also many female engineers who become influential scientists in a narrow field of the industry. However, most of them are silent people, so usually people don't have their information in the media.

    @ Hien Ho, VLU’s Alumna of  Course 8th , Doctor of Philosophy - Kochi School of Technology (Japan), Head of Environment - Faculty of Technology.

    Women have certain advantages to pursue Science and Technology. In addition, anyone needs to study hard to have a solid knowledge base, hone hard skills, soft skills and foreign languages, and increase their experience to become a good engineer in Environmental Engineering Technology.

    With your own experience, now, how do you admit the position of the current the female engineer – the female scientist ?

    @ Thao Nguyen

    In fact, the number of female engineers and scientists is still very small compared to men. So it can be seen as a group of people that are both rare and precious, and need to be appreciated and supported. There have been many programmes that prioritize and support women with the desire to balance the gender ratio in the rare female professions.

    @ Tu Nguyen, Doctor of Philosophy, Lecturer in Environmental Engineering Technology.

    In my opinion, at present, there are many female engineers or scientists who not only make significant contributions to scientific research but also are good leaders. They increasingly prove their position in society as well as in the modern scientific world.

    In March, on the occasion of International Women's Day, dearly send greetings and respect to the Van Lang women in general and the talented female engineers of the Faculty of Technology in particular.

    Ph.D Huynh Tan Loi (interviewer)
    Faculty of Technology, Van Lang University

  • (VLU, 13/05/2021) - From May 10 to May 11, 2021, the Faculty of Technology - Van Lang University held a workshop to launch the Project:“Nano-Assisted bioremediation of diffused dioxins in soil and sediment” - a cooperation research project between Van Lang University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT, Thailand) and Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam (AITVN).

    From 2021 to 2023, the Faculty of Technology - Van Lang University cooperated with Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT, Thailand) and the Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam (AITVN) to carry out the project “Nano-Assisted bioremediation of diffused dioxins in soil and sediment” related to the treatment of dioxin residues in soil. The project is funded by USAID.

    vlu khoa cong nghe khoi dau du an quoc te cThe seminar was held at Van Lang University and connected online with partners

    At Van Lang University, the workshop welcomed the participation of  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University, Dean and lecturers of Faculty of Technology - Van Lang university; representatives from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology; USAID Representative in Vietnam. On the online panel, there was the presence of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; USAID Vietnam (Hanoi Office), Can Tho University; Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand; Nation Academic of Science, USA; Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Dong Nai province; City People's Committee, Bien Hoa.

    vlu khoa cong nghe khoi dau du an quoc te bAssoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University attended the project kickoff session.

    At the Project Kick-off Workshop, Van Lang University and its co-organizers introduced project stakeholders; delivered a brief introduction of research methods from previous related projects; present the research methods to be applied in the project.

    vlu khoa cong nghe khoi dau du an quoc te fAssoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Xuan Thanh from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology presented ideas for projects of the workshop.

    vlu khoa cong nghe khoi dau du an quoc te eDr. Nguyen Duy Binh, Department of Natural Resources and Environment presented on the topic: Previous findings for biodegradation of dioxin contaminated soil in Vietnam

    vlu khoa cong nghe khoi dau du an quoc te dAssoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thi Kim Oanh - Dean of Faculty of Technology Van Lang University discussed the project as well as the plan in different phases of the project.

    The first workshop (May 10, 2021) with the theme “Joint Kick-off Meeting of three PEER Cycle 9 Projects in Vietnam” discussed the projects:

    • Project 1 “Nano-assisted bioremediation of diffused dioxins in soil and sediment” - AIT/AITVN (Nguyen Kim Oanh)
    • Project 2 “Biochar facilitated bioremediation: a green solution for dioxin/furan pollution” - HCMUT (Dang Thuong Huyen)
    • Project 3 “Developing a framework for the identification of soil limiting factors for bioremediation of dioxin compounds in contaminated soils of Vietnam” – Can Tho University (Nguyen Khoi Nghia)

    The seminar took place on the morning of May 11, 2021 with the following topics:

    • Presentation on methodology and plan for year 1 from VLU: seeding and enrichment of microbes and experiment set-up
    • Presentation on methodology and plan for year 1 from HCMUT: Nano-particle coating and experiment set up
    •  Presentation on methodology and plan for year 1 from AITVN: overall project management, supports for VLU and HCMUT in the experiment set-up and monitoring

    vlu khoa cong nghe khoi dau du an quoc te aThe attendants took photos for the international project kick-off seminar.


    Mai Thy
    Photo: Lee Minh Phuong

  • On December 1st, 2019, students of Van Lang University excellently won two second prizes, four consolation prizes and were honored at the awards ceremony of "Ministry - level scientific research in 2019”, took place at the National University of Civil Engineering (Hanoi).

  • On 29/05/2020, the Faculty of Tourism has successfully held the scientific Seminar, of which the special subject was "Qualitative Approach in Vietnam's Tourism Research: A story from case studies."

  • On the morning of June 29, 2020, at the Hall on the 10th floor, Campus 1 of Van Lang University, the international workshop on the topic “An overview of academic research for publication on international journals” organized by the Faculty of Law, was opened in the exciting atmosphere, with the participation of all lecturers, staff and students from the Faculty of Law.

  • Although the COVID-19 epidemic has dramatically affected working, teaching, learning, and scientific research, the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities of Van Lang University successfully organized the 2nd Scientific Conference on 12 September 2020, with 20 valuable science reports. 

  • On 17 September 2020, Van Lang University signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Youth Science and Technology Development Center (TST). The MOU opens up cooperation projects in the scientific research field for students and the faculty.

  • Institute of Mechanics – VAST and Van Lang University had co-organized the International Conference on Modern Mechanics and Application – ICOMMA 2020 from 02 to 04 December 2020. The conference attracted many local and international scientists and researchers to participate and give various presentations related to modern mechanics in the 4.0 Industrial Era.

  • On the morning of January 13, 2021, the Faculty of Pharmacy (FP) had organized a seminar on "Covid-19 Epidemic Information" at Hall C001 – Van Lang University Campus 2 for healthcare lecturers and students.

  • On January 21, 2021, the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Technology (FNMT) of Van Lang University had successfully hosted the scientific seminar on "Covid-19 situation updates and social safety measures proposal".

  • Anh Bao, Nhat Ha, Lan Anh, Tuyet Ngan - students of Biotechnology have first succeeded in producing bio-paper bags and organic fertilizers. In the future, the project will aim at a professional production model, creating good paper products and cooked-food packages to serve consumers.

  • On the morning of March 27, 2021, the Faculty of Automotive Technology held a scientific seminar on the topic "New materials in Automotive technology". The program received the attention and participation of leading experts, business guests, faculty members and more than 150 students of Automotive Technology.

  • On 25th March 2021, Van Lang University and Doanh Nhan Saigon Magazine (Saigon Businessmen Magazine) had signed a Memorandum of Agreement on co-organizing the Annual Forum on Smart Cities themed on “Identifying the traits of Smart Cities”. The first forum is expected to attract the participation of 2,000 individuals.

  • On April 9, 2021, the first international conference of the Institute for Research on Cultural Heritage and Development of Van Lang University took place at Hall N2T1 (main Campus) named "Sustainability and Green Engineering". The event attracted a large number of domestic and foreign experts, scientists, and lecturers to submit their reports.

  • (VLU, 31/03/2021)After a turbulent year due to COVID, everyone wants to be with their families at the end of the year, but teachers and students of the Faculty of Technology choose to go through the new year in a remote place, together experience and bring practical values to the community through the project “Survey on amount and composition of plastic debris on Duong Dong River, Phu Quoc”.

    From international projects...

    World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Vietnam, one of the leading conservation organizations in the world, recognizes that plastic waste pollution is a very serious problem. Since 2017, reducing plastic waste has become one of the important purpose of WWF with many different approaches such as awareness raising and promoting the changing of community behavior and so on. WWF has combined with many partners from the central level such as the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to local partners such as authorities, communities and schools to carry out many environmental projects in nationwide.

    "Survey of the amount and composition of plastic waste in Duong Dong River, Phu Quoc" is a project of the combined program between WWF and the Faculty of Technology, Van Lang University. The project is part of the Mitigating marine plastic debris in Vietnam implemented by WWF in 9 cities /provinces and coastal area with the desire to contribute to reduce plastic waste pollution through the development of policy on plastic waste management, propaganting, communicating and changing people's habits with plastic waste.

    phu quoc aWith this project, the students of the Faculty of Technology fortunately are given the opportunity to become one of the members participating in research on environmental cleaning in Phu Quoc.

    .. to a 15-day journey to "discover" thepearl island

    The preparation for our field trip was emotional: we thrilled because when this was the first time participating in a project for an international community.  Moreover, we afraid that what it would happen if we can't do well and we proud that we have taken the Van Lang’s brand away.

    On the first day on Phu Quoc Island, the members got acquainted with the staff of Urban Construction Company in Duong Dong District and understood more about the work that they are still doing everyday, collecting rubbish on the Duong Dong River. We are also taught how to collect rubbish on the river to facilitate sampling for analysis.

    phu quoc g

    phu quoc eDivided into small groups, we took boats and took samples along the banks of Duong Dong River.

    After collecting waste, garbage will be gathered at Dinh Cau for classification. Here, plastic waste is divided into 7 different categories: PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, PVC and the others. After sorting, each type of plastic is carried out to determine the weight, the source, speed and composition of plastic waste on Duong Dong River, as well as It is estimated the amount of plastic waste released into the sea through river door.

    The identification of plastic waste and river systems will contribute to explain the origin and determine the composition of microplastics - one of the issues is concerned by the world recently. The results of the project will contribute to solutions to handle solid waste in general, plastic waste in particular and protect marine biodiversity in Vietnam.

    As a student and alumnus Environmental Technology at Van Lang University, I am always proud of having many opportunities to handle the large of environmental projects, contributing practical values to society.

    Truong Ngoc Minh Thu
    Faculty of Technology, Van Lang University

  • In December 2021, Van Lang University will host the International Scientific Conference on “Impacts of Climate Change and Pandemics on Families, Women, and Children – Solutions to Help from Psychological Intervention and Social Works” with various humanitarian topics.

  • In order to promote research activities among the students, the Department of International Cooperation & Scientific Research of Van Lang University organized a series of Workshops on Doing Research for students.

  • According to the urgent of plastic and microplastics (MPs) problems, Faculty of Technology cooperated with Thammasat University, Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology – Thailand, and Asia-Pacific Network (APN) co-organized an international online workshop on the topic "Microplastics", with the participation of 296 researchers and experts in the field of environment over the world.

  • (VLU, 13/05/2021) - On June 2, 2021, Faculty of Technology - Van Lang University will cooperate with Thammasat University, Sirindhorn Institute of Technology - Thailand to hold an international online seminar, which is sponsored by Asia-Pacific Network (APN). 

    Plastics are widely used in almost all fields of life and become an important part of many industries. However, the production, use and disposal of plastic has caused serious environmental issues.

    cn khoa cong nghe dh van lang to chuc hoi thao quoc te apn aThe conference is sponsored by APN, organized by Van Lang University in combination with international training units.

    Preliminary studies have shown the harmful effects of microplastics to organisms. Microplastics can also act as mediators to transfer endocrine-disruptors and other pollutants from the environment to organisms. Most current research on microplastics is conducted in developed countries such as Europe, North America and East Asia. Very few studies on this topic have been carried out in Southeast Asia. Among top 10 plastic waste mismanagement countries, there are 5 countries in ASEAN. Therefore, understanding the current status of plastic/microplastic pollution in the environment and the absorption of organisms has become a very important issue. A circular economy approach and a good regulatory framework can help to minimize the problem.

    The seminar was hosted by 3 keynote speakers: Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Memon - Director of IETC International Center for Environmental Technology; Dr. Novrizal Tahar - Director of Solid Waste Management at the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Indonesia and Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet - Former Head of Solid Waste Management Department, Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ho Chi Minh City.

    The seminar aims to provide the current status of plastic and microplastic pollution from studies in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam; understand the ways living organisms absorb microplastics in ecosystem and propose methods to prevent/control the impacts of plastic and microplastic pollution. APN's webinar with the theme "Investigation on microplastic pollution in water environment in developing countries in Southeast Asia" organized by the Faculty of Technology -Van Lang University in association with Thammasat University and Sirindhorn Institute of Technology – Thailand will discuss key issues:

    • A circular economy approach to plastics/microplastics
    • Microplastic monitoring
    • Plastic and microplastic treatment technology in water environment
    •  Microplastic absorption in the ecosystem
    •  Regulation and management of plastic and microplastic waste
    • Methods to prevent plastic and microplastic waste

    cn khoa cong nghe dh van lang to chuc hoi thao quoc te apn cThe conference will be led by 3 keynote speakers who are famous scientists in the field of Environment.

    Through academic discussions with international experts, the workshop is expected to develop a network of researchers on plastic and microplastic pollution; understand the current status, and identify challenges of plastic and microplastic pollution research, thereby bringing many useful values ​​to human life.

    Workshop detailshttps://sites.google.com/view/webinar-on-microplastics
    Registration deadline:15/05/2021 via the link: https://forms.gle/mJJnGmzpiXYBfNNh6

    Source:The Faculty of Technology

  • To create a connection among different disciplines to solve contemporary issues using the new newest and cutting edge technologies to meet life’s challenges, Van Lang University’s Faculty of Engineering had organized the International Conference on Innovations for Computing, Engineering, and Materials – ICEM 2021 virtually on Airmeet platform on 27 June 2021. The event attracted a majority of local and international speakers and researchers.

  • On 17 July 2021, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of Van Lang University organized the Faculty’s 1st Student Conference for Scientific Research on the online platform. The conference welcomed the faculties lecturers, delegates of VLU’s departments, and 235 students of Applied Literature, Psychology, Oriental Studies, and Social Work major.

  • In the afternoon of 16 July 2021, Van Lang University had virtually signed the MOA with the Mechatronics and Robotics Society of the Philippines (MRSP) and agreed to co-organize the "3rd International Conference on Automation. Mechatronics, and Robotics – ICAMROB 2021." The event took place on the Zoom online meet platform welcoming six co-organizing entities.

  • On 24 July 2021, the Office of the President and the International Cooperation and Scientific Research Department at Van Lang University had organized the online training on “Standards for National and International scientific publication.” There were more than 200 staff and lecturers who attended the event.

  • In June 2020, VLU’s Institute of Cultural Heritage and Development Studies in collaboration with The Gioi publishers had published the research study Ilimo Campa from archaeology by Dr. Ngo Minh Hung and MA. Quang Van Son.

  • On August 20 and 21, 2021, Van Lang University in collaboration with Mechatronics and Robotics Society of The Philippines (MRSP) co-organized the International Conference on Automation, Mechatronics, and Robotics - ICAMEROB 2021. The event was attracted the participation of lecturers from universities in the Philippines, researchers in the ASEAN and many countries around the world. This is also the first time Van Lang University co-organized an international conference in another country, and won 2 awards for the best scientific article.

  • Following a series of educational scientific seminars, The Faculty of Technology - Van Lang University hosted an academic seminar on the theme "Overview of stem cells - Structure, function, and applications in Cosmethology" on August 6, 2021, with MSc. Le Thanh Thao as a speaker.

  • On July 30, the Faculty of Technology held a seminar on the topic “The Ecology and virulence of Cryptococcus neoformans in Vietnam”, with Dr. Phan Hai Trieu as a presenter. Over 80 students and attendees of the seminar learned more about fungi, particularly Cryptococcus neoformans, as well as methods of collecting samples, performing PCR, and analyzing the results.

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