• On January 28th 2020, the Ministry of Education and Training issued Official Letter No. 43 / CD-BGDDT on preventing and controlling the acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of Coronavirus. Van Lang University urgently takes precautionary measures before students start the second semester on February 3rd, 2020.

  • On 5/8/2020, at the Vietnam Fatherland Front Office, Van Lang University and Van Thinh Phat Group donated 500 MV20 ventilators, which worth VND120 billion, to Vietnam Fatherland Front and Ministry of Health. 

  • On 26 August 2020, to give strength to the localities in the fight against COVID-19, Van Lang University coordinated with Van Thinh Group held the ceremony at Campus 3 to offer 540 MV20 ventilators to provinces: Quang Nam, Hue, Da Nang, Can Tho, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh, Da Lat, Ho Chi Minh City. Technical and professional training for local health workers also took place in the afternoon of the same day.

  • From April 1, 2020, media outlets reported on a funding package of 2,000 ventilators for the Government of Vietnam, which is expected to be delivered around the end of May 2020. One of the two main sponsors for the project is Van Lang University.

    The pandemic connects hearts for the community

    vlu 2000 may tho bDr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Chairman of Van Lang University and inventor Tran Ngoc Phuc - Chairman of Metran Co. Ltd (Japan) are the two main people promoting the project of 2,000 ventilators for Vietnam.

    On March 31, 2020, the project was officially announced in the media, introducing the ventilator product line of inventor Tran Ngoc Phuc and two sponsors: Van Thinh Phat Company and  Van Lang University. Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Chairman of Van Lang University, also Chairman of the Business Association of District 1 - Ho Chi Minh City is the one connecting the 2 parties.

    Vietnamese-born scientist Tran Ngoc Phuc – Chairman of Metran Co. Ltd (Japan) is the first person in Japan to successfully invent a high-frequency artificial respiration machine (ventilator).

    vlu 2000 may tho aEmperor Akihito visits the Metran medical equipment manufacturing company owned by Mr. Tran Ngoc Phuc in Kawaguchi city, Saitama province, July 5, 2012. (Photo: kaizen.vn)

    Humming Plus/ Eliciae MV20 – 2,000 ventilators ordered exclusively for Vietnam

    Humming Plus/ Eliciae MV20 ventilator is a new product of Metran Co. Ltd, based on the performance of ventilators that are commonly used in medical work in Japan and many countries. The product was ordered exclusively for Vietnam in the project of 2,000 ventilators, meeting the requirements of treating the Covid-19 epidemic. 2,000 machines expected to be delivered will account for nearly 50% of the total number of ventilators in Vietnam.

    To produce 2,000 Humming Plus/ Eliciae MV20 ventilators, Mr. Tran Ngoc Phuc said that he has to push production and assembly lines in both Japan and Vietnam with all available personnel. The project is trying its best to produce products with  highest quality standards and promptly deliver them to Vietnamese Government by the end of May 2020.

    gs tran ngoc phuc vluScientist Tran Ngoc Phuc with a ventilator product of Metran Co. Ltd. (photo: internet)

    Van Lang and its educational philosophy has had positive impacts and inspired the community

    In 2020, Van Lang University continues to perfect its educational philosophy based on the University's core values ​​and towards positive values ​​for the community. Accordingly, one of the elements is to create positive, influential and inspiring impacts on the community. This philosophy will guide the actions of the school. That is also the reason why Van Lang University arranged and negotiated to buy 2,000 ventilators for the Government.

    The 2,000 ventilators for Vietnam is not only a sponsorship activity, but also an inspiring project for the community, thanks to this campaign, many companies and corporations are now starting to sponsor and bring benefit to the society, the community. Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri is the person who directly works with partners, negotiates with inventor Tran Ngoc Phuc about many cooperation programs, and the 2000 ventilator project is just one of them…

    vlu 2000 may tho dMr. Tran Ngoc Phuc visited Van Lang University and discussed with Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Chairman of VLU on the ventilator project.

    With its mission, Van Lang University has a strategic cooperation agreement in many fields with projects with Metran Group in Japan, USA, Vietnam and around the world, through Van Lang HealthCare Company to transfer the technology of manufacturing ventilators and other Metran product lines to Indochina and countries around the world.

    Currently, Van Thinh Phat Group and Van Lang University have signed a contract with Metran Co. Ltd. and pay 100% of the cost for producing 2000 ventilators. Van Lang University is also facing many difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, however, during the past 2 months, the school has flexibly switched to 100% online learning mode, which helps to maintain operation and actively contribute for the community, with the common goal of joining hands to fight against the epidemic, deserve to be a leading university in Vietnam.

    Mai Yen

  • (VLU, 03/6/2021) Taking place from May 17th 2021 to May 31st 2021, after 2 weeks of launching, the contest "Challenge: Living safely in the middle of the pandemic" of the Faculty of Commerce has found the winners of the Top 10 final prizes.

    In order to give students a creative playground, helping them confidently show their artistic talents, "Challenge: Living safely in the midst of the pandemic" organized by the Faculty of Commerce of Van Lang University, spreading the spirit of "anti-epidemic like anti-laundry", helping students protect themselves and safely go through the epidemic season. In addition to the attractive prizes for the Top 10 finalists, all students participating in the Challenge are awarded points for training this semester.

    vlu challenge covid b

    To participate in the Challenge playground, students must follow a 3-step rules:

    1. Like & share the article announces the launch of the contest at fanpage Faculty of Commerce - VLU of the Faculty of Commerce, accompanied by the hashtag #FacultyOfCommerceVLU #Songantoangiuadaidich in public mode.
    2. Each student creates a "one-of-a-kind" mask then takes a photo with a mask and adds a slogan according to their own substance.
    3. Post a photo you've taken to your profile to "show off" to people, plus a hashtag #FacultyOfCommerceVLU #Songantoangiuadaidich

    For the first time, the Challenge "Living safely in the midst of the pandemic" has attracted the attention of a large number of students. When searching for #FacultyOfCommerceVLU #Songantoangiuadaidich hashtags on the social networking platform Facebook, there are countless submissions from students. Each contestant creates their own mask according to their own personality: there are contestants who draw on cute funny images, with you using stickers on photo editing software or more art with contestants attaching flowers or hand embroidery to decorate masks. 

    vlu challenge covidStudents of Van Lang University have turned the monotonous mask into an impressive "Repel Covid" mask.

    vlu challenge covid a

    After 2 weeks of competition, Challenge "Living safely in the midst of the pandemic" has found the owner for 10 final prizes including:

    Top 2 most popular on Social Media:

    1. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao
    2. Nguyen Kieu Viet Que

    Top 3 best slogans:

    1. Bui Pham Truong Vy
    2. Le Hong Nhu Italy
    3. Vo Thi Hong Anh

    Top 5 creative:

    1. Nam Nguyen District
    2. Nguyen Chi Nguyen
    3. Vu Ngoc Cat Thao
    4. Bui Dac Bao Han
    5. Nguyen Vo Nghi Dinh

    At the end of the contest, Challenge: Living safely in the midst of the Covid pandemic is not only a place to show the painting and creativity of students but also contributes to raising awareness for students in particular and the community in general in the prevention and repelling of Covid-19, and contributes to enriching the life of Van Lang students during the temporary study period.

    My Tien

  • (VLU - March 05, 2021) - On March 5th, 2021, Van Lang Group had given away 275 ventilators to 15 administrative units and 14 hospitals under the Ministry of Health. These ventilators were among 500 MV20 ventilators batch that Van Lang Group and Van Thinh Phat Corporation had given away to the Ministry of Health at the Vietnam Fatherland Front's headquarter in the first phase on August 5th, 2020.

    Amidst the outbreak and unexpected escalation of the Covid-19 epidemic worldwide and in Vietnam, VLG and Van Thinh Phat Corporation, answering the call for support of the government and the District 1's Business Association, had launched the 2.000-MV20-ventilators sponsoring project for Vietnam to help fight the epidemic. Up to now, the MV20 project had offered 1.060 ventilators.

    At the MV20 ventilators handing-over ceremony from Van Lang Group, there were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – President of Van Lang University; Dr. Vo Van Tuan – Standing Vice President, Dr. Tran Thi Thu Ha – Vice President; Dr. Ngo Quang Trung – Vice President and the leaders of faculties and departments.

    From the specific administrative units and medical facilities, there were 13 representatives from Ninh Thuan Tuberculosis and Lung hospital, Hue Central Hospital, Da Nang C Hospital, Quang Nam Central General Hospital, Can Tho General Hospital, Thanh Hoa General Hospital, Kon Tum General Hospital, Cho Ray Hospital, Nghe An Maternity-Pediatric Hospital, Thong Nhat Hospital, Hoa Hao Medical Center, and prestigious representatives from Quang Ngai, Quang Binh, and Quang Tri provinces.

    vlu 275 may tho b

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – VLU 's President given away 275 ventilators for the representatives of the administrative units and medical facilities

    According to the Ministry of Health's instructions, on March 05th, 2021, VLU had given away:

    • 155 ventilators for the hospitals under the Ministry of Health, includingBach Mai hospital, National Hospital of Tropical Diseases, Cho Ray Hospital, Hai Duong Medical Technical University, Hue Central Hospital, Tai Nguyen Central General Hospital, E Hospital, Central Lung Hospital, National's Children Hospital, Vietnam – Sweden Hospital in Uong Bi, Quang Nam Central General Hospital, Thong Nhat Hospital, Da Nang C Hospital, Huu Nghi Hospital, Hoa Hao Medical Center.
    • 120 ventilators for 15 Department of Health at specific regions includingThanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan, Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong and Can Tho.

    vlu 275 may tho c

    MV20 project was among the meaningful activities that VLG had dedicated to the community.

    After the Handing-over ceremony, the project's doctors and medical specialists had organized a training workshop for those of the administrative units and medical facility. All the ventilators were also distributed accordingly after the ceremony and workshop.

    vlu 275 may tho d

    vlu 275 may tho e

    The project's doctors and specialists provided instruction to the administrative units and medical facilities' representatives.

    Recently, Van Lang Group and the specialists of the MV20 project had organized training workshops for more than 700 doctors and medical specialists. MV20 project will continue to give away more ventilators to reach the committed sponsoring number of 2.000 ventilators for Vietnam's government to help fight the epidemic and contribute to the community.

    Reporter: Thanh Tiền
    Photographer: Minh Phương

  • In August 2021, a team of “hidden heroes” appeared and accompanied the Van Lang community through non-stop phone calls, helping hundreds of families to be assured and more resilient to get through the tough time fighting the pandemic.

    Artboard 1 80


    Upon the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, on July 22, 2021, Van Lang University officially established the "Van Lang Community Medical Consulting Team" with 11 key members including staff, and lecturers from the health-care related majors, performing consulting duties on Covid-19 prevention, vaccination, and all health problems during this period of social distancing.

    Through the non-profit online consulting by phone and other social networking platforms such as Zalo, Facebook, etc., Van Lang Community Medical Consulting Team has classified 10 main groups based on the actual circumstances of people who were counseled. Such action is to provide appropriate knowledge, treatment, and prevention measures to the patients.


    We contacted the Medical Consulting Team at 8 pm but it was not until 9 pm that the team members took a break to do the interview. One month since its establishment, the Van Lang Community Medical Consulting Team was busy with hundreds of calls regardless of day or night. 349 cases ranging from mild to severe, from newborn infections to 70-year-old elderly people, all were listened to and meticulously cared for. 

    Together with Ph.D., Dr. Pham Van Son, MSc. Dr. Pham Thi Viet Phuong as core resources, on duty 24/7 for the consultation line and helping more than 180 large and small cases. According to Doctor Phuong, most of the cases are F0 who were being treated at home or in isolation, needing advice on how to deal with emergency situations. Most patients who called the Van Lang Medical Consulting Team were in a state of confusion and pressure. In an emergency, with the lack of equipment, the advisor needs to start by reassuring the patient, getting a grasp of the situation, and capturing information about items that are useful within the family territory to respond promptly and avoid creating panic and helplessness for patients.

    Doctor Viet Phuong recalled that a family member of a lecturer working at Van Lang University, unfortunately, contracted Covid-19. The couple and their two young children were transferred to an isolation ward. But because of the overwhelming numbers of patients, the isolation ward could not provide personal care and oxygen ventilators for each person. So, the family's health and mental status were decreasing day by day. Through relatives and families, they connected with the Van Lang Medical Consulting Team and were instructed on methods of exercising for proper breathing, and simple self-protection measures. From the first days of exhaustion that it was almost impossible for them to talk much, the whole family gradually recovered. On the third day, they eventually regained consciousness and were able to eat normally.

    In another case, the medical team successfully supported an extended family to overcome the epidemic. A family of 9 people living in Thu Duc district was all infected with Covid-19, including three young children: a 6-year-old child, a 3-year-old baby, and a newborn baby aged one month 20 days old. The first time the family called the team, they were extremely worried. However, after going through the process of consulting and self-treatment at home continuously for one week, 6 of 9 members got negative Covid test results, three positive tested members also no longer had symptoms. The updates of test results and the gradual improvement of the family members were not only the joy of the family but also the happiness of the doctors who have accompanied them.

    “We received many calls in which the caller’s family members are having difficulty breathing and unable to wait for oxygen to be delivered. In times of emergency, I often instruct them with quick first aid methods with simple items. For families who can go out or ask someone to buy medicine, the medical team will advise on common and cost-saving prescriptions. A family just called and cried because their house was in quarantine and they were lack of supplies. I immediately reassured their spirit. Then, I provided simple measures with just warm water and salt, gave them detailed instructions on hygiene and living environment, diet, work-out, and breathing exercises to restore their stable state.” – Doctor Viet Phuong said.

    Not only providing health advice, but the doctors were also ready to act as a channel connecting patients with volunteer units to receive timely support. As with a case of a patient in Ward 15 - Go Vap District who was having difficulty breathing, after counseling on first aid methods and prescribing medicine, the medical team helped the family members connect with a charity unit to support oxygen tanks, assisting them to overcome the dangerous stage.


    Covid-19 is very dangerous because it spreads quickly through the respiratory tract. However, if we follow the 5K rules correctly and get vaccinated, we can completely avoid infection. The treatment of the disease is divided into several stages with different therapeutic methods, but the common key point to the journey to fight the epidemic is an optimistic spirit. MSc., Dr. Pham Van Son, Team Leader of the Consulting Team shared: “Every time we pick up the phone, we always greet people who are bursting with anxiety and helplessness warmly. Therefore, we can share the pressure with them, creating trust and calming them down. I consider spiritual therapy shared a great magnitude as drug therapy. In any situation, staying positive and believing in doctors and scientific treatment methods will bring good results.”

    Busy with online consulting work all day, but Dr. Son and his teammates were always full of positive energy. Doctor Son shared his thought: “We are doctors. We were educated and trained in medical ethics. We thought, in the time that our compatriots are so miserable how can we sit still? Comparing to us, our colleagues on the front line are working many times harder. We only make small contributions, but they can somehow reduce the pain of the patient and the anxiety of the family. These contributions are also meaningful small things.”


    Hoai Anh 
    Painting: Pham Thi Phuong Minh

  • From May 31, 2021, in compliance with the directives of the Government and the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Van Lang Group (VLG) in general and Van Lang University (VLU) in particular will transition to a new operating status, especially at Main Campus (69/68 Dang Thuy Tram, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District). To ensure the safety of staff - lecturers - employees and students, Van Lang University will organize distance-working while essential parts at the campuses will still be maintained. In the night of May 30, 2021, Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Chairman of the Board of VLG, Chairman of Van Lang University sent a message of encouragement to the entire system.

  • To create more networking activities for VLU students during the social distancing, from 03 to 12 June 2021, VLU Youth Communist Union ornigazed the Trendy Maker contest - a online event allowing VLU young generate to show their creativities.

  • Amidst the intensive situation of the fourth Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, Van Lang University has enthusiastically encouraged the lecturers, staff and students to join hands and donate for the organizations and forces in needs in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • (VLU, 6/5/2021)Continuing a series of meaningful activities to donate ventilators to help the community overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, Van Lang Education Group has urgently delivered 100 ventilators to Laos during the new outbreak.

    On the evening of May 3, 2021, Van Lang Education Group urgently delivered 100 Eliciae MV20 ventilators from Campus 3 - Van Lang Education Complex to Tan Son Nhat Airport for Laos and Cambodia. The following day, these ventilators continued to be shipped to Wattay International Airport (Vienna capital, Laos) to support Laos during the new outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic.

    vlu trao tang may tho cho nuoc lao a

    vlu trao tang may tho cho nuoc lao b

    vlu trao tang may tho cho nuoc lao c

    According to the plan, Van Lang Education Group will continue to support 800 MV20 ventilators for the Cambodian Government with the same goal of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Earlier, at an online meeting with Cambodian Minister of Health Mam Buncheng on April 22, 2021, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long - Minister of Health of Vietnam confirmed this information.

    At the meeting, Minister Nguyen Thanh Long shared that one of Vietnam's experiences in this pandemic prevention is to mobilize the entire political system and people to participate. On that basis, the Prime Minister of Vietnam mobilized the resources of the State and the people to support Cambodia with 800 ventilators, 2 million medical masks, 300,000 N95 masks and other medical equipment. All ventilators mobilized are sponsored by Van Lang Group and Van Thinh Phat Group.

    vlu trao tang may tho cho nuoc lao dThe first Eliciae MV20 ventilator was successfully produced in April 2020

    The Eliciae MV20 ventilator project started by Van Lang Education Group and Van Thinh Phat Group in April 2020, after 1 year of active operation, has promptly produced 2,000 ventilators according to advanced medical standards under CFS license, suitable for the treatment of Covid-19 as well as other respiratory diseases. From August 2020, 1,065 ventilators of the MV20 Project have been handed over to the Government of Vietnam, directly to the Departments of Health and hospitals of Vietnam. Currently, the next 900 ventilators will be mobilized by the Government to support Laos and Cambodia and continue to complete the MV20 project.

    See more:


    Mai Yến

  • After a long time of not being able to go to school to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, from May 11, 2020, students were able to return to Van Lang University to study. The school has made changes to ensure that this return is quick and convenient, in line with the current social context.

    Update the exam schedule and the time to register for the study schedule

    Students access the training website to register for the timetable for the courses that have not been taught online, review study notices and retest schedules. The courses that are being taught online will continue. If the lecturer needs to provide tutoring for students and/or switch to teaching at the University, they must register with the Training Department to arrange classrooms.

    vlu quay lai truong f

    Strengthening measures to protect students' health

    Van Lang University complies with the guidelines to ensure students’ safety and is in line with the new situation of society according to the latest announcement of the Ministry of Education and Training. Everyone entering the school will have their temperature checked, hand sanitizer, medical declaration and must wear a mask in crowded places. School staff are required to wear masks while working. In particular, departments such as HUB, Accounting Department, Admissions Department that often contact outsiders, parents, students must be fully equipped with medical equipment such as masks, hand sanitizer. bacteria, medical gloves,…

    vlu quay lai truong dGuidelines for safe distances in elevators

    vlu quay lai truong hAll classrooms, working rooms, canteens of 3 campuses and Dormitories are cleaned and improved air circulation. The toilets and elevators are fully equipped with hand sanitizer and new Covid-19 prevention instruction boards are posted according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

    vlu quay lai truong eEveryone's temperature is checked, and their hands are disinfected before entering the school

    Support students to find accommodation after the epidemic season

    During the break from the epidemic, many students check out of their dormitories to return to their hometown. After the announcement of returning to school, Van Lang University's Union in collaboration with the Student Support Center planned to search for accommodations near the University's campuses to introduce and support students.

    vlu quay lai truong nha tro

    Van Lang University has made necessary preparations to deal with possible situations. Hopefully, all of Van Lang's plans for the 2019-2020 school year will continue to be implemented. Besides, the school staff, lecturers and students will be healthy and join hands to protect the health of themselves and the community.


    Ngan Tran

  • On the evening of 05 June 2021, Covid-19 vaccine fund was introduced in Ha Noi with the witness of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and the leaders of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee. In the event, Van Lang University contributed 10 billion VND to the fund. Up until now, Van Lang University is the first Education Organization in Vietnam to donate a considerable amount to the fund, give away 2,000 MV20 ventilators and pioneer in the Vaccine fundraising campaign to prevent and fight against Covid-19 organized by the government.

  • During the fourth outbreak, the collection of staff, lecturers, and students of Van Lang University had carried out many meaningful activities to contribute to society. Apart from the collective contribution, VLU students also volunteered to join the frontline against the Covid-19 pandemic in the local areas, which were highly recognized by the press and media lately.

  • At a certain night in July when the whole country was fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic, I, fortunately, was accepted to a volunteer group to give presents to the homeless, and I accidentally ran into Phu, who was doing the same thing. Despite the short conversation within a quiet city, I could feel the solidarity spirit in the 20-year-old boy.

  • In May 2021, a series of Covid-19 cases were recorded in many provinces and cities, Vietnam had to face the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic once again, suspended public activities and promoted vigilance. From the afternoon of May 6th, 2021, The People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has issued a notice to suspend teaching and learning activities and direct educational activities at training institutions in the city from May 10 until further announcements.

    In the spirit of complying with the rules of disease, Van Lang University fully implemented the steps of declaration, medical examination at the unit, re-organized online classes.

    A Van Lang "no break"

    Not being able to go to school, it's boring, but at Van Lang, many interesting activities are organized by teachers, creating a comfortable and fun learning environment for students to come to class every day through a flat screen! Thao Nhi – student of Faculty of Tourism shared: “I love taking English classes online! The whole class of 40 students, but all the teachers remember their names! Thanks to her positive spirit and interesting way of teaching, the online lessons of more than 2 hours are always lively and full of laughter!” Some students also think that doing multiple-choice exercises on the e-learning system helps them to be more active in their time and have more time to review their knowledge thoroughly.

    May is also the time when students close the second semester with a series of final exams. In order to ensure that the teaching plan goes on on schedule amid the sudden "changes" due to the impact of Covid-19, Van Lang University has just announced the preparation of many plans to organize online exams. Van Lang staff and students smoothly passed this "special" exam season.

    vlu trai nghiem mua thi mua coviOnline classes are arranged by teachers right in the familiar area of students on school days.

    In "The latest announcement on the organization of the end-of-term exam for the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year in response to the Covid-19 epidemic situation" published on May 25, 2021, Van Lang University advocates Trainers are encouraged to compile exam questions/essay topics/question sets in the form of open-ended questions, with a duration suitable for the online exam.

    Many online exam forms are proposed by Van Lang University for lecturers to consider and choose to best suit the requirements of each subject, including:

    • Students take the oral exam via MS Teams software;
    • Students make essays/collections with presentations via MS Teams software;
    • Students make essays/collections without presentations and submit them through the University's Moodle software;
    • Students take multiple-choice tests through the school's Moodle software;
    • Students take multiple-choice and self-report exams through the school's Moodle software.

    The Training Department will arrange and announce the exam schedule to candidates at the website https://online.vlu.edu.vn before June 5, 2021, so that students have enough time to prepare for effective review. The Information Technology Department will coordinate with the units, ensure the technical infrastructure, help the online exams take place smoothly.

    As expected, the entire 2nd semester exam at Van Lang will take place from June 15, 2021 to August 25, 2021 (including the 2nd exam). With the spirit of always being ready in any situation, updating many new measures to adapt to all changes in society, Van Lang community continues to maintain teaching and learning activities, joining hands to create a Van Lang “normal” in the midst of a pandemic.

    Hoai An

  • To celebrate International Children's Day – on June 1st 2021, the Executive Committee of the Trade Union of Van Lang University launched the Children's Painting Contest 2021 with the theme "For a safe environment during the epidemic season", creating a playground for children from 4 to 15 years old. Children paint with the topics: strictly implementing epidemic prevention measures, expressing their affection for the ani-epidemic forces, doctors and nurses and volunteers team who are on duty at the anti-epidemic place. Invite readers to look back at the Covid epidemic through the lens of Van Lang's children:

    vlu thi ve covid aWork: "Chiến thắng Covid - 19" - Author: Le Huynh Thao An
    the First Prize - Group A


    vlu thi ve covid b Work: "Moi nguoi va bac si chong Covid" - Auhtor: Tran Manh Long
    The Second Prize - Group A

    vlu thi ve covid cWork "Cac bac si chong dich Covid - 19" - Author: Huynh Dang Minh Tri"
    The Second Prize - Group A

    vlu hoi thi ve tranh thieu nhi nhat dWork: "Tuyen truyen phong chong Covid" - Author: Vo Ngoc Huyen Thuong
    The First Prize - Group B

     vlu thi ve covid eWork: "Hay chung tay phong chong va day lui dai dich Covid - 19" - Author: Doan Tran Gia Bao
    The Second Prize - Group B

    vlu thi ve covid fWork: Nhung chien binh ao trang - Author: Phan Tran Bao Nghi 
    The Second Prize - Group B

    Some other outstanding works:

    vlu thi ve covid l

    vlu thi ve covid h


    vlu thi ve covid j

    vlu thi ve covid k

    vlu thi ve covid z

    vlu thi ve covid x

    vlu thi ve covid v

    vlu thi ve covid m

    vlu thi ve covid p

    210700037 2261771197287264 3386554896837666378 s

    vlu thi ve covid i

    vlu thi ve covid r

    vlu thi ve covid n


     Although the contest was held during the complicated period of the Covid-19 epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City, it took place extremely smoothly and received participating of the numerous children of Van Lang University's trade unionists. The contest helps to spread the awareness of anti-epidemic for children and school union officials.

    Le My

  • To support the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and cheer up the students during their absence from school, the Social Work crew at Van Lang University had organized the “Pandemic’s Stories” contest to provide a virtual playground for the students to share their experience during the social distancing.

  • On 16 July 2021, Van Lang University’s and Sacombank’s management board had donated a-billion-VND worth of medical equipment, computers, and printers to the People’s Committee of Go Vap District.

  • As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, Ho Chi Minh City has entered a period of extremely strict social distancing. Because of that, the poor and the people with disabilities seem to be facing lots of difficulties. In order for no one to be left behind because of the epidemic, MSc. Nguyen Huu Binh - Vice Dean of Law Faculty of Van Lang University has pioneered in raising funds and directly give gifts to those in need of help.

  • As the whole nation are carrying out countermeasures to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, Van Lang University has fulfilled its duty for the MV20 by transferring 110 Eliciae MV20 ventilators to the Station warehouse – Cho Ray Hospital (HCMC) and 10 of that to Dak Lak Province’s Department of Health.

  • With the desire to bring positive energy to life and share difficulties in a timely manner with workers living in the lockdown area, Faculty of Automotive Technology, University of Van Lang School organized a fundraiser to donate 500 kg of rice and 1000 eggs to disadvantaged workers' households in Children's Quarter 1 - Binh Duong province.

  • On the evening of 22 July 2021, the Directing Board of the Blue Backpack survival club had visited some core members trapped in HCMC due to the pandemic. The board gave away the gifts to help the members to overcome a hard time.

  • To support VLU students trapped in HCMC, the faculties, the Office of Student Affairs, and the Office of Alumnus had come up with plans to provide the students with rationings.

  • "Boldly borrowed father 2 million VND, carried 400 packages of noodles and 4 cartons of milk alone" - that's what the little girl Nguyen Quynh Thu, a student of the 24th class of Public Relations Major and also a member of the Executive Board of the Social Work Team - Van Lang University did on the trip to support necessities for people in difficult area during the current complicated Covid-19 epidemic.

  • Along with support packages for students, the program to support Van Lang Trade Union members and their relatives has also been promptly deployed by the University and the Executive Committee of the Trade Union to share the difficulties and energize teachers and staff to cope with the pandemic.

  • These difficult days of the Covid-19 pandemic bring people anxiety, fear and insecurity. But somewhere in the midst of difficulties, there are still glittering golden hearts, sharing examples and spreading the spirit of optimism and community cohesion. Besides the support activities provided by the University, Alumni Association, Faculties, Departments, and Organizing Committee, and many Van Lang individuals have also been "rolling out", actively supporting society with their best. They are quiet and do not need anyone knowing, or not on behalf of the organizations, with their own long-term "campaigns".

  • In the last two months, Ho Chi Minh City has been putting its all to fight against the new Covid-19 outbreak. As a part of Van Lang University, the lecturers and students from the Faculty of Dentistry had actively supported the vaccination sites in many districts to help fight against the pandemic.

  • With the desire to help students improve their health during the period of social distancing, from July 26 to August 2, the Faculty of Public Relations - Communication organized a contest Healthy students 2021 - Race to PR, an online playground in the form of video.

  • Ho Chi Minh City is accelerating the progress of vaccination for people. Along with medical staff and doctors, many Van Lang University's students put on protective suits and became volunteers to support vaccination points in the city.

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Campus 1: 45 Nguyen Khac Nhu Street, Co Giang Ward, District 1, HCMC

Campus 2: 233A Phan Van Tri Street , Ward 11, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

Dormitory: 160/63AB Phan Huy Ich Street, Ward 12, Go Vap District, HCMC

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