The Honors Program

Since 2018, Van Lang University has implemented the Honors program which is designed on the basis of the Liberal Education Philosophy, providing learners with skills and thinking to explore, position themselves, adapt to new standards of globalization context.

This is the "second" option for candidates who interest in Van Lang. The program enhances the experience and foreign language ability, focuses on training students' thinking and adaptability to meet situations and challenges of the labor market.


  1. Real World Experience
  • Learn what the world teaches – Learn what businesses need – Learn through serving the community.
  • Senior students can experience: Enterprise semester, Enterprise project (Social Business Project, Startup Incubation Program), International student exchange program, etc.

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  1. Global Citizen
  • In the first year, students are consolidated English, corresponding to IELTS 5.5, to study specialized subjects from 50-70% in English. Meeting IELTS 6.0 level will help students communicate and work in English competently.
  • Focusing on developing logical thinking and ability through the compulsory subject "Collegiate study skills" in the training program. This subject is implemented in semester 1. At the end of the course, students receive a certificate by Coursera (
  1. Technology Application - Smart University
  • Being a pioneer in applying technology in teaching: virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 3D, ...
  • Online learning system, online library.
  • App ID, digitized student services (will develop in sync with the digital transformation of Van Lang University).

vlu khanh thanh arvr shAR-VR lab is a place where Architecture Students are pioneered to access to many authentic experience models. Students are trained to be able to instruct other students in the use of VR/AR technology at the University.



Students discover and locate themselves

During the first 2 semesters, the program trains interdisciplinary knowledge such as: Becoming a Digital Citizen, General Science, Cultural Intelligence, Arts & Humanities, Learning through serving the community, Business Start-up, Design Thinking & Innovation,... The subjects help you learn the disciplines in the training block, learn self-positioning subjects, research the market, determine the appropriate direction in future.

Beside, students will participate in the skill courses and are developed mindsets to succeed in the workplace in the future.

In the first 2 years, students of the Honnor Program can change majors quite easily if they study in the same industry, especially economics, you just need to learn to switch subjects of the new major. However, with specific industry such as Architecture or Graphic Design, the training program will be specifically designed so changing majors is not easy.

Personalize and optimize the training program

Sinh viên có thể chọn học (không bắt buộc) một combo môn học của ngành phụ (khối lượng học thêm tương đương 15 tín chỉ) để bổ trợ cho ngành học của mình, sau khi hoàn thành combo ngành phụ sinh viên sẽ được cấp chứng nhận điểm của Trường Đại học Văn Lang.

Students can choose to study (optional) a combo of subjects of a sub-major (equivalent to 15 credits) to supplement their major. After completing combo, students will be granted Certificate of score from Van Lang University.

Students can choose combo subjects in 01 of 08 sub-majors: Public Relations, Marketing, Accounting, Psychology, International Trade, English Linguistic, Hospitality Management - Tourism.

Từ ngày 25/8 đến ngày 29/8/2019, sinh viên năm 2 Khoa Du lịch chương trình đào tạo Đặc biệt tham gia thực tập nhận thức 5 ngày tạiThái Lan, với 48 sinh viên và giảng viên hướng dẫn.

From August 25th to August 29th, 2019, 2nd year students of Faculty of Tourism Special training program participated in a 5-day awareness internship in Thailand, with 48 students and instructors.

Applied learning program

The maximum class size of the Honors Program is 40 students to help students take the initiative and maximize their learning capacity. At the present, about 50% - 70% of the program will be taught in English and more than 50% of the program will be associated with practical activities at enterprises. Students can also start - up with the support of the Van Lang university, partners and successful entrepreneurs.

The training program is shortened with 3 semesters/year.

  • 4-year training courses shortened to 3.5 years (10 semesters)
  • Architecture is trained in 4.5 years (12 semesters)

chuong trinh dac biet 002The training program is paid attention to cooperating with businesses, creating opportunities for students to participate in internships early

Arousing students’s thinking to meet a globalized economy is the biggest goal of the Honors Program. To achieve that ideal, the Program has built on the philosophy of liberal education - a successful model for hundreds of years in the West.  There were many difficulties in innitially, but the pioneers quickly completed many tasks ​and complete training program for 15 majors in details, basically meeting the expectations of the program's output

vlu ctdtdb key nProgram “KEY” welcomes new students of Course 26 in 2020



Numerical orderMajor
1 Architecture
2 Graphic Design
3 Data Sciences
4 Software Engineering
5 Information Technology
6 Public Relation
7 Tourism Service and Travel Management
8 Hospitality Management
9 Business Administration
10 Commercial Business
11 Marketing
12 English Linguistics
13 Accounting
14 Finance Banking
15 Logistics and Supply Chain Management


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